Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, maybe sex, and swearing.
Summary: Someone is trying to claim Remus in his sleep, to make him theirs forever. He finally tells his best friend, Sirius Black, but doesn't expect the answer he receives, "then lets mate." What will poor Remus do?

Notes: Okay, okay here is part two of this little adventure. Also, I have reached the 100 mark, YAY! A lot of blood in the last chapter, but this one will be the worst or the best, I don't know, I'm not the reviewer. I need a vote taken though; I am posting a new story, called Rarity of the Breed. The angst and drama is a lot like this but different story line. The vote will be: should I post it or no.

---Full Moon: part two---

So dark, everything was shrouded in it. So cold, like winter except he knew that it was summer. His body felt so light, like he was floating. The last thing he remembered was the pain and then this, Roy too, saying a warning. Remus opened his eyes; he was still in the clearing, but floating, like he thought. The werewolf master was standing above him, red eyes gleaming, but definitely had a distant look to him.

He noticed his friends were bound limp to the three poles, he hoped just unconscious. Remus lifted his arm up, hoping to grab something, anything. The boy struggled, he felt rather uncomfortable in the ground without something soft below him to break his fall. The werewolf licked its spirit like lips in satisfaction and turned his gaze towards the desperate -and scared- boy.

"Done," it said simply, his voice deep and gruff. Remus froze, he talked too? The werewolf's wispy form twisted and shook violently. The size shrinking down to that of a human, his paws forming that of a human and the rest of his body twisting into shape. A man stood before him, smiling sickeningly. His hair went down to the middle of his back, held together with a simple hair tie, Remus couldn't get a look of what his hair and eye color might have been because the man was entirely silver. He was thin, though his face was slightly boney.

"It is a pleasure to speak to you Remus Lupin," he said softly, "my name is Silver White, nice to meet you…in this form." Remus got the impression that Silver was taking in great delight in his position. The werewolf stepped closer, his steps graceful. He lowered his face down so his was an inch apart from Remus'.

"It is rare that I get see beautiful ones," he whispered slyly, "perhaps I should botch the ceremony so I could keep you. Then again, fate chooses which one dies and which one lives, and I am fairly certain that fate will choose you." He poked Remus gently on the nose at the end of his words. Remus squeaked and tried to back away, but it was no use. Silver felt so cold, his touch like ice.

"Why are you letting him do this?" Remus asked, shivering at the caress Silver gave him on his cheek.

"I cannot live if no one sacrifices," Silver said brightly, "it is either me, or them; besides," -he glanced at his stomach- "the souls are happy where they are, they all live in a fantasy world inside my stomach, living without the fear of being a werewolf. In other words, their souls are in endless sleep, dreaming only the best." For a moment Remus dreamed of being in there, but remembers it was practically suicide, which in a way, it was.

"I am perfectly happy with my life," Remus said, outraged, "I don't need some dream world to make me happy!"

"Would you still say that," Silver whispered, "if Sirius disappeared from your life, just like your parents when you were bitten, would you still be happy to be here?" Remus opened his mouth to snap back a reply, but nothing came, what if he lost Sirius? Like it was ever going to happen, anyway. Remus narrowed his eyes.

"Just because someone isn't there in body doesn't mean they aren't in body," he said back, hoping it didn't sound desperate.

"What if they were there in body, but wasn't there," Silver breathed in his ear, "what if he started to hate you, like your parents."

Remus clamped his eyes shut, he would not think about his parents, not now. When he was bitten, it was his fathers fault, he wanted Remus to go and get some grapes from the garden, and they started to hate him. His bite was on accident, that was all, a werewolf nearby who was caught off guard and bit him.

"I watch all werewolves Remus," Silver said, "and yours was on purpose."


"A werewolf, who wanted to create an army," he chuckled, "bit you when you were little, because your father made him angry, do you want to know his name Remus?"

"Sure, let's hear your made-up name," Remus snapped, becoming more irritated than normal. He was normally very calm, able to whip Sirius and James in shape, but Silver was making him so angry just by smiling!

"His name isFenrir Greyback," Silver said, "and he specializes in hunting children, hoping to raise them to hate society and what not." The man smiled, causing Remus' blood to boil. It wasn't true, and he was damn sure of it; but what if it was? Remus shook his head, as if to clear his thoughts, but it wasn't working.

"Well, that would be the end of the cleansing," Silver said with a hint of disappointment in his words, "guess you would like to be on the ground now." Despite himself, Remus shook his head vigorously, not wanting to remain frozen in midair any longer. Silver's form shifted and shook once more, forming into the giant werewolf master once more.

Remus dropped to the ground, landing with a 'thud' onto the dirt. He rubbed his backside gingerly, not appreciating being dropped so carelessly. His attention snapped back when he heard stirring near where Sirius and they were being held. Remus turned to see Lily awakening, she was groaning softly, blinking her eyes as if to clear her vision.

"Remus…?" She asked uncertainly, still out of it, mostly.

"Lily!" Remus said and tried to make his way over there. The minute he reached the end of the circle where Roy and he kneeled, energy flowed through him and blocked his path to get her. Remus gasped, the energy finally pushing him back. He reached feebly out, as if praying Lily would take it.

"Remus, it's okay," Lily said, sounding worried, "I'm fine, no need to push yourself."

"Lily, if only I could reach you," he whispered to himself, looking around the clearing for any signs of a way out. His attention snapped up to the massive werewolf after hearing it chuckle amusedly.

"Tsk, tsk Remus," Silver said, "you cannot escape, not as long as I am here." Remus glowered at him, clutching his aching side where the energy zapped him. Sirius was starting to wake up, James still out cold. Remus brightened up when he saw those gray-blue eyes blearily open, blinking once or twice to see clearly.

"Sirius," Remus said in relief.

"Remus?" Sirius asked, his vision coming back to him.

"Sirius, can you get out of these?" Lily said, indicating to the ropes binding them to the highly uncomfortable poles. Remus watched as Sirius tried to break free, but shook his head in defeat.

"You cannot escape," Silver said, drawing everyone's attention to him, "not as long as I am here, I thought I told you that Remus, Lily." Sirius was slightly shocked but regained himself, looking over at the boy in the middle of the clearing.

"Remus, you aren't hurt are you?" Sirius asked, his face and voice holding nothing but worry.

"I'm fine, but what about you?" Remus said, testing the edge of the circle again, he drew back with a hiss as it crackled again. Sirius looked worried, but shook his head.

"I've been better," he answered truthfully. Lily rolled her eyes at this statement and brought her attention to James, who was beginning to awaken as well. He groaned and mumbled in annoyance, before taking a good look around.

"I just had the weirdest dream," he started, "we were all to be sacrificed and Remus was going to become one with that freak." His eyes scanned the surroundings and his face fell.

"Guess it was real," he sighed in defeat.

"Naw, you dork," Sirius muttered sarcastically. Remus rolled his eyes as James and Sirius started another foolish argument.

"Glad to see my pets are getting along," an all too familiar voice said. They all turned their attention to Roy, who had just returned, looking quite pleased with him. Remus scowled, not liking him at all, he ignored the nervous and frightened butterflies in his chest and concentrated on his anger. Moony snarled inside the human body, wanting its turn to be free, but the annoying spell around the clearing prevented it.

Roy spoke, what sounded like wolf, to the werewolf master overhead and apparently got the answer he wanted when his smile widened considerably. He made his way back over to where Remus was, muttering a quick spell to bind the boy where he was. Roy kneeled done, his smile never leaving his face.

"Now we commence the third part of the ceremony," Roy spoke loudly and confidently, "I offer the blood of Lily Evans!"

This is it Remus thought the failure, by using Lily's blood it will automatically come to a close, her blood is not pure, after all.

Roy withdrew a green knife, flashing it in front of the frightened girl. "The color matches your beautiful eyes, Lily," Roy chuckled, holding the blade next to her green orbs. He licked his lips and moved the knife down to her arm. James gave a strangled cry of protest, but was ignored. Remus shut his eyes, not wanting to see a third suffer.

Roy sliced into Lily arm, earning a yelp of pain. He smirked, running the blade up and down while still in the skin, the blood spurting out once in a while but caught in the shield. Tears streamed down her face, feeling ashamed that she could not hold them back like James and Sirius, but the pain, it was something she had never even felt before.

He raised the knife up, looking as if he was done, but he stabbed it down into her bone, causing a scream of agony. Remus felt his own tears fall down his cheeks, James sobbed, and Sirius avoided the scene, afraid to watch.

"The bone cut clean," Roy said, smirking with his handy work, "such perfect skin, soaked with blood, nothing more perfect." Lily sobbed, her frame shaking hard. Silver moved over to do the process he did with the other two. Remus could see the wound completely healed after he was done, even the bone had mended.

Lily bit her bottom lip, feeling the burning and dizziness engulf her. Roy went over to her, caressing her cheek almost lovingly. "Why do you cry?" He asked, his hand slowly moving towards her red locks. His tone was slightly angry, meaning nothing good.

Lily sobbed, but still said nothing.

"Why do you cry?" He asked again, but his voice much harsher, his hand yanking her hair. She gasped, but still said nothing, only hung her head the best she could.

"Your little boyfriend didn't cry," Roy hissed, grabbing her face forcefully, "so why did you?"

"Stop it Roy," Remus snapped, all attention. His amber eyes were forcefully set on his, but they shook a lot, meaning it was an effort to keep his gaze. Roy frowned, dropping his hold on Lily and walked menacingly over to where Remus was. Silver spread the blood around the ceremonial circle, but did nothing to stop this, he seem to be enjoying it.

"You little brat," Roy hissed, grabbing Remus by his waist and pulling him up close to him, "do you dare stop what I do? Do you want to feel the pain they feel? Do you want it?" He dug his clawed hand into Remus side, so hard it was drawing blood.

"I'd rather stop you and feel their pain," Remus said softly, "then let you hurt them, because they had nothing to do with this. I don't want it, like I told you before; I don't want it, any of it." Roy snarled flinging Remus against the energy shield, zapping the boy hard, but he made no noise what-so-ever.

"It's a failure Roy," Remus said, his eyes turning an angry red, "the ceremony was a failure before it even started."

Sirius stared, feeling an energy he had never felt before, what was worse, it was coming from Remus. Lily swallowed, her nerves on end, something was happening to Remus, but what? James shut his eyes as an onslaught of darkened power engulfed him.

"Did you do this to your last mates as well?" Remus asked, stepping closer to Roy, the older man feeling something he had never felt before: fear. The werewolf master stepped behind the boy, as though Remus' puppet.

"Do you think you can just take what you want?" Remus demanded the fury in his voice overwhelming. Energy crackled and hissed, cutting the ropes loose from the three captives. They fell to the ground and sat up quickly. Roy stepped back, his heart pumping, the entire ceremonial circle seemed to be under the young werewolf's control.

"Roy stepped into a forbidden area," Lily said to James and Sirius, "the ceremony was desecrated; now he is paying for it."

"What about Remus?" Sirius asked, ducking as black energy came hurtling towards them.

"Probably the conductor," James said, "for the punishment."

"What did Roy do wrong?" Sirius asked, pulling James a side to avoid another onslaught of black energy.

"Remember when I was explaining it to you guys," Lily said, "this mating ceremony required specific permission, what it meant was, to ask the gods. Roy didn't do it, and he broke the rules twice, which is not acceptable. They are using Remus as a conductor for his punishment." James and Sirius swallowed and looked back onto the scene.

"I was happy," Remus whispered dangerously, "you ruined it all; I am going to make sure you suffer until your very last agonizing breath." Roy cried out in fear as many black energy tentacles slithered up his legs and up to his neck, where he was bound tight. Silver opened his mouth, releasing the souls inside its belly.

Remus clicked his fingers, his transformation beginning. Moony raged inside the small body, angry, furious. The blood red moon showed up above, spraying the land with light, almost like day.

A golden light covered the entire ceremonial circle, angry and demanding. Suddenly, it all ended, the black energy disappeared, the ceremony circle, Silver even. Roy, Sirius, Lily, and James were perfectly still; to frightened to breath, in case they disturbed the welcoming silence. The red moon glowed up ahead, not even the birds were chirping or flapping their wing.

Energy started to crackle and pop once more, raging again. The golden light descended, sweeping over everyone, until it disappeared. They shielded their eyes against the onslaught of light energy; the trees swayed violently, some even picked up by its roots and tossed aside carelessly.

All of them unshielded their eyes cautiously, but what met their eyes was nothing short of monstrous and horrible.


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