The Day We Went Broke (Part II)

This chapter is merely to clear up any mysteries left behind by the previous chapter, and for Zelos' revenge of course. :smiles:

I can't believe that they could come up with such an intricate plan! Hiring a girl to go with me and shave me bald in exchange for five-thousand gald (hah, that rhymed). Though, I gotta admit, if Milky was acting, she did one hell of a job! Even so to be able to gimme a buzz without waking me in that hour—hour and a half maybe?—of sleep before I returned her, I'm one of the lightest sleepers. Then again, she was extreme, and I was bushed.

What to do, what to do. Should I plot revenge...? No, that'll come later. First, I need to make myself presentable to the outside world...

"To make up for the lack of impulse, man creates nature to fit him. To make up for the lack of authority, nature creates man to fit her."

That's something m'old man once said. Of course, he always added an 'Oh yeah' and ordered another drink afterwards. None-the-less, I always thought that as a long drawn out saying for 'Somebody sex me up!', but I think there really was a meaning to that. Even if there isn't, it gave me an idea.

My plan? I shaved it all off. My baldness is now a look. Not one I'm completely proud of, but it'll do for now. As for my revenge, that's a surprise.

As for the payment of repairing the hotel, I left my friends with one-thousand left for just in case reasons and I paid off the rest of it since it was kind of my fault anyway. It was mostly their fault thought. At any rate, we headed off to Heimdell, where Lloyd was to finally face his father. As we headed through the Torrent Forest, we put Lloyd on the standby group to conserve his energy.

Which worked well on my account, too.

Finally, we reached his old man.

"So, you've come." He greeted. Although 'greeted' is a bit too high on the happy scale, so it would be more of a statement coming from Kratos.

"Is there no other way?" said Lloyd.

"You'll die against me if you have any doubts left in your mind!"

"Guys, stand back."

"You're going to fight me alone?" Kratos astounded, of course, being him, his voice didn't change much.

"Lloyd won't lose to you!" Sheena spoke up. "Lloyd's become so much stronger since you were last with us, and he has so much potential. ...Of course, you already know that, don't you?"

"Yeah. I won't lose." Lloyd stepped forward, and the battle commensed.

Wow. This is a really somber moment!

Kratos unsheathed his red, fiery sword. Man, that thing looks so cool! "I won't hold back this time."

Lloyd followed suit. "I know. I won't either."

Ah, how perfect was this? A smile cracked on ol' stone face, it quickly disappeared though. "...You're going to take me on with two baguettes with a hilt?"

"I—wha...?" He looked to his blades. They were in fact two baguettes with a hilt. I heard Genis next to me trying hard to contain his laughter. Kratos, however, looked away, ashamed to admit he had any ties to us.

"Oh, Lloyd, forgot to mention. I went out and bought you some new blades, I wanted to repay you for your little trick, but I didn't have any money left to buy those new Angel Tears like you asked, so this was the best I could get!"

Lloyd glared at me. "Zelos, I hate you. Gimme back my real swords, now."

I tossed him his old swords back, still smiling. "The feeling's mutual, bud."