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The Lord of the Western lands explored the forest, a small toad-like creature strolling along with him. Also accompanying him was a female child, her characteristics were similar to a baby's, innocent and 'cute'. The atmosphere became heavier as the air became foggy. Suddenly, the tallest figure stopped, standing completely still as if he was a granite statue. He lifted his head softly, narrowing his golden pools. Strands of his silvery locks shifted with his slight movement.

"What's wrong, Sesshomaru?" The child asked, a look of curiosity appearing on her face. She clutched a dandelion in her small hand, the color of the weed-like flower matched her kimono.

"Rin, are you blind! Lord Sesshomaru is concentrating! Just be quiet and pick some more useless flowers!" The small creature was holding a staff, two small heads resting on the top. He wore a brown kimono and what looked like a tiny, black hat. The creature certainly disliked the girl, he often wondered why Sesshomaru had saved of what he thought was a useless, troublesome human child. At times, the great Lord was just impossible to understand.

"Flowers are not useless! They're beautiful to look at!" Rin defended to "useless" objects. She clearly liked flowers, loved even. Spotting a group of purple bellflowers, Rin's face lit up. She pointed her index finger at the group of flowers and spoke, "See! Look how pretty those flowers are! They're beautiful!"

"You are impossible! These are just a bunch of unworthy objects sprouting up from the ground! How can- -" Jaken's words were cut off by his master.

"Rin, Jaken, enough. Stop this senseless argument." Sesshomaru's voice lingered in their ears. His tone was gentle, yet cold.

"What's going on, milord?" Jaken softly stuttered out his question.

"Blood..." Sesshomaru answered coldly, his golden eyes shifting around. His keen sense of smell and great hearing certainly helped him. He turned his head, staring upon a shadowed-figure by a group of trees. It was the figure of a woman, with raven, silk-like hair. She had mahogany colored pools and pale skin. A priestess. She glowed radiantly in the golden moonlight. In her hand, the priestess gripped a bow and a quiver full of arrows was attached to her back. Yet, something was troubling her. She seemed more lifeless than usual. Crimson colored blood tinted her upper miko garments.

"You are not of this world. Who are you and why do you walk among the living?" The Lord of the Western Lands did not move from the spot. His golden-colored eyes narrowed at the sight of the human priestess. She was one of the fairest female humans he had ever seen, unfortunately, all humans disgust him. But what he hates to see the most was a hanyou. Half-demon, half-human. These repulsive kind of creatures do not deserve to walk upon the face of the earth.

The priestess remained silent. Instead of giving the taiyoukai an answer, she turned gracefully and started to limp away from the area. How could she not answer him? He was surely angered by her reaction. Within a blink of an eye, Sesshomaru appeared in front of the priestess, only inches away. The woman gasped and took a step back, her eyes widening slightly.

"Priestess, I demand an answer." Sesshomaru spoke. He glanced upward shortly after he spoke and found white, demonic creatures hovering above them. The creatures held souls of the dead. "The souls of the dead...? You are Kikyo, are you not? The one who fell in love with my half-breed little brother? Yes, I have heard of you before, collecting the souls of the dead to nourish your mud-made body. You pitiful little creature. But you deserve credit for pinning Inu-Yasha to the so called "Sacred" God Tree. Humans are naive and useless. You, Kikyo, are the most naive of them all. Heh..." Sesshomaru scoffed.

Kikyo's hand flew to his face, striking his smooth-skinned cheek; however, the taiyoukai felt no pain. She gritted her teeth, her chest inflating and deflating. She flinched and gripped the wound on her shoulder. It required great strength for her to move, due to her severe wound. Rage was boiling in her heart. Somehow, seeing Kikyo angry intrigued the demon lord. Behind the two, Rin gasped and clamped both her hands over her mouth. Jaken's mouth was wide open, showing shock.

"How dare you! Saying such things to someone you've never met before..." Tears of sorrow and pain strolled down the priestess's cheeks. For a split second, Sesshomaru's expression changed. Feelings of guilt and pity stirred in his cold heart. What was this he was feeling? Glancing onto the ground, he noticed a puddle of blood, Kikyo's blood. Experiencing blood loss, the priestess fainted, her whole body became weak. Before she fell onto the ground, Sesshomaru had caught her in one swift motion.

"Lord Sesshomaru? Will the pretty lady be okay?" Rin approached both slowly, starting to worry. She dropped the yellow flower, it fell onto the puddle of blood as Rin looked up at Sesshomaru.

"Milord, what are you planning to do with the priestess?" Jaken asked him. "If you asked me...I say, kill her! She does not deserve to live after what she has done to you."

"I did not ask you, did I now, Jaken...? Kikyo will be useful in the future. She would make a great weapon. Her powers are not of those of a regular demon, nor human. She is truly unique." A smirk appeared on the taiyoukai's handsome face. "Let's go Rin, Jaken...we'll find shelter in the next village."

"Milord, wouldn't it be easier if you heal her with the Tenseiga?" Jaken asked timidly as they, once again, continued walking towards the nearby village.

"No, Jaken. The Tenseiga shall not be used unless it is necessary..." Sesshomaru kept strolling down the path, holding the wounded priestess without having any problems. Behind him, followed Rin and Jaken.


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