Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, maybe sex, and swearing.
Summary: Someone is trying to claim Remus in his sleep, to make him theirs forever. He finally tells his best friend, Sirius Black, but doesn't expect the answer he receives, "then lets mate." What will poor Remus do?
Disclaimer: This is the only one so if you want to see it, come here. Idon't own Harry Potter or its characters.
Key:Example -these are the dreams
'Example' -these are thoughts
Example -these are the stresses (or whatever)

----Chapter One----


Remus dipped his hand into the stream's water and sighed. He tried to rub off the feeling that he was being watched, but who would be out this late at night? Taking a quick look behind, he slowly stood up, deciding that this place wasn't the best. A shiver ran up his spine when he felt someone following him.

'Strange' he thought 'I don't see anyone, or smell them either.' That feeling kept up and he saw the edge of the wooded area; the leaves of the trees seeming to sway with the breeze, pointing him in that direction. Remus was always one to take advice when necessary. He picked up his pace to a run, hearing the thud of the footsteps behind him.

'Almost there' he thought desperately. Remus reached out his hand when he felt himself being rushed away from the edge of the wooded area. He tried to scream but his voice was gone.

The frightened 16 year old slowly opened his eyes to see a man looming over him. His face gently sculpted into a smirk, and his narrowed eyes shimmering. The skin was a soft olive color, his grin widened when he realized Remus opened his eyes, showing nearly strait teeth.

The man moved to straddle his hips, making no escape possible for Remus, and the weight of this man clearly outmatched his. Both his wrists were taken into one hand and held above his head, making them useless. 'Please' Remus thought desperately, tears slowly starting to flow down his face 'not this, please don't.' His clothes were discarded and tossed to a pile along with the man's.

All of a sudden the pain began, he had never experienced this before, and it was painful. He felt an urge to bite this man, claim him as his, but he couldn't. The man bent down, making a tattoo on his right thigh come into the moonlight, his lips next to his ear, the warm breath pooling over it. "Mark me little cub," he whispered in his ear.

Remus opened his mouth, the salty taste of tears on his lips and he was about to plunge his teeth into the junction between the man's neck and shoulder, when something pulled him out.

End Dream


"REMUS," Sirius finally yelled, desperate for his friend to wake up. Remus snapped his eyes open, and looked at his surroundings. The tears gently rolled down his face and felt warm arms tensely embrace him. Sirius hugged his friend, realizing this might be the best thing to do right at that moment.

Remus clung to Sirius like a drowned man, unable to forget the dream. What was worse, he felt something sticky near his thigh. "Sirius," he cried, "I was so scared!" Sirius only nodded, not quite understanding. He took a look around the room and noted that James and Peter were still sleeping. 'A hoard of hippogriffs couldn't even wake them' Sirius thought bitterly, though he was now quite annoyed that he was a light sleeper and heard Remus thrashing and yelling in muffled sounds.

He had been trying to wake his werewolf friend for the past 10 minutes. He looked down at the trembling frame holding him. Something must have happened in that dream, but he had no idea what.

Remus' sobs gently subsided but he couldn't stop trembling. 'I can't tell Sirius' he thought 'I'll just say the dream was when I was bitten -I was remembering! Yes remembering and-and it scared me!' Sirius gently pulled away from Remus and looked at him directly. "Moony," he said, "what the fuck was that?"

Remus had to hand it to Sirius; he could always find time to put in his concern while swearing. He shook his head and pushed Sirius' hands off of him. "I'm fine," he said gently, "I was j-just reliving the night I was bitten." Sirius didn't look completely believing, but he let it slide.

Remus threw the covers aside and tried to stand up. "Ow!" he hissed. Sirius went by his side and looked at Remus worriedly.

"Moony?" he asked, finally looking at Remus' legs to see what the problem was, "Moony, you-you've got blood on your thighs!" Remus looked down and felt his eyes widen slightly, it wasn't just a dream! It was real!

He felt himself begin to shake slightly and looked around the room. No one was there (besides James, Peter, and Sirius) and he was beginning to grow nervous. 'I can't even walk' he thought 'I feel like I have a stick up my ass.' Despite that, he tried to take another step, but fell into Sirius' waiting arms.

"C'mon," he said sternly, "I am taking you to Madam Pomfery!" Remus felt himself be picked up bridal-style and the rush of air as Sirius ran. "Sirius this isn't necessary," he cried, "we can just clean up the blood and figure out what happened on our own." Sirius narrowed his eyes and he felt himself shut up without wanting to.

Sirius didn't know what else to do, he was scared that Remus had blood on his thighs, he was scared that Remus couldn't even walk right, he was scared as to why Remus didn't want to just get reliable help, and he was scared and frightened at how light Remus was.

Remus didn't know why, but he felt dizzy, and he couldn't stop the tears that continued to flow down his pale cheeks. He felt sick, puking sick. Before he could stop himself he had vomited all over Sirius and himself. He passed out soon after.

Sirius cringed as he felt vomit run down the front of his night-shirt. "Ew," he muttered before reaching the large oak doors to the infirmary.


"Madam Pomfery!" He called in a desperate voice. "Madam Pomfery!"

"What is the meaning of this," she demanded, her nightgown ruffled, and her hair mussed. She spotted Remus and noted how pale he was. "Alright put him there," she instructed Sirius, "and there are night shirts and pants in the cupboard over there."

Sirius nodded and went to get changed.

Madam Pomfery came out to where Sirius was waiting. She noted that he looked extremely drowsy and pale. "You should have gone to rest in your dormitory Mr. Black," she said with a chip of annoyance. Sirius rubbed his eyes and replied, "I was worried about Remus." She nodded and beckoned for him to follow her.

"Sirius I need you to listen because this is very important," she said, "Remus was raped in his sleep." Sirius felt the bottom drop out of his stomach.

"I didn't see anyone though," he blurted out, "I was trying to get him to wake up for 10 minutes, no one was there!" She nodded and scribbled it down on her clipboard.

"Sirius," she started, "he was raped in his dream. My guess is that the culprit used a very high form of magic to get into his dreams. The rapist wasn't looking for just anyone, by doing some mental readings, he clearly went for a werewolf, male, young, and has an easy mind to access. Apparently he was trying to get Mr. Lupin to mark him."

Sirius sat dumbfounded he could only voice the one thing on his mind, "and you got this information from a mental reading?"

"Well," she sighed, "I examined his body thoroughly and noted that Mr. Lupin's teeth had grown that only happens when they are ready to mark someone or transforming. See, a werewolf, like wolves, mate for life, so if they were to find a special interest in a person they would mark them. This is where the magic enters; the rapist used some sort of incantation to sway the werewolf's judgment on choosing a proper mate.

"He showed physical signs because the stress on the mind made the body actually experience it. Mr. Black, I need you to tell Mr. Lupin this, and ask him what was happening when you woke him up. I need to know if he actually marked the rapist or if you woke him before that happened."

Sirius nodded slightly and was about to get up when he felt her grab his sleeve.

"Sirius," she warned, "whatever you do, do not tell him what I said to you directly, it would only frighten him. Mr. Lupin is very good at lying so trust your judgment on what he says. He won't be too comfortable with the subject either, and he is most likely still shaken from the "dream". Also, it was a man that raped him."

Sirius nodded his head slightly and made his way back to the hospital bed, where he saw amber eyes looking at him. "Hey," Sirius said, trying his hardest to be casual but his voice was thick with worry and guilt of not being there for him sooner. Remus tried his best to smile but it turned lop-sided and halfway between a frown and a smirk.

"So she gave you details," Remus said after Sirius sat down, "don't worry I heard it on my own."

"Remus, I need to know what happened," Sirius pushed, "I am only trying to help you, so just tell me what happened." Sirius could see the discomfort in Remus when he shifted his slender frame uncomfortably. He also remembered what Madam Pomfery had said about how Remus might want to weasel his way out of the conversation.

"Sirius," Remus said, "can I trust you not to tell?" His amber eyes were filling with unwanted tears, and his heart was wrenching painfully, his mind was saying that he should tell, but the werewolf was trying back down and out. After getting Sirius' nod to continue he ventured in.

"Well," he started, "I was sitting by a stream in a beautiful clearing, the leaves were of different colors, and there was a crescent moon out. I started to feel nervous because I felt someone watching me. I wanted to ignore it, but the feeling was still there, even when I checked, and I couldn't smell anyone there either.

"I was starting to get nervous so I had gotten up and left. When I saw the end of the clearing, I noticed the leaves gently pointing to the end, as if telling me to run away. Then I began to get nervous because I still felt that presence, and started to run. When I was near the edge, something pulled me back, some force, I don't know. Then, I opened my eyes and saw this man looking at me, he had a handsome face and his breath smelled of tobacco.

"The last thing I remember was that he had a tattoo on his right thigh, it was a full moon, with a werewolf or wolf howling at it. Then the pain began, I couldn't speak, but I felt it,"-he gulped and put his hands on the side of his head-, "I begged him to stop, hoping he could hear my thoughts but he wouldn't. I was about to do something, but I can't remember, all I can remember is my teeth sharpening and lengthening; then I was about to bite! That's right; I was going to bite him! Then you woke me up."

Sirius felt his breath hitch in his throat, he made to speak but it came out like a squeak. He watched as Remus put his head in his hands and wept. The tears flowed down his gentle face and splattered onto the bed sheets like puddles gathering rain. He reached over and took his friend in his arms, feeling how helpless and useless he was.

Something strange struck him, a thought. This man was after Remus now that he showed himself for the first time. So couldn't Remus find someone to mark? 'Possible' he thought 'he could mark me or James and then just remain friends.' He didn't know how James would take it, the mark, so Sirius had to rule him out. Not to mention that Remus was bound to keep it a secret.

'That would be nice' Sirius thought sarcastically 'hey James! I know this might be weird and all but I need you to make out with me so I could mark you as my mate. Oh yes that would be lovely.' He was drawn out of his thoughts when he heard Remus speaking to him.

"…then I couldn't help but think he wanted only me," Remus said softly. Sirius nodded in response even though he only caught that last bit.

"Remus," he said, taking a deep breath, and when Remus looked up at him he continued, "Why don't you mark me to avoid this?"

If this weren't such a desperate situation, Sirius would have laughed at the look on Remus' face, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open like a retarded fish.


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