Episode I


Middleton High School. Outside. The school was shaped in a box like way with windows along the outside of the building and glass doors in the center. There was a parking lot packed with cars as well as a sign that read 'Middleton High school Home of the Mad Dogs.' Inside the school's hallways were filled with the sounds of a new school year. Lockers were being slammed shut and books dropped. Some students gossiped while others fell into their normal routines of one who bullies and one who gets bullied. There were the cheerleaders and the jocks, the band geeks and the nerds, the art club and the wannabe gangsters, skaters, goths, and emo kids. Then there was Kim Possible. Her red-hair dropped down to her shoulders, a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. She was at her locker putting books inside. It's actually amazing that she can fit her books, book bag, coat, and other things in her locker considering she has a full computer and printer in there as well. Kim wasn't just any girl though. She wasn't just the head cheerleader; she was a world famous crime fighting hero. She was smart, pretty, funny, athletic, nice, and popular but not conceited or stuck-up. Kim greeted her fellow students as the walked passed her and helped out the new students who got lost in the jungles of Middleton High. As Kim stood by her locker waiting, she suddenly heard a familiar scream and turned her head just in time to see her best friend Ron Stoppable slide head first into a row of lockers. The blonde-hair, blue-eyed boy smiled up at his cheery friend and jumped up to his feet like nothing had happened.

Ron: "Hey KP."

Kim: "Ron you sure know how to make an entrance."

Ron: "I gotta let people know I'm here."

Kim: "Well judging by the reactions, people know your here."

The sounds of laughter fill the hallways like a symphony in Radio City Music Hall. Some students clap while others make jokes and girls giggle uncontrollably. Ron just smiles and raises his hand to signal I'm okay.

Ron: "So what do we have first?"

Kim: "Algebra."

Ron: "Algebra, I hate algebra. Why does it have to be first, it's going to ruin the entire day?"

Kim: "Chill Ron it's no big. Look at it this way, you get algebra out of the way first thing and I'll be there to help you. Then we have pop culture, then study hall during which I hear a certain chef will be helping out in the cafeteria."

Ron: "True true, I will be fixing some fine meals for my fellow students."

Kim: "And we end the day with art."

Ron: "KP remind me again why we're taking art? I can't draw and no offense but you can't exactly draw either. I mean sure you can sculpt, that monkey statue you made for me last Christmas was a real hoot and I must say that my manly collage was also top work but I think that's the limit of our artistic abilities."

Ron looks over at Kim but she isn't there. Confused, he looks around the hall until he notices her auburn-red hair. Across the hall, Kim is now talking to Josh Mankey, a real hottie as Kim puts it. Looking dreamily into his eyes, Josh and Kim seem to be deep in conversation or at least as deep as Josh can get in a conversation.

Kim: "So Josh how was your summer?"

Josh: "Good, yeah good."

Kim: "So did you do anything interesting or exciting?"

Josh: "Yeah I did some stuff ya know."

Kim: "Like what"

Josh: "Saw some art exhibits, spent time with my family, chilled."

Kim: "Pretty much the same here, I visited my family on their ranch, chased villains all over the place, the usual."

Josh: "Cool. Well it was good to see you again."

Kim: "Yeah you too, I'll see you later."

Josh: "Later Kim."

Back to Ron who has been listening in the whole time. His expression seems a little irritated but not much. Ron has come to accept Kim's liking of Josh, though he could never understand it himself. The guy's last name was Mankey. Take out the 'a' and put in an 'o' and you've got monkey. This didn't sit well with Ron at all. Still he tried to make the best of the situation for Kim's sake. He enjoyed seeing her smile and nothing made her smile like Josh Mankey.

Kim has now walked back over to Ron and can't help but laugh. She calls his name and waves her hand in his face but nothing happens. So she opens the locker behind him and slams it shut. The noise startles young Stoppable who nearly has a heart attack.

Ron: "Geez Kim scare a guy to death why don't you?"

Kim: "Amp down Ron somebody is gonna think your crushing on Mankey."

Ron: "What are you talking about?"

Kim: "The way you were staring at him before. I was calling your name and everything but you just kept on staring."

Ron: "I wasn't staring at Josh, Kim."

Kim: "Then who were you staring at like a love-sick puppy? Me?"

Ron: "No, I... never mind. Why are we taking art now?"

Kim: "I don't know, cause I thought it would be fun."

Ron: "This doesn't have anything to do with getting Josh to like you does it?"

Kim: "Maybe. Is it such a bad thing?"

Ron: "From my point of view yes but you're entitled to your own opinions. I however am going to drop art and take computer science."

Kim: "Ron you don't know anything about computers."

Ron: "That's what Wade is for right Wade?"

Kim and Ron's friend appears on the monitor in Kim's locker.

Wade: "That's right. I'm going to help Ron with his computer homework and he's going to help me win Zombie Fest 5."

Kim: "So basically your gonna do Ron's homework so that he can help you with a video game that he would've helped you with anyway?"

Wade: "Yes but you see, the Zombie Fest 5 tournament takes place when Ron is computer class, so if I do his homework."

Kim: "He'll be free to do the zombie thing, got it."

Ron: "So Wade who do we take on first?"

Wade: "Some guys I've never heard of before. They seem to be newcomers; however I was able to get a video feed of their qualifying round."

Ron: "And?"

Wade: "There good and they seem to do a lot better when their in control."

Ron: "So if we can get a lead and keep the pressure on them they might lose their cool?"

Wade: "That's what I'm thinking."

Ron: "Alright Wade, I'll talk to ya later."

Wade: "Bye Ron, bye Kim."

Wade disappears from the monitor as if flashes off.

Kim: "So you can come up with a strategy for a zombie tournament but not figure out one of Drakken's plans?"

Ron: "Hey we all have our specialties."

Kim smiles at her friend and begins to walk down the hall. Ron follows alongside her. Feeling nervous about something, Kim opens her mouth to speak but can't seem to find the right words.

Kim: "Um Ron... I... was... wondering..."

Ron: "What is it KP?"

Kim: "Well... it's just that umm..."

Ron: "You can tell me anything."

Kim: "Ok here it goes; I've decided to give up crime fighting for a few months."

Ron: "Why?"

Kim: "Haven't you noticed that the bad guys are getting more violent and their death rays more advanced?"

Ron: "Yeah so? Kim you don't think that you're not up to the task anymore do you?"

Kim: "No it's not that."

Ron: "Good cause there is one thing you have to remember, you're Kim Possible, you can do anything!"

Kim: "I know I know, this has more to do with you. I don't want you to take this the wrong way but Wade and I have been talking and we think that maybe the Ron Factor is starting to lose its, well its not always gonna bail us out."

Ron: "So you're saying that I'm endangering the missions? That you want me off the team?"

Kim: "No what I'm saying is that I want to make you more of the team?"

Ron: "Huh?"

Kim: "Ok over the next few months your going to go through some training."

Ron: "What kind of training?"

Kim: "A couple of different kinds. I'm going to train you in some self-defense techniques so that you can help out with the henchmen and Wade is going to teach you some technical stuff."

Ron: "Ok I get the kung-fu fighting part but why is Wade going to give me technical training?"

Kim: "Have you ever noticed that while I'm fighting Shego or the henchmen or whatever no one ever pays attention to what you're doing?"

Ron: "Yeah..."

Kim: "Well Wade is going to give you some training so that while no one is paying attention to you, you can sneak up to the machine..."

Ron: "and safely disarm it. Cool."

Kim: "Yep, so do agree to these new responsibilities?"

Ron: "When do we start the training KP?"

Kim: "Wade will get you started on his part of the training right after school. I'll start my part tonight at my house. Be there at six o'clock sharp."

Ron: "Six o'clock isn't that when you usually eat dinner?"

Kim: "Yeah its family naco night. Thought you might like to join us."

Ron: "I'll be there, you can count on it."

At this moment on old woman with glasses and a stern look on her face, opens a nearby door and sticks her head out into the hallway.

Mrs. Crabapple: "Ms. Possible, Mr. Stoppable, class started ten minutes ago. Will you be joining us today?"

Ron: "Yes Mrs. Crabapple."

Kim: "Sorry Mrs. Crabapple."


Inside of a classroom are four rows of computers. In front of each computer is a chair with wheels on it. In the far back corner sits Ron Stoppable. He is browsing a web page on the Zombie Fest 5 tournament when he receives an instant message from Wade.

Wade: "Hey Ron."

Ron: "What's up Wade?"

Wade: "Well we need to talk about a few things."

Ron: "Ok. What's on the menu?"

Wade: "Well I was thinking about when the best time for your training would be when an idea came to me. You know how I teach an advanced computer operating class at the high school right?"

Ron: "Yeah for the computer wiz's right?"

Wade: "Yeah, well I thought that if I could get you into that class then I could do part of your training then. So I talked to the Dean and Principle Barkin and they agreed that if you want to, on Friday you can take an advancement test and if you pass they will allow you to move into my class. What do you say?"

Ron: "Sounds good to me Ron except that I don't know much about computers except how to run games on them."

Wade: "Don't worry, it's really easy stuff. I'll give you lessons everyday after school and by Friday you'll know it as well as I do."

Ron: "Alright then. Say don't we have the Zombie Fest after school?"

Wade: "No that starts in five minutes, are you ready?"

Ron: "No I left the floppy with my configuration settings in my locker."

Wade: "Don't worry I took the liberty of uploading the settings for you."

Ron: "Thanks Wade. Do you know which map we get?"

Wade: "Yeah it's the haunted forest. Apparently our opponents seem to have a strategy for this map. You know the old tree in the center that you can climb and snipe from?"

Ron: "Yeah."

Wade: "Well one of them hides up there and the other one lures opponents out into the clearing to be sniped. I figure we should take turns acting as bate to lure the sniper out so the other one can take him out. After doing this a few times they should abandon the strategy and then we can flank them if we keep moving from north to south."

Ron: "Got it Wade. Are we still using flash grenade signals?"

Wade: "Don't need to, the rules changed. There is now a private channel that we are allowed to talk on during game play. The other team can't hear what we're saying either."

Ron: "Let's kick some zombie butt."


In the basement of Kim's house, Kim and Ron are wrestling on a mat on the floor. It is a well furbished basement and the training room is complete with weights and a punching bag.

Kim: "Ok Ron now that we've gone over basic blocking techniques I want to try some takedowns. Get in your fighting stance and throw a punch at me full force. Don't hold back because I won't."

Ron gets into his stance and focuses his concentration on KP. He keeps his balance centered and steps towards KP while swinging at her face with a right hook. Quicker than he can realize it, Kim grabs his wrist and flips him onto his back. She pins him down to the ground and her hair keeps dangling in her face. Ron, who hasn't had much close physical contact with the opposite sex outside of his family, starts to feel a little awkward about the current situation.

Ron: "Say KP do you always like to be on top?"

Kim: "Jeez Ron do you always have to goof around. This is serious so pay attention."

Ron: "Sorry Kim it's just that... well... ok. I'm not hitting on you or anything but you are extremely hot KP and with you straddling me and your hair in my face I guess I felt a little uncomfortable."

Kim: "Don't worry about it. I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel uncomfortable also. You want to continue?"

Ron: "Yeah the training will be good for me and I need to learn how to deal with closeness from the ladies."

Kim just smiles at Ron and helps him to his feet. Kim and Ron continue their training with Kim once again taking Ron down. After a while Kim decides to give Ron a chance to perform the takedown.

Kim: "Ok Ron just remember what I taught you. Ready?"

Ron: "Yeah KP bring it on."

Kim swings at Ron with full force. Apparently, Ron hadn't been paying as close attention as he said he had because Kim's fist connects with his jaw and sends him to the floor.

Kim: "Ohh sorry are you ok? You said you were ready?"

Ron: "Oww that hurt but yeah I'm ok. I was ready or at least I thought I was."

Kim: "Do you want me to kiss it for you and make it better?"

Ron just leans his bruised face towards Kim who gives him a peck on the cheek. Kim then goes back to coaching Ron before they try again. Once again Ron misses Kim's wrist however this time Kim is able to stop herself before she connects with Ron's jaw again. After a few more near jawbreakers, Ron is finally able to grab Kim by the wrist and flip her over. He pins her down and straddles her.

Kim: "I like it when a man takes charge."

Once again Ron begins to feel a little awkward and he stares at Kim for just a little too long, making them both uncomfortable. Ron gets off of Kim and helps her up.

Kim: "Nice job there. Just remember to use your opponent's weight and leverage against them."

Ron: "Got it KP."

Kim: "So I think that does it for the night. Your gonna want to put some ice on your face when you get home and it's gonna hurt tomorrow morning."

Ron: "It hurts right now KP."

Kim: "Suck it up tough guy."

Ron: "I'll see you later Kim."

Kim: "Later Ron."

Ron walks up the stairs and out of the basement. Meanwhile Kim goes around the dojo and picks things up. She remembers when Ron took her down and then stared at her. She then laughs and forgets about it.


Chapter 2 coming soon.