College Life

By Jackalobe

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for she wanted to move to D.C.
and force-feed poor Rose Marie Me

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For I oversee
I was acting like a chimpanzee,

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Chapter Fifteen: Touched by Light

(Three years ago…)

Faith felt the familiar whooshing feeling in her stomach, as the plane began to glide down to land. The young girl next to her was listening to music loudly, and wouldn't take her eyes off the window, as the land to appear closer. The exotic islands peaked out from the clouds, and seemed to glow with sunlight and heat.

Despite the odd, sick sensation she was currently going through, Faith smiled.

She was back… her green eyes quickly followed her grin, and she mouthed the words to herself, 'I'm back.'

And she was. Finally, just as the new violets began to peak out of the ground, as the warm breeze of summer blew throughout the trees, Faith Andrews would return to Barbados each summer.

She unbuckled her seatbelt eagerly, a strange feeling suddenly born in her chest. No more waiting for her sister to put on her make up, or no more waking her crabby brother up… this time she had her Uncle all to herself.

Faith Andrews smiled wider.

It didn't take long to find her Uncle Galfore. Once she left the plane and wandered into the bustling airport, she immediately found her Uncle's tall, sturdy self.

"Uncle Galfore!" She cried, waving her arms in the air. A grim expression was on his face, set in a deep thinking position… until he saw her. A grin grew on his face quickly, and within a few large strides he gathered her up in a huge hug. Passing people smiled at the scene, or were too busy greeting loved ones to notice.

"Hello my darling!" he exclaimed as they pulled away. He tucked her hair back behind her ears lovingly, and smiled. "How was your flight?"

She grinned, her green eyes radiating joy. "It was just like floating with the clouds… you cannot tell you're moving at such a high speed!"

He smiled, nodding at her slightly poetic description. With Faith, almost everything was poetic or dramatic.

"So no Kora or Ryan this time, eh?" Galfore asked casually, as two of his butler's picked up Faith's suitcases. His red-haired niece nodded, and she fiddled with her hair until it came out of its bun.

"Yes, I suppose so…" she answered. Both stared at each other, both trying to look a little unhappy at the fact that neither Kora nor Ryan was here… both failed miserably.

They grinned at each other, and both shouted, "Yes!" in triumph. Faith giggled in delight, "This is absolutely glorious! Now we can perform any activity we want! We could go horse back riding without having to hear Kora complain, or Ryan suffer from allergic symptoms, or we could go sailing out in the vast ocean, without Ryan moping or Kora complain, or we could-!"

Galfore let out large belly laughs, and shoved Faith lightly. "Take a breath, child, you'll suffocate,"

She obeyed, but didn't stop beaming. "Maybe I could slumber outdoors alone?" she asked hopefully, "The entire visit?" Kora and Ryan both shared a passion for despising the outdoors… but Faith adored the feeling out being outside, especially at night.

Galfore nodded at his niece, "Sweetheart," he began as he held open the door to his stretch limo for her, "On this visit, you can do anything you want,"

(Present Time)

Lacey's gray eyes opened slowly, her thick lashes daintily following. She was wet… she was cold… she was in horrible pain.

And it was raining.

Gloriously raining, washing away all the fear miraculously.

She felt around her, discovering she was lying on something extremely hard and uncomfortable. It was also wet and cold. Shivering, she blinked slowly. Moments later, she remembered what happened.

Sadness clouded her stormy gray eyes, and the pain somehow seemed to grow.

No hope.

Her wet blonde hair was sprawled about her head, and, surprisingly, no tears fell. But she was in pain… not like hours ago, the terrifying stabs of physical pain shooting through her abdomen and to her chest and forehead. It was still there, but not so extreme. It didn't overwhelm her.

She couldn't remember where she was. She didn't recognize it. It was night… cloudy, raining, and cold. That's all she could recognize, but she could remember what had happened.

No hope.

Her heart began to beat faster, and the hairs on her arms stood as an icy breeze blew through her hair.

"Where am I?" she wondered aloud, feeling delirious. "…Am I drugged?" She didn't understand who she was asking, was it herself? Or someone else?

It was as though someone was watching her…

Always watching her.

Closing her eyes, she let out a whimper. "If you are there," she murmured, half to herself, half to the air, "I am very cold, and would like a blanket. A coat would… suffice,"

No answer, but the strangely comforting sounds of the rain, against the concrete ground.

"Please," she added quickly, and felt a strange sense of held in laughter from around her. She didn't know why, but this made her feel a bit happier.

At least she wasn't alone.

So what exactly happened to me… and can I escape? She had been attack, raped, almost killed… and kidnapped? She smiled, thinking of how 'Lifetime-Movie-Material' this was…

Her heart ached… her mom loved to watch Lifetime. Her mom…

Reality slapped her in the face, and Lacey's smile slowly disappeared. She lay in darkness and pain, whimpering occasionally… maybe the person who was watching her would take pity on her?

It seemed to not be working, but she soon couldn't stop herself. The pain was so… hot, so blunt… so… there! Everywhere! Her thighs her, her hips, her entire middle section felt sore and bruised… her head ached with a head ache, and her arms and legs were freezing.

But she wasn't naked… she still had her underwear and someone had put her jeans back on, though they were probably the source of the blood scent she smelled so strongly. My shirt…? Bra? She remembered how they were shredded… but she was covered with something. Curiosity took hold, and she forced herself to sit up. The pain strangely went down as she sat up.

A blanket!

Somehow this seemed absolutely hilarious to her, and she burst out laughing… "Oh nevermind," she called, between fits of laughter, "You've already given me one-," she couldn't finish it, she was laughing too hard.

Shrieks of laughter echoed around her, and she threw back her head, laughing, cackling, giggling, snickering… she began to loose her breath, and she gasped… and laughed some more.

I'll never finished college

She laughed harder, clutching her sides as though someone were tickling her.

I'll never get married

"Hahahahaha, oh my god, hahahaHAHAHAHAHA!"

I'll never see my parents ever again

Her laughter grew louder… and louder… her throat began to ache, and tears stung her eyes…

I'm going to die

Tears fell, and she laughed, "Hahaha... I'm… I'm going to die…ha…haha…" Hysterical laughter continued… and slowly, slowly her chest began to heave… laughter slowly turning to whimpers… sobs began to rack her, and she let out a soft wail, "I'm… I'm going to die,"

More sobs came, and she held her head in her arms, gently rocking herself back and fourth, weeping. "I'll never see my friends…"

More tears leaked from her sad gray eyes, "I'm never going to see Paris, or go to the White House,"

She sniffed, and tried to stop crying without success. Her eyes burned as more tears fell. "I'll never even get a first kiss," Lacey had always liked to fantasize about getting a first kiss… an intimate, devastatingly romantic, Kodak-picture-perfect-first kiss.

Lacey suddenly heard someone walking towards her, but she knew it wasn't a rescue. She tried to stop herself from crying once more, and wiped her nose on the edge of a blanket.

She glanced at the person walking towards her, not sure whether to be scared or not. He was attractive, Asian American… dangerous looking, with a blade in his hand. Instantly, she remembered who she was.

"Hi," she whispered, her lower lip trembling. He didn't say anything back, but looked at her… just stared at her, unblinking… Sadness seemed to cross his brown eyes… or was it mock pity?

He kneeled beside her, and she didn't move her eyes from his. A cold breeze passed, bring more freezing rain. There was still silence… and they stared at each other.

Finally, she moved, wiping her nose on the blanket, and she tucked strands of hair behind her. "Are you going to kill me?" she wondered aloud, staring at the blade in his hand. "I don't want you to,"

He smiled at her, "Then I won't," He put the blade away into his boot, and relief poured over her.

It startled her to hear his voice, and even more that he was smiling at her. Not smirking, not smiling wickedly… smiling an actual genuine smile. Before she could stop herself, she smiled back.

Lacey you idiot! Stop smiling her tried to kill you! HE RAPED YOU! Stop smiling! HATE HIM! WANT TO KILL HIM!

But she didn't want to kill him… and she didn't stop smiling, although she did make it fade a little. Rain drops got caught in her eyes, and she blinked. "Can I know your name?" she asked, softly.

He shook his head, and she glanced down, breaking the staring contest. She looked down to see if the blanket was covering all of her, and it was. She was sitting cross legged, leaning against the wall, and he was right in front of her, kneeling down. There was no sound other than the rain, the thunder, and their soft breathing. And the pain was dying down…

Ryo smiled at her still, and cupped her chin, bringing it closer it his face. His breath was hot against hers, and before she knew what was happening, he was kissing her gently. The world faded, and all there was, was her and him… kissing. Her eyes widened quickly… and closed. Warmth somehow spread into her body but…

This is not supposed to be what a first kiss is like…

But she continued to kiss him anyway, wrapping one hand around his neck, and let him carry her away from the alley… away from the earth… away, in his arms.

I should be running… but how can I leave, when I can't bear to ever open my eyes? For the first time in a long time… I feel so… so…

The kiss continued, feverishly, and they pulled away just to breathe.

How can something so wrong… feel so ...wonderful?

Miraculously… light came, through all the horrible darkness. The clouds disappeared… the rain went away, and the sun came out, flowing through the windows of Jump City University College Students.

A ray of sunlight passed over Raven Black's face… and she slowly opened her eyes. "Hey," she greeted roommate's her empty bed and worry blossomed in her chest. Her memory went over last night, and she rubbed her sleepy eyes.

She, Bee, and Terra had exploded with secrets last night… confessing practically everything, listing all their worries, all their fears, everything that had gone on with them.

Of course, everything besides the bloodlust Raven thought to herself, feeling ashamed and a glimmer of self pity.

Faith was their main topic, however. It was just so weird… I mean, it seemed like everyone was out to get them all! Damn you drama… Raven grumbled inwardly. It just wasn't fair how people liked drama. They liked to hear it, see it, read about it, even dreamed about experiencing it! A sickened feeling began to grow in her stomach, and she buried herself deeper into her floppy pillow.

Faith… Fay… Star…

What if they never found her? Terra and Bee shared the same fear as her… but she just couldn't accept it. They had to find Faith!

Raven knew she wasn't dead… she knew Faith wasn't in a ditch somewhere, or in some alley… but then why hadn't she called?

What if she couldn't? She's still probably sick…

Possibilities flashed in her mind, and she closed her eyes. She hated that empty bed… it symbolized nearly everything agonizing her…

Besides Gar and Mary Ann… that stupid pole dancing slut-whore…

And of course, her lackeys, Sex Kitten and Jinx the Pink Minx. How could people be so… so… cruel? So self obsessed and… so horrible?

Raven opened her eyes, and stared at the empty bed, with an empty heart. "I miss you," she confessed, her violet eyes wet with depressed tears.

"And I'm going to kick your ass for worrying me so much when we find you,"

She smiled to herself slightly, and whispered, "That I can promise you, Fay-babe,"

Bee woke with a start once she heard Terra close the bathroom door behind her. Sitting up, she looked around, blinking her honey-brown eyes slowly. The room was sunny… and warm…

She remembered last night.

And all she wanted to do was crawl back into bed and cry.

Instead, she forced herself to laugh at her unhappiness, and hopped out of bed, pulling down her boxer shorts, and throwing off her dirty white pajama t-shirt.

"I need some tunes… and coffee," she groaned, turning on the radio.

But since you been gone…

"Hell yeah!" Bee cheered, brushing out her thick, sleep battled hair. She looked out the window and saw a bright blue sky. It gave her hope. So she began to sing, "I can breathe for the first time

I'm so movin' on, yeah, yeah. Thanks to you, now I get, I get what I want… Since you been gone,"

Inside the bathroom, Terra danced lightly to the music as she showered. Jealousy blew threw her quickly as she listened to Bee sing, but she let it go.

So what if her friend had a better voice than her?

Suddenly the bathroom door flung open, and Bee hopped in, grabbing eye liner. "You had your chance, you blew it! Out of sight, out of mind,"

The door shut again, and Terra glared after it. "Yeah? WELL I'M PRETTIER!" she shouted after her.

Laughter echoed from the other room.

"Shut your mouth, I just can't take it

Again and again and again and AGAIN!" Bee finished dramatically, holding her brush like a microphone.

She stared at herself in the mirror, gathering confidence as she stared at herself. "You don't need him," she announced proudly. "He's a cheap, sleazy, bastard,"

Bee continued, narrowing her eyes. "And that pink haired slut can go fuck herself, and so can whoever took Faith. They all suck! Beastboy too,"

Her reflection said nothing back, and offered no comfort or support.

Bee studied herself in the mirror, slowly. She didn't like what she saw in the mirror, as much as she tried to. The same question popped up… what did Jinx have, that she didn't? Was she prettier? Thinner?

Bee felt her stomach. She wasn't fat… and people called her beautiful…

Tears stung her eyes. "Enough Bee! You don't need any of them!" she told herself off, angrily. "Don't cry, just… get over it,"

"Hey, Bee?"

Bee jumped, startled. She glanced at Terra, who was at the door, a sad look on her face. Bee stared at her, sniffing. "What?"

Her friend sighed, "It's not like you can't cry anymore,"

Since you been gone…

Bee stared at the floor, "I know that," she snapped, but her voice cracked halfway. Almost immediately, Terra's arms were around her, and Bee felt her chest shake. "I know, I know…" she repeated to herself, and Terra hummed softly.

I can breathe for the first time…

"It takes time to get over him, Diva," The blonde haired girl reminded gently.

Bee nodded, "I know… it's just… a part of me really wants to, and this other part wants me to just go run into his arms, and hug him,"

"It takes time," Terra repeated. "But you'll get over him,"

Gar stared at his friend with mixed feelings of worry and awkwardness, as he puked into the toilet. It was making the room smell rancid… and Gar felt sick to his stomach just hearing it… something was definitely wrong with Victor. This was no hangover.

Gar knocked on the bathroom door frame, even though the door was wide open. "Hey big guy? You okay in there?"

Victor groaned, wiping his face with a paper towel. "I feel like shit, man… I had the most freaky ass dream last night… I mean, I'm pretty sure it was a dream," He coughed, spitting into the toilet. His dark skinned face was shiny with sweat.

"Actually," he paused, blinking slowly, "I don't think it was a dream… it was too real,"

Gar patted his back somewhat comfortingly, but his expression was grim. He handed Victor a bottle of water, and another paper towel. "Relax man, just chill out for a while… I'll make you something to eat, and I'll call your professor, you're way too out of it to go anywhere,"

His friend smiled slightly, leaning against the bathroom wall. "Thank you, mother,"

Gar smirked, and dialed the number to Victor's architect Professor… and then his History of Mechanics Professor. Moments later her returned, "I can pick up your assignments and stuff if you like… they both said that it wasn't going to be brutal if you missed class today,"

Victor nodded, wincing as the nausea returned. His face paled, and he turned back to the toilet, puking up a storm again.

Coughing, spitting, and sweating, he stopped vomiting after a while. "Gar?" he mumbled.

His friend cleared his throat, sighing. "So Vic, how long have you been on them?"

Victor blinked, confused. "…On what?"

"Hallucinogens… you're suffering a bad reaction to a dose of it… whoever you got it from had no idea what they were doing," Gar explained slowly, his voice empty.

"…What the hell are you talking about? I've never taken drugs in my life!" Victor snapped, offended. "Who do you think I am? Some sort of freak?"

Gar flinched, and closed his eyes. "No," he said firmly, "But there isn't a doubt about it, dude, you were drugged,"

With difficulty, Victor sat up. "Gar… I'm serious here, I've never done shit like that-,"

"Hey, I believe you," Gar answered quickly, nodding his head. "But I've seen this happen before; I'm positive that's what's wrong with you."

There was a silence, and Victor leaned against the cabinet again. "…Do I need to go to the hospital?" he asked, a little fearfully. Gar shook his head, "No, it'll pass,"

"Good," Victor whispered, relief filling him from head to toe. He stared at Gar for a while. His friend seemed to be… distant. Not so happy and good natured. "Hey Gar?"

Gar turned to him, startled. "Yeah?"

"Who did you see this happen to?" Victor asked, his brows furrowed.

Gar shrugged, "I, um… I sort of used to do that kind of stuff…"

Victor stared at him, silent.

"But I don't anymore,"

Victor nodded in understanding, but furrowed his eyebrows. There was a long pause. Victor was still silent, but a smile suddenly grew on his face as he studied his friend's face. "Gar…"

Gar looked back, staring at his friend. "Yeah?"

Victor laughed, pointing at Gar's hair. "I just noticed! You de-greened your head! It's brown!" It was true; the once green nest of hair was now a dark chocolate brown.

Gar laughed, and ran his fingers through his hair. "Yeah, green was a little too… freaky, I like this hair color better,"

Victor laughed again, and Gar wrinkled his nose. "Dude, brush your teeth, you smell worse than your gym socks,"

Chuckling, Victor flushed the toilet, and stood up shakily. "Yeah, my breath's like a mixture of puke and peppermint…"

He stopped, his eyes widening. "Peppermint… Gar! Listen to me!" Gar stared at him again, "What's wrong now? Are you okay?"

Victor shook his head, "No… No, Gar… it was Jinx, she gave me a piece of gum-,"

He fell silent, but Gar understood. "Oh shit… man…" He sighed, blinking back at Victor. "Do you know what you and she… did…? After she gave it to you?"

Victor nodded slowly, "Yeah… Yeah I know,"

Gar winced, "Did you…?"

Victor nodded dumbly.

Gar sighed, "And did Bee…?"

Victor nodded again, growing more and more crestfallen.

Scratching his brown hair, Gar scowled. "Damn, life's a bitch…"

Leaving his Criminal Justice class, after going through a tough quiz, Robin felt the warm sunlight kiss his skin. He didn't let it faze him even for a moment, although he was grateful for the lack of rain. He slipped his black sunglasses on, and tucked his hands into his jean pockets, trying to blend in with everyone around him.

But he didn't blend in with the happy, sober college students. Half were paired up into couples, and the other half were laughing with their friends, or talking on their phones. He was nothing like any of them… instead, he felt distant and cold. People glanced at him and were intimidated; he could read it in their faces. Even seniors, or drunken frap boys were afraid of him.

Maybe it was the way everyone who glanced at him immediately looked down… or the way his eyes had dark shadows underneath them, and yet her remained alert and calm… or the way he answered everything with a cool, composed, deadly attitude.

Even his professors were anxious around him.

Walking past a Starbucks, caught a glimpse of his reflection, and what he saw brought a sting to his chest, and made him stop dead… staring at himself. He looked so… different. His pale, unblemished skin looked almost ghost like. Almost icy. His black hair no longer stood in every direction, instead hung in his face.

Robin ran his fingers through in, and caught no tangles. That was a first...

But it wasn't his skin or his hair that frightened him… it was everything else. He walked, talked, stared, like Slade… he had even started to think like him! Referring to his close friends as weaklings in his mind, more than often.

And yet, he was nothing like him. Slade was Robin's enemy. Slade had killed his parents. Slade was responsible for Tucker's death, and Chelsea's insanity… he was responsible for Faith's disappearance.

Everything wrong in Robin's life was Slade's fault.

Shaking himself, he walked on, trying without success to ignore people's fearful faces. They were afraid of him, because he… he somehow fit the typical description of the thugs' downtown… of the perverts, thieves, rapists, murderers…

He wasn't the bad guy. It wasn't his fault people died. He… he had no choice.

If his Mother had known what he would have grown up to be nothing but a low life assassin… he couldn't imagine her distress. Robin closed his eyes, and turned to head for the park.

But he was nothing like Slade. He would never be anything like that insane murderer… who killed without guilt.

Robin sighed, his visible breath like a white fog swirled around him. He missed Faith. He missed her voice, her laughter, her cute antics, her beauty, her…

He caught himself before he said more than he meant. He remembered something Slade had once told him long ago… no weaknesses allowed. (A/N: Cough, go read Valda's story, Cough)

Past the park was the cemetery… past the cemetery was the woods… and in the woods, somewhere, had to be Faith.

"Everything I have done… everyone I have killed," Robin said to himself, the feeling of confusion overwhelming him.

"Everyone I have killed… I killed just to…" he paused. Everyone one he had killed, he killed just to bring him one step closer to being free… every person he killed he didn't kill in spite, or in anger. He killed them because if he didn't give them a painless death, Slade would give them a long, sufferable death.

Robin looked around him, watching the wind blow burgundy, golden, and green leaves all around him. As usual, he was alone. Always alone.

He walked on, reflecting on the past days… when Raven had called him, sobbing and scared… crying about how Faith had disappeared…

He had figured out what happened as soon as he heard her cry... and hung up. Slade was screening his calls; it was possible Slade knew that Robin knew Faith was missing.

"So I had stepped on her heart all for nothing…" he smiled bitterly. All those things he said to her… he hadn't meant a word of it. All except to stay away from him.

That had been truer than anything he had ever said.

"Because I was destined to have no friends,"

Robin sadly remembered his best friend Tucker… who had tried to help Robin out, who had slowly figured out what had happened…

It was a cruel thing, not being about to tell your best friend about the truth of what happened to his parents, but Tucker had discovered everything, all by himself.

So Slade had killed him for it, before Tucker could get help. Robin should have known it would happen, he probably could have stopped it--… but it was a foolish hope.

Slade had slit Tucker's throat-but that wasn't all. Chelsea had known about Robin too… Tucker had told her a lot too.

So after slitting Tucker's throat, Slade brought him to Chelsea's apartment… and cut open his chest and stomach... poured the blood onto Chelsea's bedroom door while she was at dance class… plucked out Tucker's blue eye balls… cut up his arms, hands, fingers… scattered the body parts all over her bed, her floor… threw blood on her walls-

Oh but wait, Slade didn't do any of that.

He forced Robin to do it.

Tears silently fell from Robins eyes. He remembered Chelsea's screams… as he walked down the road, away from the danger… Chelsea's horrible, deafening, blood curdling screams of, "OH MY GOD, NOO!"

He kept walking, but cried as he did.

Tucker… his best friend…

And if Robin hadn't killed him, his entire school would be blown up… and Tucker would have died anyway. But not in school, no… Slade would personally kill Tucker… and make Robin watch the entire thing.

"Every person I killed…everyone-…" Robin slowly began. He couldn't fit his anguish into words. He couldn't… describe any of it!

He had set up his own death to escape Slade. Everything was perfect… the train he was supposed to be on blew up. His name was even on the death list… but he hadn't been on. However, a guy who looked almost identical to him was… but not him.

So he ran, across the country, to get a degree in criminal justice… to become a professional and help stop Slade. Of course, many FBI agents were after Slade… and after Robin too.

So he decided to lay low for a while… go to college, get a degree, get a job…

And then of course kill Slade.

Because revenge had always been a top priority for him… ever since he was a little kid. If some kid made him cry, he would spend hours thinking about how he should get back at the kid.

And now, if someone killed his friend, he'd just have to kill that someone.

Eye for an eye.

But then he met Gar, and Victor, and Terra, and Bee, and Raven, and… and he met Faith.

It's funny how people can just change your life completely… some days he had so much fun with Faith and his friends that he completely forgot about Slade, and about Tucker, and Blade, and… everything.

But of course, reality had to show up, and ruin his life once more… snatching up everything he had cared for once again, just when he was beginning to trust fate again.

Robin glanced around him, more tears falling. Anger began to boil inside him… horrible hatred, twisting, burning inside him… the bloodlust growing inside him.

Slade's blood… Blade's blood…

Robin grinned wickedly, as he imagined Ryo's horrified expression, if he cut Lacey's throat-…


A choked scream grew in his throat. He was exactly like Slade.

Barely a second later, he found himself screaming everything he had always wanted to scream….

"EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE IS BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU, YOU, YOU, FUCKING YOU!" He screamed into the empty woods, the dead leaves falling crimson all around him… falling like blurred drops of blood.


Silence, never ending silence… never any answers.

"I'M NOT THE BAD GUY! I DIDN'T WANT TO KILL ANYONE!" No one was around him, and if they were, Robin didn't care. The sun shined on, as though mocking his gruesome attitude.



He hadn't done anything, but love. He had loved his friend Tucker, and his friend Chelsea, who were like siblings to him. He had loved his parents, he had…

He still cared for Faith; he still needed her to stay in his life.

After minutes of just glaring all around him, calming down, making himself breathe easier-…Robin pulled his gun from the inside of his boots, and pulled bullets out from his pockets. He reloaded the gun, and placed it back into his boot. Up his left sleeve was his bow staff… at his belt were two daggers.

He had once promised that he wouldn't let Slade kill Faith.

Robin walked on, a deadly, vacant expression on his face.

He intended to keep that promise.

Robin can't always be the hero, so there. –Sticks out tongue-

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Post writes very well. (That's an understatement) But before I start gushing like a fan girl, please read his/her works. Very interesting, very sad, very funny. Not exactly romantic, but very Raven.

Thank You for the Venom- Emmery

Emmery is amazing, her entire fics are unbelievably good. Oh, but it is a Robin/Raven, and get ready… Slade/Starfire! (She does a really good job with that pairing) Emmery is another favorite author, I encourage people to read her works!

And of course:

ALL the stories by SushiChica and ALL the stories by Queen-Of-Azerath.

Why? Do you even need to ask? Both are amazing writers, and their stories are some of the best on fanfiction. Very down-to-earth, exciting, dramatic, lustful, tragic, and romantic, and full of action, and good humor. :-)

So don't complain to me, if you want me to update, I've just given you plenty to read!

And if you need more, than just go on my favorites… there are plenty of you to read there!

Thanks for all your support! Hope this was a satisfying update for now!

And here's a little secret: It's winter vacation where I live, so updating will be pretty easy!

I wish you all a happy Christma-Hannu-Kwanza-kah!

And a Joyous New Year!