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"So," Miroku said as the came back to camp. Things went well I presume?"

"No," Kagome said. "They did not go well. I'm going back to my time."

"Oh yeah?" Inuyasha asked. "And how exactly are you going to get there?"

"You're going to carry me, that's how!"

"What am I? Some kind of mutt you can order around? Feh."

"Inuyasha," Kagome said in a menacing voice. "OSWARI!"

"Gah!" Inuyasha screamed as me was met with a face full of dirt. "Hello old friend," he said confused. "Miss me?"

"Now come on, or I'll o-s-w-a-r-i you again," Kagome threatened.

"Feh, whatever, just get on already," Inuyasha said crouching down.

"Bye Sango, Shippo, Miroku. I'll see you in a few days time!" Kagome called as Inuyasha leaped away. They traveled through the trees, Inuyasha not losing hit footing once. It was such a calm pace that Kagome started to fall asleep.

Kagome's Dream

"Kagome," Kikyo called. "So glad that you were able to join me, while you still have the chance."

"What are you taking about?" Kagome asked. "Why are you here? Where's Inuyasha?"

"You'll know what I'm talking about soon enough, as for why I'm here and Inuyasha's location, you don't need to know that."

"So talk."

"Kagome, when you wake up from this dream, I want to leave Inuyasha and head towards the nearest river. I will be waiting there with your demon friends. If you come alone I shall set them free, if not then I shall obliterate then AND you. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes," Kagome said clenching her fists.

"Good, and remember that Inuyasha is not to come."


"Happy dream," Kikyo said before walking off.

End Kagome's Dream

"Inuyasha," she said when she opened her eyes. "I want to stop for a minute."

"Why?" he asked not slowing down.

"Because I feel dirty and I want to take a bath, that's why," she said hotly. Inuyasha, not wanting to meet the ground again, leaped down from the trees and placed her on the ground.

"Thank you," she said politely. "Now could you please point me in the direction of the nearest spring?"

"It's that way," Inuyasha said throwing a thumb over is shoulders with his eyes closed. "And don't take to long wench."


"Feh, whatever."

Kagome headed off in the direction of the spring, having no intentions of actually bathing.

Then, Inuyasha noticed she had left her backpack behind. "Baka," he chided. "She goes to take a bath, but can't even remember to bring the right supplies. I better get these to her or she'll come back madder than ever."

"So," Kikyo said when she arrived. "You actually where foolish enough to com here, I thought you were smarter than that amateur miko."

"Where are they?" Kagome demanded.

"They never existed you fool. I created them to lull you into a false sense of security. The same way I made the wolf demon. All this time you've been alone!"

"NO!" Kagome screamed. "It's not true!"

"It is, now it's time for you to die!" Kikyo pulled an arrow out and aimed it at Kagome. She released the string and watched as it flew towards the other girl.

"No, it's not!" Kagome screamed. A pink bubble came around her, and when the arrow struck it, it was sucked it and then re-launched at Kikyo. Much like Kanna's mirror.

Inuyasha chose that moment to walk through the clearing. He saw the arrow head towards Kikyo and without thinking he ran forward and destroyed it.

"Thank you Inuyasha, for saving me. I shall take my leave now," Kikyo said disappearing.

Inuyasha turned to Kagome, anger burning in his amber eyes.

"So," he said in an eerie calm voice. "You tried to kill her."

Kagome's POV

"No, Inuyasha, it's not like that," I tired to explain desperately.

"Then what is it?" Inuyasha asked. I could see the anger in his eyes.

"All I did was approach Kikyo-" my throat closed. Not from being nervous, no it was like someone had closed it.

"Pathetic, you can't even tell the beginning of the story without running out of excuses. You make me sick. Here I thought you'd hate Kikyo after she started to steal your soul, but killing her? Pitiful."

Inuyasha stalked off. While he had been talking my throat had stopped accepting air. I sank to the forest floor. My eyes becoming wide, I couldn't move my arms or legs. I had minutes to live at this rate.

Then, Kikyo walked into the clearing.

"Ah, I see you have fallen victim to my spell. You can neither move nor breathe. Just imagine how painful it would be if I were to knock the wind out of you right now. And thanks to the first part of my plan, Inuyasha hates you and won't come to your rescue."

I turned to the ground in defeat. She was right. I couldn't fend for myself and unless Inuyasha returned in the next few moments I would suffocate.

As Kikyo walked towards me I silently prayed that all my friends meet a happy end when our journey was over.

"You've caused me enough grief," Kikyo said drawing an arrow when she was five feet away from me. "Have fun in hell." She released the tension from the bow and the arrow shot forward.

My chest burned like liquid fire for a moment before it all went black. I knew I probably wouldn't see my friends again.

End Kagome's POV

Inuyasha returned. He realized that he might have overdone it, and was actually going to apologize for once.

"Hey Kagome," he called. "Kagome, answer me. I came to say sorry dammit. Kagome!"

As he walked closer to where they had separated, he noticed the scent of human blood. He picked up his speed. When he finally got there he saw Kagome lying in a pool of her own blood.

"Kagome," he cried as he ran to her side. He picked her up and let out a breathe he hadn't known he had been holding when he heard her heart beat. But it was faint and he knew he had to get to Kaedea's fast.

He ran as fast as he could while going over as few bumps as possible. He made it to the village in record time.

"Old hag, fix her," Inuyasha yelled despositing Kagome gently on the floor mat.

"Oh me," Kaedea said inspecting the wound. "I'm not to sure if I can heal this."

"Just try, you have to. Kikyo did this."

"Ai, I shall do my best."

Hours later Kaedea finally stopped. She approached Inuyasha with a grim look on her face.

"She's awake, but I'm afraid that she won't live for much longer. Too much of her soul is gone. Ye may say your final words to her now."

Inuyasha walked into the room Kaedea had just exited. Part of him was depressed that no one was there, but part of him was glad because they would just make this that much harder.

"Kagome?" he called.

"Yes," she answered back, her voice weak.

"I'm sorry I let this happen, please don't die." He knew he sounded like a lost puppy, but he didn't care.

"Don't worry Inuyasha; I had to go sooner or later. And don't try to get revenge on Kikyo either."

"Why not? After all the things she's done to you."

"When I die, any part of my soul that's still in my body will die with me, and she doesn't have enough of my soul to live, so she pretty much killed us both without knowing."

"Don't talk like that," Inuyasha said.

"I'm sorry Inuyasha," she said. Inuyasha watched as her breathe slowed and her eyes began to lose their shine.

"No, don't go," he yelled panicked.

"Inuyasha, know that I will always love you," she whispered before closing her eyes and taking her final breathe.

"KAGOME!" Inuyasha screamed to no avail. His body was racked with sobs as he pulled her no longer living body close to his. "You can't leave me, you can't. Because I love you, and I don't think I can live without you."

"Inuyasha," Kaedea because they would just make this that much harder.

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"But she's not really gone," she whispered into Kagome's hair.

"She is, and she can't come back no matter how much we wish she could. Now come, we must prepare her funeral arrangements and her family on the other side of the Well must be notified."

"Hai," Inuyasha said putting her body down. He knew that he couldn't hold onto memories. Kikyo had taught him that.

"Good bye Kagome," he whispered to her body. "Good bye forever."

Days later, Kagome was buried in the feudal era. Sango and Shippo cried, Miroku wanted to but he knew he had to remain strong. Inuyasha had cried so much in the days before the funeralier that he had no tears left.


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