Title: Every April 1st.
Game/Fandom: Final Fantasy IV
Characters: Cecil and Golbeze.
Word Count: 100
A/N: This is my first attempt at a drabble and a little humor. Enjoy.

Golbeze hated birthdays.

Cecil insisted on choosing arbitrary dates to celebrate their respective births. Every year he'd give Golbeze an overcooked confectionary mess, pleading, "It's tradition."

Golbeze suspected it had less to do with marking another year, and more with proving to the world that they were both simply human -- so to speak.

It might've been tolerable if Cecil didn't give him the same present, "A glove!" Cecil would declare, after its unwrapping, as if it wasn't obvious, "Do you get it?"

Golbeze got it, and wished (while blowing out the candles) that he was an only child.