"Square One"

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Summary: Rude's life..written down. That's about it.

A man the world wouldn't miss.

Tonight I was sent to the slums of Sector Three. The man who just got into Shin-Ra's business was Paul Jones. Some dumbass that wouldn't shut up about what Shin-Ra was doing to the slum people. Since this guy was supposedly the shit in the slums gathering his little shitty group, I had to kill him quietly or whatever...

Heidegger claimed the slum people wouldn't notice his death. He said they know nothing. So, if I asked, "What if they did notice?" then the response I probably would have received was, "Then we eliminate them." Followed by..that annoying laughter, which makes me think why I still work at Shin-Ra.There, a cold slap hits me and I realize this is what I do best.Heh..

Hm.Right.So, I went to this guy's little trailer home. It's somewhat neat. Well, from what I see because this is when I have the barrel of a shot gun aimed at my skull. I guess he didn't notice the blue suit. I cracked his wrist. The shot gun fell a few feet away from him. So, He's basically doing a great job of cussing me out about his wrist. And somehow, the idiot, tried to take the shot gun. And I broke a few more bones in his hand with my foot. He was a retard. But, since he was so..clingy to his shot gun, I picked it up and aimed it at his forehead. He finally shut up. All I do though is give him a good whack across the head with the butt of the gun and because I felt tired, I snapped his neck shortly after.

A man the world wouldn't miss. Shin-Ra would take care of his little rebel group. Time to head to 7th Heaven.