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His surroundings were completely unclear. Thick haze covered the atmosphere as the taiyoukai attempted to capture Rin's scent with his sensitive nose. Sensing the presence of another, Sesshomaru quickly reacted. His amber orbs were darted upon a shadowed figure. As the haze started to disperse, the figure became clear. Silver locks; amber eyes; the same tattered, red clothing spun from the fur of a fire rat. Inu-Yasha, no doubt. The hanyou held within both of his hands, the Tetsusaiga.

"Die, Sesshomaru! Wind Scar!"

The figure of Inu-Yasha swung the fang easily, creating golden-colored light. As the light slash approached closer and closer. Tenseiga, the taiyoukai's healing blade, began to glow. As if it was shielding him from the Wind Scar. The impact from the attack tremendously wounded him, destroying his armor, ripping his garments apart, and it left a slash mark on his chest. Crimson-colored blood gushed out of his great wound.

This has happened before..., Sesshomaru's motionless body was laying by a tree. His body was not functioning properly, yet his mind was still at work. I was unable to move for three days...Yes, Inu-Yasha has used that technique against me. Why have I let my guard down?

Soon, everything became dark. He could see nothing.

"Curse you, Naraku!" The angered, yet beautiful voice of a woman rang in his ear. Kikyo?, the taiyoukai thought. That damned Naraku is here? Amber orbs slowly fluttered open. Vine-like tentacles moved disgustingly as Kikyo walked upon them. They burned at her touch, dispersing into dust. As the miko approached the wounded taiyoukai, she rid the serious expression on her face. Her tender lips curved upward into a smile. Never have I seen such an graceful look..., Sesshomaru studied the priestess's features, not a single word escaping his throat.

"It seems Naraku has tricked you..." Kikyo kneeled gently beside Sesshomaru's body.

"This was all trickery...? Of course, the vine-illusion." Sesshomaru spoke, finally coming to his senses. These vine-like things were capable of turning into a creature's worst fear and overcome them. Sesshomaru has definitely fallen into a trap. Naraku had ensnared him. Damn that Naraku. But, without this unordinary human, I would not be living...I would still remain in Naraku's illusion trap and eventually die. Kikyo truly is a useful person after all.

"This might sting..." Kikyo applied medical herbs to his injury, using her medical knowledge as a priestess to treat the wounded demon. After moments had passed, Kikyo's gentle hands enveloped his wounds in bandages, halting the flow of blood rushing out of the gash.

"Why do you help me, priestess?" Instead of showing his gratitude or token of appreciation, the demon lord interrogated her in a cold tone. But, deep inside his heart, he felt a strange sensation, light-headedness seemed to have taken place.

"I am simply returning your kindness, my lord. If you were to ignore me and left me in that forest, I would not be breathing right this very moment. I thank you, Lord Sesshomaru." The miko addressed him so highly, the tranquil smile had not ceased from her serene figure. The demon lord became speechless at her reply for a moment.

"Heh...this means nothing, priestess. Do not think highly of this moment...there is nothing between us." Sesshomaru spoke in his usual cold tone, his face also very serious. Like his brother, this taiyoukai was also stubborn. Feelings of fondness toward miko began to emerge in his stone-built heart.

"Of course..." Kikyo merely smiled at his words. She rose to her feet, and so did the taiyoukai. Both returned to the abandoned village, no words were exchanged. Jaken and Rin greeted them as they entered the area. Rin, wearing an adorable grin on her face, ran towards them; Jaken followed.

"Lord Sesshomaru! Lady Kikyo! Rin has been searching for you! ...oh, no! What has happened to you, Lord Sesshomaru?" The grin plastered on the child's face vanished into a dreadful look.

"How did you receive such wound, Milord? You!" Jaken pointed accusingly at Kikyo. "You did this, wench! How dare you injure, Lord Sesshomaru?"

"Jaken, be quiet...the priestess did nothing." Sesshomaru scolded the toad-like creature in such a harsh tone.

"But, milord! She- -"

"Enough! Do you wish to die!" The taiyoukai exclaimed in rage. Finally, Jaken had retreated into silence. He eyed the miko dirtily, then looked away.

"I'm hungry! Let's have dinner!" The young girl smiled, trying to enlighten the atmosphere. "Could you help Rin catch our dinner, Lady Kikyo?"

"Of course, Rin...but, we'll have to be careful, okay?" Kikyo smiled, following the girl into the forest.

"Hai, Kikyo-sama!" She replied skipping happily.

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