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Battle With Trigon

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos…"

Raven woke up later than usual, but that was unimportant. The sun was already up when she did awaken. After showering, dressing, breakfast, and herbal tea Raven returned to her room to meditate and meet with her emotions.

Before adjourning her mediation she turned to two of her emotions in their colorful cloaks. "Love and Happy, I'd like for the two of you to stand by."

"Okeydokey" said the ever cheerful Happy. Love just smiled and kept a dreamy look in her expression.

A portal opened and Raven left the realm and returned to her room. She then made her way to the common room where Mas y Menos of the Titans East were lounging with everyone else minus Robin.

"Where are the others?" inquired Raven.

"Aqualad is off deep sea swimming while the rest are getting in some training at the obstacle course," answered Cyborg. He and Beast Boy were engaging in the Game-Station while Starfire and Mas y Menos watched them tap away at their control pads.

Raven walked up to the couch to watch as the game played on. As Cyborg and Beast Boy finished, the other titans entered exhausted but invigorated.

"Hey Raven," Robin greeted her as he came into the room.

"Good morning Robin."

"Look, I know that it's supposed to happen sometime today, but any chance you might know how much longer?"

"Just one second." Raven then directed her attention to the game players. "Guys can you end that for now? I need to check on something."

"Sure Raven," replied Cyborg. He and Beast Boy stopped and Cyborg powered off the system.

Raven walked over to the keyboard console and began typing away. After a couple of minutes the image of the solar system appeared on the screen. Raven studied it for a moment. "There are six hours and thirty-two minutes."

"Wow, a planetary alignment," Speedy commented while studying the image. "I never imagined I'd be around for one."

"And take a look at the moon," added Bumblebee.

"Whoa, what are the odds of that?" put in Robin. Everyone took notice that, in the same matter of time of the alignment, there would also be a solar eclipse.

"I'd say pretty good if it includes Trigon," Beast Boy said dryly.

Everyone looked on as the real time image continued to update. Raven's gaze fell to the floor but without really looking at anything. She stood in silence for a moment until, "Beast Boy could you come with me for a few minutes?"

Beast Boy looked over at her. "Uh, sure Raven."

"Where are you going?" asked Robin curiously.

"I just want a few minutes alone with Beast Boy. Don't follow us, we'll be fine." Then her voice became a bit stern. "And keep your minds out of the gutter!"

Everyone's expressions, minus Beast Boy's, turned sheepish. Raven then proceeded out of the room followed by Beast Boy. She led him to the roof.

"Follow me," she said and floated away. Beast Boy morphed into a hawk and flew with her over the city until they landed on a roof many blocks from the tower.

Beast Boy restored his human form. "So what's on you mind?"

She pulled off her hood. "For this moment, you," she said then she leaned in for a kiss. Deep within her mind Love was in paradise. Back in the world structures for several blocks, rumbled, cracked, or crumbled. Pavement suffered damage as did abandoned automobiles and many street lights. Raven and Beast Boy simultaneously broke the kiss.

"Whoa," stated Beast Boy from the feel of the kiss. Then he looked around at the damage. "Whoa," he repeated with a small smile. "I see you enjoyed that as much as I did."

Raven did. Beast Boy could tell by Raven's own small smile. "Beast Boy?"


"Tell me a joke… and make it good."

His smile disappeared. "Are you serious?"

"Yes, that's why I brought us out this far. I don't want to hurt the others with my emotions out of control for this moment. I figure that the battle to come is going to damage the city anyway, so I've let two of my emotions out for this." Raven tried a playful tone. "Now don't keep Happy waiting."

"Alright, then," replied Beast Boy. He began to think of one that would work. "Okay, how about this one: A guy comes home completely drunk one night. He lurches through the door and is met by his scowling wife, who is most definitely not happy. 'Where have you been all night?'

"'At this fantastic new bar,' he says. 'The Golden Saloon where everything is golden. It's got huge golden doors, a golden floor, the works – even the urinal is gold!'

"The wife doesn't believe his story. The next day she checks the phone book and finds a listing for The Golden Saloon. She calls up the place to check her husband's story.

"'Is this The Golden Saloon?'

"The bartender replies, 'Yes it is, ma'am.'

"'Do you have huge golden doors?'

"'Sure do.'

"'Do you have golden floors?'

"'That's right.'

"'What about golden urinals?'

"There's a long pause, then the woman hears the bartender yell, 'Hey, Duke, I think I got a lead on the guy that peed in your saxophone last night!'"

Inside her mind Raven could feel Happy giggle. For Raven this produced a smile. Nearby there was mild rumbling. Raven and Beast Boy looked toward the commotion until it subsided a few seconds later.

"I liked that one. Now tell me one that will make me laugh."

"Hmm. Okay how about this: "While proudly showing off his new apartment to friends, a college student led the way into the den.

"'What's the big brass gong and hammer for?' one of his friends asked.

"'That's my talking clock,' the student replied

"'How does it work?'

"'Watch,' he answered and proceeded to give the gong an ear-shattering pound with the hammer.

"Suddenly someone from the other side of the wall hollered, 'KNOCK IT OFF! It's two o'clock in the morning!'"

Now this one Happy liked. She broke out with laughter feeling as if her sides would burst. Raven laughed producing snorts every couple of seconds. Beast Boy smiled knowing he could now check off 'Make Raven Laugh' from his 'Things to Do in Life' list. Now he would have to add 'Make Raven Laugh Again One Day' to it. Once again for blocks around damage was done as a result of her power. Fortunately there was something within her that prevented the building on which they were standing from collapsing. If no one else understood, at least she and Beast Boy would know that the damage was worth it. Then they stood side by side, hand in hand for a few minutes and gazed out at the bay beyond the tower. When they returned all the titans were on the roof waiting for them.

"What happened out there?" demanded Robin among the other startled titans.

"Is Trigon here now?" wondered Aqualad.

"No, we just wanted a few minutes alone," was Raven's clear-cut reply.

"So that was you?" asked Cyborg.

"But the city-" Robin argued.

"-will have to be repaired anyway when it's over," Raven finished. "Trigon isn't going to give you a fight without a mess."

"What happened over there?" asked Speedy.

"That's between us," Raven replied.

"Right, personal stuff," added Beast Boy. "It's nothing to worry about. Besides the city's expecting a real bad earthquake isn't it?"

"Exactly," said Raven. "Worry about the real problem due in about six hours. Now can we all just go back inside?"

So the discussion was over and the teams returned to the tower's interior.

Beast Boy was back in his room. He had been surfing the internet and came across something that greatly intrigued him. He decided to speak with Aqualad. "Could you come and see this?"

Aqualad followed Beast Boy to his room. "What's up?"

"Has anyone in Atlantis ever seen that?" Beast Boy asked pointing to the creature on the screen.

"Yes, but not for centuries. They're pretty sure it's extinct."

"So it did exist?"

"Of course. Why?"

"Come on. I've got five hours and some change to learn how to transform into it." (A/N: Let's just say that's less than five and a half hours.)

Beast Boy led Aqualad through the tower, running into a few of the titans.

"Hey guys," said Robin to Beast Boy and Aqualad. "We were just going out for some final training."

"What a coincidence, so are we," said Beast Boy as he and Aqualad continued on their way.

"So we'll see you there."

"No, we're not going to the obstacle course," Aqualad replied. "Our training lies out in the bay."

"Yeah, so we'll see you in a few hours," added Beast Boy.

"Okay, but be back here-"

"Don't worry, we will," Beast Boy cut in from down the hall.

The alignment and the eclipse were less than thirty minutes away. Everyone sat in the main room in silence. They could see the sky beginning to darken as the moon made its way between the sun and the earth. Beast Boy and Aqualad still hadn't returned. Both of them left their communicators behind and Cyborg could not track their location in the bay.

There was a mixture of emotions between the titans, but for Raven only thoughts. Most of those were of the upcoming conflict while the rest consisted of where Beast Boy and Aqualad might be. Still they had to assure themselves that those two would be here to help.

When less than fifteen minutes remained, Raven was the first to move. She stood up. "It's time for me to go. Are you sure you guys are ready for this?"

"As much as we'll ever be," answered Cyborg as he everyone else stood up. "You just do what you have to do and we'll be ready to fight."

"I must warn you. Do not come into the city until it's done. Otherwise you may be killed." Raven then turned to head toward the roof. As she neared the door, it opened between her and two dripping wet titans.

"I see we're not too late," said Aqualad.

"You guys sure took long enough," said an upset Robin. He returned their communicators to Aqualad and Beast Boy.

"Sorry, but we're definitely ready now," added Beast Boy.

"Excuse me," said Raven as she continued passed them to the roof. Everyone followed a short distance behind.

As they had finally arrived at the roof, all could see the sky was all the more dark. There were only a few minutes left before perfect alignment. There was silence for several seconds until Raven turned and spoke. "Good luck." With that she drifted into the air and made her way over the city.

"Starfire, you're the fastest of us all," said Robin, "so you get ready to fly and take her to safety as she'll likely lose consciousness."

"Yes Robin." Starfire then walked over to the edge of the roof.

"Cyborg, you have the book?"

"Got it safely tucked in here," Cyborg replied tapping on his abdominal compartment.

The eclipse was full. Beast Boy stepped out in front of the team, keeping his sight and hearing finely tuned onto Raven. For now all he could do was watch her as she set events in motion. Just as in Beast Boy's dream, the tower began to quake and sink for several seconds. He saw Raven going through what he experienced. While the sky was dark from the eclipse and not red, he could only believe that Raven was feeling the heat. Beast Boy saw her struggling to breathe like he remembered doing. Beast Boy let loose a few tears. Were they tears of pity? Maybe they were tears of hope… hope that this wouldn't destroy Raven. Raven's eyes turned white and the aura began forming around her.

While everyone else could see and hear what little their natural senses allowed, this event was the first time Cyborg had been witness to it. Using his cybernetic eye he magnified the image and tuned his mechanical hearing. It was a lot to take in. He stepped up beside Beast Boy, but didn't take notice of Beast Boy's tears. Both could see her struggling and could all too well hear her crying out.

Beast Boy realized Raven was undergoing part of the attack she had on MYST. The black energy began tearing up the city. Then the energy stopped its assault and was now radiating around Raven. As Beast Boy remembered, the energy was absorbed by Raven's mouth. Beast Boy and Cyborg then watched her white eyes shift into four red eyes. Both then watched as her chakra illuminated with red energy. It produced a laser light that shot forward across three city blocks, forming a large chasm. Then the laser stopped. Beast Boy and Cyborg watched as Raven appeared to pass out.

This was it. "Starfire, now!" Cyborg cried. With that she took off at tremendous speed.

Bumblebee and Beast Boy, as a falcon, took to the air as the rest went below as fast as they could to the T-ship. The T-ship launched and was off into the city.

Starfire succeeded in catching Raven before Raven hit the ground then flew up into the air intent on finding a safe place. She took off in the opposite direction of the chasm. She halted and hovered in the air as the ground quaked again. Roaring became audible and increasingly loud as rubble from the chasm burst upward into the sky.

Bumblebee and Beast Boy halted in the air over the city and floated as they watched the rubble come crashing back to the surface. The T-ship slowed in mid air and its thrusters shifted to hold the ship in hover. Then out he stepped: Trigon with his red colored skin, snow-white and long hair, four red eyes, and deer antlers that must serve as some poor excuse for a crown. And boy, oh boy, was he tall! Enormous! Trigon towered as high as two hundred feet. Everyone just couldn't believe what they were seeing. If anyone outside the city saw this, they wouldn't either. Bumblebee and Beast Boy landed on the same building. Beast Boy restored himself to human form.

But something happened. Trigon fell to his hands and knees. He seemed to be breathing rather heavily.

"Uh, does coming through something like that take a lot out of someone?" wondered Speedy out loud. "He looks exhausted."

"I don't know," Robin replied. "But if he is worn down we need to take advantage of this. Cyborg, get closer and land the ship!"

Cyborg complied and landed the ship on a parking garage hundreds of feet away from Trigon. The titans got out. Starfire came to her senses and flew Raven away.

"Titans go!" ordered Robin into his communicator.

This signaled Bumblebee and Beast Boy back into the air. They joined the rest on the ground.

Trigon sensed he was being approached. He looked up enraged then slowly stood up. The titans halted. Trigon looked down at them. He then stretched out his right hand and pointed toward them. Everyone gasped, fearing he might fire something at them.

Trigon was hit from behind by Starfire's green star bolts. He instantly turned and swatted. Starfire was knocked away, flying out of control into a building and crashing through its wall. This sent everyone into action.

Robin ran to check on Starfire; Cyborg charged, firing his sonic cannon; Speedy ran in firing explosive tipped arrows; Aqualad summoned water from beneath the city; Bumblebee took to flight and fired her stingrays; Mas y Menos took off at incredible speed and ran circles around Trigon which caught his attention added to the annoyance of the multiple assaults. Beast Boy was in the air as an oriole, flying overhead with the intent of landing on top of Trigon as brontosaurus.

The increasing annoyance of their attacks became too much for Trigon. In a fit he swung his right fist into a building next to him. The rubble scattered and everyone fell back. Trigon swung at Bumblebee and the oriole. They fell back, landing on different buildings.

As with the rest, Beast Boy was still poised to fight. He took form of the Beast. Before this conflict began he could hear it speaking. It told him that it had the better means to fight, that it had the strength and the speed, while his other forms only had one or the other.

Trigon turned to the building on which Beast Boy stood. "You!" Trigon steps closer to the building. The building's roof came up to Trigon's chest level. He looked down at Beast Boy who remained morphed as the Beast. "Green one!"

The Beast merely snarled and growled, but it was clearly a language to Trigon. Trigon continued speaking. "Do you realize what you've done?" he roared.

The Beast snarled. ("Yes, I think I've fallen in love with your daughter!")

"You've done far worse than that! Because of your love," he continued, placing a disgusted tone on the word 'love', "my daughter has conceived!"

The Beast: ("What!")

The titans lowered their defenses wondering what was going on. Robin was supporting Starfire as they both made their way out of the building in which she crashed. While they could only hear snarls from Beast Boy, it was what Trigon said that made them halt in their tracks. Everyone was bewildered and speechless.

"There is an abominable life form growing in her womb – a life form of innocence and purity! The influence of that life form has cost me my full strength in coming here! But no matter, I will regain it soon and I have retained enough of my mental capacities. You and your petty aid are still unable to stop me. I will destroy them. I will crush my daughter and make you watch as she and your unborn son are killed."

The Beast was dumbstruck. "…" ("You already know that it's going to be a boy? And why would you kill your own grandchild?")

"Did you not hear me?" Trigon bellowed. "I told you that it was conceived through an act of love! I have no use for such a life form. If you had given my daughter that thing by any dishonorable means, it would have no effect over my arrival. Then I would take it from her and raise it in her place as my heir."

There was silence for several moments. Then Trigon looked around as if he could sense something. His attention fell to someplace behind him on his right. "There you are." Trigon turned that way and began walking away.

Starfire became afraid. "Robin I fear he knows where I have placed Raven". She broke away from his support and took off.

"Titans, move out!" ordered Robin.

The Beast roared. ("You will kill Raven and my unborn son over my dead body!")

The Beast lashed out, taking a great leap. He grabbed onto Trigon's mane. Trigon swung his head trying to pitch the Beast away, but the grip of the Beast was strong. At one turn of his head, Trigon's hair brought the Beast into his face. The Beast held on with one hand and kept the other outstretched with his claws ready to strike. And strike he did as the Beast put out the top of Trigon's right eye. Trigon roared in agony. Trigon's partial blindness drove him to rattle his head again as his hair brought the Beast out in front once more. This time the Beast struck the lower right eye. Trigon was in greater agony than before. Beast Boy leapt away from Trigon and flew to the ground as a bird then morphed into a cheetah to catch up with the others.

"We have to find Starfire and Raven," instructed Robin. "He knows where she was hidden."

Beast Boy turned back into human form and pulled out his communicator. "Come in Starfire!"

"This is she."

"Fly Raven out to the tower. If he can sense where she is he'll follow. We'll fight him near the water!"

"Beast Boy what are you doing?" demanded Robin.

Behind them Trigon roared. The ground shook like it was being stomped on. He was after them.

"Aqualad, tell them what to do!" With that Beast Boy was off into the air as a pterodactyl.

"Draw Trigon's attention," Aqualad instructed. "Let's drive him out to the bay. BB will be there!"

"Robin?" Starfire's voice came over the communicator.

"Do it Star!" Robin ordered. He hoped this would be wise.

"Very well."

"Mas y Menos, I want two of you to go on ahead!" Robin instructed.

"Sí," they responded in compliance and took off.

The rest of the titans scattered. As Trigon drew near everyone resumed their previous assault. Trigon kept his right hand over his blinded eyes and swung at the annoying attacks with his left, but kept his focus on Raven's location. Every now and then he would lash out at structures and debris would force the titans to momentarily halt their attacks until they were cleared to resume.

Now they were at the shore. Trigon approached the water. Aqualad sent out a telepathic heads-up. "Beast Boy, he's here!"

"Got it!" was the telepathic response.

The bay began to bubble. White foam and spray rose into the air. Everyone, including Trigon, stopped at the mysterious event occurring in the water. Suddenly something even more enormous than Trigon poked its head out of the water. This green monstrosity shocked the titans to a standstill and brought Trigon to a halt and silence.

"WHAT IS THAT?" cried Cyborg.

"That, my fellow titans, is Beast Boy," answered Aqualad.

"But what is he?" cried Robin as the green sea creature charged toward the shore.

"Everyone scatter!" shouted Aqualad.

Recovering from their shock, the titans complied.

Not too far away, a helicopter was patrolling the city and came across the incident. Inside was a camera and news crew that came expecting to report the earthquake but happened across this.

Somewhere in a holding cell, a group of criminals watched what was unfolding. A certain couch potato cheered. "Yeah, now this is reality TV!"

The titans fell back and regrouped a safe distance away. The sea serpent closed in on the unmoved Trigon and wrapped itself around the demon. But not even its lower half was out of the water. Trigon roared in agony as Beast Boy's new form began squeezing itself tighter.

"Alright Aqualad, what is Beast Boy?" demanded Robin. "Since when could he do that?"

Everyone turned their attention to Aqualad who finally answered, "He's morphed into the kraken. And he only learned how to transform into it just a short while ago."

Everyone's jaws dropped. "But the kraken is a myth," said Cyborg after a moment.

"No, it's just extinct. We Atlanteans know the kraken existed, but it's been dead for centuries."

"Is the kraken really that large?" wondered Speedy.

"No. Just as Beast Boy is still rather young so is his form. Add what's out of the water, and the other quarter mile that's under the water to another mile, and you have the fully grown kraken."

More silence.

On the roof the tower laid Raven. She began coming to and slowly sat up. Momentarily confused about where she was Raven looked around. Then she found Starfire near the edge of the tower's roof watching something Raven couldn't see. She rose to her feet and approached Starfire. She didn't get a chance to talk to the alien girl as her attention was drawn to the shore and the sight she couldn't believe, but the creature was something she recognized. "The kraken. But where did it come from?" Then it dawned on her. "Beast Boy?"

Starfire snapped out of her awe and noticed Raven beside her. "Friend Raven you are conscious!"

"Yes, Starfire." Raven looked at her. "Where are the others?"

"They are still out in the city. I was told by friend Beast Boy to bring you here which would draw Trigon to the shore. The order was backed by Robin. The next thing I know I see one of Beast Boy's forms flying out this way and dive into the water. Then Trigon came and that creature came out and is now fighting Trigon. Is that-"

"Beast Boy, yes it is. But how he did it I'd like to know. We need to get to the others. Let's go." With that she and Starfire took to the air.

While they were flying Starfire drifted near Raven. "Friend Raven, did you know you were with child?"

Raven stopped and hovered. She looked at Starfire surprised. "What?"

Starfire halted. "While we did not understand anything Beast Boy might have been saying in response to Trigon's ranting, Trigon said you have conceived. Is this true?"

"How should I know?"

"Trigon said you are."

"Well I don't know." She resumed her flight toward the city.

Starfire caught up and maintained the same speed. There was silence for a moment until, "Trigon says it will be a boy."

"I'm sorry Starfire, but this isn't the time. We have to get Trigon sealed."

Trigon continued struggling from his crushing captivity. The kraken now had him, dragging the demon into the water and nearly submerging him. Beast Boy decided to add onto his new form. Manipulating the electrical powers of an eel, he sent an enormous wave of shocking energy through Trigon, who began to roar out in anguish. Trigon's attention was so distracted he did not realize Raven was on her way.

Raven's father could no longer take the pain – of being crushed or electrocuted, and of the humiliation of being overpowered by a mortal. He summoned somewhere within his being a spark of power which would have to be enough until he could gather much more of his strength. With his two good eyes, the demon fired energy onto the spine of the kraken. The sea creature cried out in pain and loosened his grip on the demon. Trigon didn't hesitate to grab Beast Boy's form and unwrap himself. As he left the water, dragging the kraken, he threw Beast Boy down with a tremendous thud that vibrated the ground.

Trigon's senses picked up Raven's presence and he went after her. He didn't bother any further with Beast Boy whose form had become human again from lack of strength.

Raven and Starfire located the titans and landed. "Quick Cyborg, take out the book!" Raven demanded. Cyborg opened his abdominal compartment and removed the prison book. "Hold it open, and hope this works."

"Daughter!" cried Trigon. "I vow to kill you for what you have conceived! Before I kill him, I will crush you and that abomination within your womb in the presence of the green one!"

"So it's true?" Raven asked no one in particular.

"We don't know," volunteered Robin. "Let's worry about that later. Now go."

Cyborg set the book on the ground with the image exposed. Then he and the titans retreated to safety. Raven took off into the air. "Leave my friends alone." Trigon halted a hundred yards away from her. "If you want to kill me so badly then I challenge you. Come after me, and then we'll see who's crushed." With that Raven rapidly descended out of Trigon's view. She dared to go into the book remembering what Atrus said.

Before going in she was met by a green falcon that had just flown in from around a building. "Get to safety Beast Boy. I'm going into the book and hope he follows me."

"Right," replied Beast Boy after restoring his human form. He walked passed her until he was behind her. Then he turned to his left and swung the side of his left hand at the back of her neck. Raven let out a gasp from the whiplash and fell into unconsciousness. Beast Boy caught her and supported her. "Sorry, Raven, but I'm going in." He pulls out his communicator. "Star get out here!"

Starfire flew to them. "What have you done?"

"Please get her to safety." Beast Boy handed Raven to Starfire who flew her away.

"Is he insane?" Robin could not believe what Beast Boy did. Starfire brought Raven over to the rest and set her down.

Trigon stepped into view. Beast Boy looked up. "Are you so determined to make me watch Raven die?" he cried.

"Indeed I am."

"Well I'm not finished with you!" Beast Boy challenged. "The kraken was just the beginning! If you really think you can beat me then come and get me! I'll be waiting for you!" Beast Boy picked up the book and placed his hand on the image. Trigon watched him disappear and saw the book fall to the pavement.

Trigon narrowed his eyes in bewilderment. He knelt down and reached out to pick up the book. Rising he opened it. There were no words on any of the pages. When he turned toward the front half of the book he saw the image. Reclining near a cliff in arid land was Beast Boy. Trigon rubbed his chin with one hand holding the book in the other.

Bumblebee flew out and met Trigon eye to eye. "Hey, what are you waiting for? If you want him back here so badly go after him! Just do as he did and touch the image!"

"No tricks mortal!" he warned. Bumblebee shook her head flew away.

Trigon placed his index fingertip on the image and in he went. Raven, in the arms of Starfire, came to and moaned. Her vision cleared just in time to see the fading image of Trigon. "Beast Boy!" she cried sitting up.

"- is coming out of the book!" finished Robin in awe as he noticed Beast Boy appearing. The prison book was at the changeling's feet. He bent over and picked it up.

Everyone ran out and gathered around him with varying comments of congratulations. But Raven, who had been massaging the back of her neck, had something else to say and she wasn't pleasant. "Beast Boy, why did you go in my place?"

Without a hint of humor or sarcasm he replied, "Because I made a choice and no one stopped me. So let it go, at least we got him."

The titans gasped and Raven was speechless. He hadn't challenged her like that in a while. She changed the subject. "So let's see if he's there."

Beast Boy opened the book to the image. There was Trigon all alone, but he was enraged. Raven took the prison book from Beast Boy. The demon turned around and now appeared to be looking as if he could see the titans from where he was. His expression became menacing and he roared out. The image in the book began to crack. The titans started to panic.

"Uh, guys, is that supposed to happen?" asked Cyborg tensely.

"No it isn't," replied Beast Boy just as worried. "Quick, give it here!"

Raven handed it to him. Beast Boy flipped the book to the back pages. He began tearing out one at a time.

"What are you doing!" cried Raven. She heard the fading sounds of Trigon's roar.

"Destroying the link! Three… four… five."

Beast Boy flipped the book over to the image. It was blank. Beast Boy heaved a sigh.

"So what happened?" asked Robin.

"I severed the link between here and where he is. Now he can't get out."

"So it's over?"

"It's over. Without these five pages there's no transmission between here and the prison realm."

"Why five pages?" wondered Speedy.

"Any pages less than five would leave a broken transmission. If there was any chance that his image could still appear he might still get out or someone, for argument's sake, might touch the image and release him." Beast Boy touched the blank image. "Now that can't happen."

"So what do we do with the pages?" asked Starfire.

"If you would be so kind, Star, you may incinerate them," replied Beast Boy. He held up the pages and she blasted them with her eye bolts. "Now he's trapped for sure."

"So what do we do with the book?" asked Bumblebee.

"We lock it away and forget it exists," advised Raven.

"And as time passes," added Beast Boy, "the book will eventually become so old that the realm itself will pretty much become an airless void. Trigon will certainly fade away with it."

Weeks passed and troubles came and went. Raven found herself enjoying freedom from the tyranny of her father. She began to dream sweet dreams and they were a relief, but still took some getting used to, especially the times when they included Beast Boy. Everyone filled her in on what they heard between Trigon and Beast Boy's discussion of her pregnancy. Beast Boy, of course, had to fill her in on his comments. She was actually impressed by his efforts in the conflict, and grateful to everyone for their help.

He talked about his brief stay in the prison realm. The changeling described the reality of it as narrow and cold and eerie. When asked how he pulled off shifting into the kraken, he explained having to cross amphibious DNA with reptilian DNA.

The Justice League stopped by to give their comments on the titans' efforts, having observed the battle from the orbital station. Reconstruction was underway for the city as well as Titans Tower. The Titans East returned to their city and things around the tower returned to normal save for the eventuality of parenthood between Beast Boy and Raven. One day Raven and Beast Boy will tell their son their story, and thank him, for even he had a hand in the defeat of Trigon.

Although Trigon was beaten and gone for good, Raven had doubts that his influence was. Since the titans' victory she had been debating on a decision, and one day made up her mind.

She came to Beast Boy. "Could you set that game back up? I'd like to go back to MYST and learn Atrus' art. I don't know if I'll ever lose my father's influence over me, but if I learn Atrus' art of writing, I can write a world for myself. One where I can express emotions and my powers won't cause destruction as I experiment with new emotions."

"If you do go, you may not be back for a while. What about the baby?"

"I won't let you miss out on his birth," she assured him. "I'll come back before I've carried him to term. I need to do this. You can visit me as often as you like. I'll leave my mirror for you."

"Alright, then," Beast boy decided. "I'll set up the game for you."

Raven bade everyone farewell assuring them she will return. Beast Boy and Cyborg ensured the game was safe for her to enter and she departed.


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