Here are the notes for my original story idea:

Takes place over the course of an entire school year.


Part I – Ron's feelings.

Part II - Kim's feelings.

Part III – Tying it all together.

Absolutely no missions. This is about Kim and Ron's love for one another.

Part I

Ron's realization of his feelings for Kim are brought on not by her 'dumping' him for a new hunk but by his decision in a choice between his happiness with Tara or Kim's happiness with Josh. (What I mean by dumping is that Kim would start to ignore Ron and no longer pay attention to him.) This story establishes the bases of Kim and Ron's friendship as well as their acceptance of who and what they are, individually and together. Kim rejects Ron because of her need to be on top of the social food-chain. In the end Ron chooses a date with Zeta instead of consoling Kim after Josh dumps her for a second time. Kim realizes that maybe she has used Ron one too many times.

Part II

Starts with the ending, then goes back to the beginning and works its way forward. Kim realizes her feelings for Ron after she has a Christmas story like glimpse into her future showing her what her and Ron's lives might just be like.