Disclaimer: The Character of the The Fast and The Furious-- #1 and #2 -- do not belong to me. I just love to write about them...

Author's Note: Hi Everyone! It's me again. A story bug has bitten me and I've decided to give it a shot.

It's not Dom/Letty focused though, for those fans of my other story. This is for Mia and Brian.

It's set after 2fast 2furious; we can assume that everything happened as it did in the movie. However, I'd like to warn you that although I have seen the second movie, it's not cemented in my mind like the first one, so if I've forgotten something crucial please remind.

This is just the prologue...

I hope you like.


Life has a way of surprising the hell out of you.

One day things are simple, understandable… predictable even.

The next, you're floundering in the ocean in the middle of a storm—hoping for lightening because then at least you'd be able to see.

It was just supposed to be an assignment. Nothing special, fairly simple, almost open and shut—find the culprit and make the arrest.

A rookie could do it.

Life had blindsided Brian O'Connor. He'd never seen the tidal wave coming – and even now eight months later, he was still drowning in it. He couldn't seem to draw a breath before another wave hit. His family had told him he'd screwed up, but that was to be expected? His family was on the "right" side of the law.

His family had pulled strings to get him a deal. A case he could solve in return for a clear record; and he'd done it.

He'd saved his ass and he'd saved Rome…

Rome, Tej, Suki, Jimmy—they were part of this new life he was trying to build. A new life that suited him better than the one before, the one his family had fashioned for him.

It had seemed almost possible, like he'd almost accomplished it… a new life. When fate had decided that maybe another tidal wave would be fun.

"I can't," he told the woman in front of him. She was middle-aged, with clear blue eyes that gazed at him unflinchingly. Her blonde hair, with its wisps of gray, was pulled back into a bun and her dress pants and sweater were a pastel peach color that heightened her youthfulness.

The tow-headed child she held in her arms was fast asleep.

"Oh, but you can Brian. And you will," she said firmly as she approached him. Before he could protest further she deposited the sleeping child in his arms.

The girl stirred, but didn't wake.

"I don't know how to take care of a kid-"

"Than you shouldn't have fathered one."

"My life's a complete mess-"

"Exactly, it'll be easier for you to clean it up with her, then for you to clean it up and than have to mess it up again to make room for her."

"She barely knows me-"

"Time will fix that. She's your responsibility Brian."

"This is his idea isn't it? A punishment-"

"Your daughter is not a punishment, Brian!" She snapped at him.

The younger man winced, "I didn't mean it like that. I meant that… this… you cutting me off, is his idea of a punishment."

"I'm not cutting you off. I will always be willing to help you raise you daughter. But I refuse to raise her for you. She's four years old Brian, it's time."

"I don't know how. I barely have a job, my life doesn't lend itself to kids—I live in a boat for christssake!"

"You'll manage somehow."

"I can't…"

"It's time Brian." Her blue eyes were unwavering as she faced him. The girls' breathe warm against his shoulder.

There was no getting out of this. The child he held was his. He knew that, had always known it. He was aware of her; sent her gifts, showed up at the birthday parties, stopped by whenever he was in town… still she'd never been his.

"Your father and I are going on a cruise for three months, Brian; when we return I expect to find my granddaughter as happy, healthy, and well-adjusted as when I left her."

The man shook his head, "You can't just leave her-"

"We will call one week from today, Brian. After that you're on your own for three months."

"Mom, I can't do this… I have no idea what-" real panic became evident in his voice now, his grip on the child tightened a little.

She shook her head, cutting him off, her eyes warming slightly for the first time since she'd opened the door to let him in, "I know this seems harsh, Brian, but it's the only way. Sink or swim kind of thing. Your father thinks you'll sink—that's why it's only a three month cruise. He wants to get back before you do any permanent damage to his precious grandbaby."

Brian remained silent as his mother studied him.

"I, however, am not sure what to think," She said after a moment, "All I know is that she's yours and you've avoided her long enough. We were waiting for you to grow up… but this latest… incident … has shown us that you might very well never do so. Therefore we've decided that at the very least… it's time for you to be a father."

She came to him then and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, than to her granddaughter's temple. A few moments later she left the parlor, murmuring that he could show himself out.

It was sarcasm—he'd grown up in the house.

And just like that, she was gone; leaving Brian alone with his sleeping daughter in his arms and no idea how to become the father she demanded him to be.

One thing he did know for sure—his father expected him to sink.

So he would he swim.

He would sure as hell swim.