College Life

By Rose

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Beastboy/Raven and Bee/Cyborg story, as well as a Robin/Starfire story.

What people originally suggested the characters to be from:

Starfire: Middle Eastern area, Small European country or Pacific island, Poland or Estonia, Middle East or Island, born in America but raised somewhere else or South American country: Brazil, Costa Rica, Greece, Russia, Switzerland, foreign island off the coast of Norway….

Beastboy: Africa, Madagascar, Brazil, California, born in America but raised in Africa, and Canada.

Robin: NYC, Gotham, and Seattle.

Raven: Salem- Oregon, New Mexico, Kansas, CheeryTown, Canada, Nome-Alaska, Maine, no one knows, some deserted area in Australia, Hawaii, Gotham.

Cyborg: Chicago, Harlem, Pittsburg, and San Diego.

Terra: Hell. –sorry, couldn't resist-, but someone did say Hell! Hell, Texas. (Real place people). New Jersey, Queens, Cleveland, depths of Hell, Wyoming, Texas, Wisconsin, Montana, WHO GIVES A FURRY RAT'S A-, Canada, Price-Utah, NOT A COUNRTY GIRL, a HUGE AND VERY FAMOUS(and money making)RANCH IN MONTANA(oh the poor state will be cursed...)-(I copied that last one word for word), and that's it!

Bee: LA, Chicago, Steel City, Brookline-NY, and that's it.

What I chose:

Terra: Depths of Hell was VERY tempting but… I say… Price Utah, I am not sure where it is, but I'll make her live in a nice home town of the suburbs. And yes, she will not be the nicest girl in the world. Still their friend, but she's no saint. (Who is?)

Cyborg: I love him in Chicago! I can see it; I can here him screaming about how much he loves it, Chicago for Cyborg!

Raven: Holy shit, CAN YOU AT LEAST PICK AN AREA? Sorry, just… wow. I'm going to have to go with…. Maine. I think she belongs there. CheeryTown was very tempting… but sorry, I can't do that to Raven. Lol.

Robin: Since all of you basically screamed: ROBIN IN NEW YORK, I'm doing New York City. Seattle was a good idea, but I think I can see Robin living in New York better.

Beastboy: I think I'm going to make him be born in Madagascar, Africa and raised there until he was twelve. Then he moved to California.

Bee: L.A., I can see her announcing that she's from Los Angeles, all proud-like.

Starfire: I really like: Greece and Switzerland. Also Estonia…. But I have never really heard of it. I love the idea of her being born in America, but raised in… Europe. I'm thinking…. Switzerland.

Chapter One: First Days of Anything Usually Suck

Gar stood impatiently waiting to get out of the stuffy bus he was on. It had been a long ride, 5 hours, and he was anxious to breathe fresh air and be away from the one-eyed pink haired lady sitting across from him. He spent to the ride in pure torture trying not to stare in horror as she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, giving him a clear view of under her skirt.

Not pleasant.

She was friendly though, she waved goodbye to him and gave him a cookie from out of her purse as he grabbed his green pillow and suitcase, eager to depart and get the heck out of there.

"Thanks…" he muttered, studying the cookie to see if she had injected something into it. Never could be too careful, especially with ladies with an eye patch…

"Skicka gärna synpukter till," she replied breezily, and nibbled on a cookie.

Gar felt awkward and, practically, tumbled off the bus and grasped a pamphlet in his hand. The pamphlet was for everyone attending Jump City, University, and he needed to find the research center to get his room and roommates, as well as his schedules. "Where's the research center?" he asked himself, starting to feel homesick. His parents always took care of him, and he suddenly felt the need of having them with him.

"That's what I'd like to know," said a deep voice behind him, causing Gar to jump.

"Whoa, sorry! Didn't mean to scare you," the voice apologized, and Gar looked up to see a very tall, very muscular, black man, with deep grey eyes, and a warm smile. "Are you alright?" he asked, as he realized that Gar was staring.

"Oh! Yeah, I'm fine, sorry… it's just… you're tall…" he said.

The man laughed, "Yeah, I know. My name's Victor. Victor Stone, you can call me Vic if you like,"

Gar shook his hand, "Gar Logan, you can call me Beastman."

Vic cocked an eyebrow, "Beastman? How about Beastboy?"

Gar looked offended, "What exactly are you saying?" But before he could pry more information out of his new friend, he was bumped into and he toppled to the ground clumsily with a loud, "Oof!"

"Oh, my bad," a giggly voice said from behind him, "Didn't mean to make you trip!" The girl helped him to his feet and smiled, "The name's Terra! Terra James, how about you?"

Gar blinked. The girl was very pretty with long blond hair and light blue eyes. She wore washed out blue jeans and a yellow T-shirt that said in bold red letters, 'Have you hugged your girlfriend today?' On her feet were plastic blue flip flops, and her hand was extended for him to shake.

"Hi, I'm Gar, you can call me Beastboy." He blurted out, "I mean Beastm-… never mind, Beastboy." He didn't dare look at Victor, who was trying to not yell, 'HA!'

Terra cocked her head, "Beastboy? Cool!" She turned to Cyborg and also smiled, "Hi, what's your name?"

Victor sent a smirk to Gar, and grinned at Terra. "Hey there little lady, I'm Victor Stone."

Terra nodded, "No cool nickname?" she asked, and Gar blushed.

Victor thought a moment, "Vic will do… my dad always called me Cyborg."

Terra and Gar exchanged glances of amusement. "Cyborg?" Terra repeated, "That's, like, computer stuff, right?"

Gar burst out laughing and Vic stared. "You aren't the brightest crayon in the box, are you?" he asked, looking fake concerned, only making Gar laugh harder.

Terra frowned. "Don't be mean," she started to scold, but couldn't help but laugh too. That was just like her. Terra had to laugh at almost anything, even when people were poking fun at her. She loved to laugh and make people smile.

"Excuse me," spoke a voice from behind them, "Do you know where the research center is?"

Gar gasped, "I forgot all about it!" He turned and came faced to face with a guy with black spiked up hair and sunglasses. He was tall with jeans and a red shirt with cut off sleeves. He was definitely good looking, and wore a scowl on his face and an annoyed glance as he watched the three of them study him up and down.

Terra was the first to recover from her shock, "We don't know, sorry. That's what we're trying to find."

"Victor Stone," Vic greeted him.

The new guy wasn't rude or snobby. He gave a smile and shook Vic's hand, "Hey, I'm Richard Grayson."

"Can we call you Dick?" Gar blurted, making Richard glare and Victor and Terra laugh.

"I'd rather not." He replied a bit icily, but smiled. "Who are you?"

"Oh, I'm Gar Logan, she's Terra." He jabbed his thumb behind him to signify Terra, who flipped her hair and waved.

"So none of you know where the research center is?" he asked.

"It's six feet away from you, you morons," snapped a girl with died violet hair, black on the ends and at the roots, and clad in all black: Black jeans, black v-neck tight long sleeve shirt, and black boots. She walked past them rolling her violet eyes, and walked towards a building not too far away from them with a large sign reading, 'Research Center. Welcome New Students!'

"Oh." Was all they could reply and followed the girl into the building. Inside, they found total chaos. Young adults were everywhere, shouting, waving, and screaming at each other. The teachers looked pained and exhausted. Suddenly, a loud voice screeched at the top of her lungs, "SHUT UP YA FOOLS!"

The voice belonged to a girl who was standing on top of a desk, with a black skirt on yellow sweater. The room was silenced and everyone stared at her. Randomly, someone shouted, "YOU SUCK!", but other than that, everything was quiet. (Laughs at random guy who shouted 'YOU SUCK'. I added my friend TJ in, because he asked to make an appearance. That was him. Everyone wave to TJ!)

The girl cleared her throat. "Can I see my roommate, Terra James please? Oh yeah, and to the rest of you, Faith here will be reading her roommate and dorm number. The rest of you can take turns, or kill each other for all I care." she waved to someone in the crowd to come up, and a tall and exotic-looking girl practically floated to the desk, and smiled. "Hello, I am Faith Andrews!"

Faith was, without a doubt, radiant. The kind of radiant that most can't spot; they mistake it for strange looking. No, she was gorgeous. She was tan and thin, with long vibrant red hair, and grass-colored eyes that seemed to glow. Her body was perfect, all the right curves in the right places, and a friendly smile on her face.

Few said hello back, some boys yelled their phone numbers at her, and others just drooled. Seriously, drooled. Spit everywhere, all over the floor and whatnot. Some girls glared, and some just waved to her, others ignored her completely.

She cleared her throat, "May I please see Raven Black? She is my roommate." She explained.

The girl who had passed Gar, Vic, Richard, and Terra earlier walked smoothly up to her and grabbed a key. "See you in the room," she muttered, and walked out before Faith could speak on word to her.

Gar looked at Raven with a peculiar expression on his face. She looked as normal as anyone, but she still seemed… different, almost… beautiful. Not the typical kind, like Terra, and not even the naturally gorgeous kind, like Faith, but in a different sense… she was beautiful. He was pulled back from his deep thoughts when he heard his name being called.

"Yo Gar! Beastboy!" Vic was shouting. "You, me, and Richie over here are roomies!"

Richard scowled, "Don't call me Richie."

Vic scowled back, "I'll call you whatever I like, unless you got a nickname like Beastboy over here."

Richard cocked an eyebrow, "Beastboy? Wow… uh, different."

Gar's face flushed and Terra laughed. "Not as bad as Dick." He snorted.

It was Richard's turn to flush, and he looked as though he was about to say something nasty, but stopped when a hand tapped his shoulder. "Excuse me, could I possibly have your assistance? I am in need of finding room 37B,"

Richard turned around and looked surprised. Faith Andrews stood there, dragging an extremely large trunk and looked lost.

He smiled, "Yeah, sure, I think I might be on that floor."

Victor nodded, "You're Faith, right?"

She nodded and shot her hand out, "Glad to meet you, um…"

"Victor Stone," he replied, shaking her hand and yelped suddenly, grabbing his hand away from her grasp. "You've got some grip, girl!"

Terra giggled, "Hi, I'm Terra James, ….hi!" Faith smiled and waved, "Who are you?" she asked both Richard and Gar.

Gar stepped forward, "Hey Faith, I'm Gar Logan, but my friends call me Beastboy."

Faith smiled, "Glorious!" Terra laughed, as usual. "Glorious? I didn't know people still said that!"

Richard frowned at Terra, "Hey, I'm Richard Grayson."

Victor was right. She had to grip to smash rocks, and Richard had to use all his willpower to not scream in pain or flinch.

Faith didn't stop grinning, "May I call you-", Richard grimaced for her to say Dick, "Robin?"

Richard's eyes widened, "Er… sure?"

Faith smiled, "Glorious!" and before he knew what was happening, she gave him a huge hug, nearly crushing him.

When she let go, he staggered a bit, but regained his balance and gave her a weak smile. "You're… very, VERY, strong…. You know that?"

Cyborg, Gar, and Terra burst out laughing but Faith frowned. "Did I hurt you?" she asked.

Richard didn't lie, "Yeah…" he chuckled, "Don't worry about it… you aren't from around here, are you?"

Faith shook head, "I come from Switzerland, along with my older sister and brother."

Cyborg whistled, and Terra and Gar did a chorus of "Whoa..."'s.

"Terra James, is that you?" a girl poked at Terra, the same girl who stood on the desk and made everyone shut up.

Terra didn't respond for a second, but then processed the information slowly. "Yeah, that's me!"

The girl sighed, obviously tired, "I've been looking all over for you, I'm your roommate!"

Terra squealed, "Hi roomie!"

The girl looked a bit frightened, "Er… please don't do that."

Terra laughed, "What's your name?"

"Bethany Honey, you can call me Bee. What are you staring at, boy? My eyes are up here, not down there!" she growled at Victor.

"Sorry, sheesh." He grumbled. "I'm going to go and check out our rooms, anyone going to join?"

"Let's get out of this stuffy building," complained Gar, and lugged his two suitcases after Vic.

Soon, they were all on floor B, and the boys left to go down the opposite direction, promising to meet each other at the cafeteria once they were done unpacking.

Bee and Faith already knew each other since they both took the same plane to get to Jump City from L.A., where Faith had landed from her flight from Switzerland.

"Of joyous, our rooms are beside on another!" celebrated Faith and she hopped excitedly.

Bee smiled at her, "You're a one of a kind, Faith." She commented.

Terra nodded, "Yeah, you're a bit creepy."

Faith frowned, but shook it off and unlocked her door. "Farewell friends, I shall see you once I unpack!"

Bee and Terra waved goodbye, and as soon as the door was shut, Bee glowered at Terra. "That was nice." She muttered sarcastically.

Terra rolled her eyes, "What, you don't agree?"

"No. Is it so hard to believe that someone is nice? Genuinely nice?" snapped Bee.

"Yes it is! It's obviously an act."

"Get real," muttered Bee as she opened the door to their room.

It wasn't very big, with two beds with mattresses on top and dead-looking pillows, and a nightstand sat next each of the beds. A desk sat near the door next to a closet, and on the other side a door was opened, revealing a bathroom with a sink, toilet, mirror, and shower. An ancient looking computer sat on top of the desk with a note that explained what access you had in the computer. A mini fridge and microwave sat next to the door, filled with empty glass bear bottles. The furniture badly needed to be dusted, and the walls were bare and an ugly yellow.

"Yikes," whispered Terra, and Bee nodded.

"This… is going to take some work." Bee replied.

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