How to Tell a Monkey from a... Monkey.

Disclaimer, author's note, and whatever else is up here (again): I don't own Saiyuki/Goku. Since people have asked me to continue, I shall! Suggestions for the other two will be greatly appreciated as well, as they might be a little tougher.

Sanzo: Tougher...?

Well, what do you want me to compare you to? A real priest? Now go away, this chapter isn't about you. Anyway, I shall continue as requested! All complaints by characters shall be ignored. And thanks to all who reviewed already and those who will! You all get a cookie. It's up to you how to split it.

Now, people may ask the difference between a monkey and the Monkey King.

Goku: Cookie? Where? Where's that cookie?

No cookie for you. That's for the reviewers. We're continuing the Kappa and Cockroach story.

Goku: (reads previous chapter) Ha ha ha! Told ya he was a cockroach! (giggles madly for a minute)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. Be quiet. So, is it energetic and playful?

Goku: Hey, I have an idea, miss author! Wanna race? Please?

That requires physical exertion, so no. Monkey, check. Monkey King, check.

Goku: Monkey king...?

Next, does it eat anything it can find?

Goku: There's a cookie on the ground! (pounces on it)

Monkey, check. Monkey King, check. Now drop that cookie! Back on the plate, moron! That's for the reviewers! (smacks him on the head) Bad Goku, stealing my reviewers' treat.

Goku: Sorry!

Let's see, last question. Is it a social animal?

Goku: Hey, miss author lady? Where is everyone else? Where'd Sanzo go? Wasn't he here earlier?

Don't call me lady, I'm not that old. And he left. I'll tell you where later. Monkey, check. Monkey King, check.

Goku: Oh. So, where'd he go?

(rolls eyes) He went that way! (boots goku away in the direction Sanzo stalked off in earlier) Geeze, you stupid monkey!

Goku: Ow! Crap, tha' hurt, ya mean author!

(ignores him) Well, it seems that you can't tell a monkey from the Monkey King. Another interesting experiment done. Let's see who's next...

Goku: So you gonna tell me where Sanzo went or what?

For the love of fuck-- THAT WAY! And you owe the readers another damned cookie! I swear that kid's a bottomless pit...