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Summary: This is SasukexNaruto YAOI. Yes, boy likes boy, type of thing, so don't bother reading if you don't know what YAOI means. This takes place in the TV series version where Sasuke abandons Konoha and all his buddies to go to Orochimaru. The story starts off where Naruto is trying to stop Sasuke from going to the snake-head and they are fighting each other.

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"Chapter 1 - My Immortal..."

I'm so tired of being here...

Suppressed by all my childish fears...

"Sasuke... please, won't you reconsider? What about me, your friends... Kakashi-sensei!"

Naruto pleaded with tears in his aquamarine blue eyes.

Sasuke just smirked as he stared at him with emotionless eyes. Actually, they did have emotion in them, but not the kind Naruto was hoping for.

After a long time of silence Sasuke finally spoke up with a low and cold voice.

"Don't try to stop me. Sakura already tried, she failed. Don't make me repeat myself."

He turned to leave. Naruto reached out and grabbed onto Sasuke's sleeve.

"But Sasuke... there has to be another way! There just has to be another way... If you really can't give up on revenge I'll help you Sasuke. I'll help you kill the bastard, so please, change your mind on going to Orochimaru. Can't you see that he's just trying to..."

"SHUT UP! What do you know about my feelings! You don't know anything, you don't understand. I don't care if I have to leave Konoha and its people, I don't care if I have to even sell my soul. I will get this power that I need and kill my brother."

Sasuke slapped away Naruto's hand and started walking away.

If you have to leave...

I wish that you would just leave,

Cuz your presence still lingers here,

And it won't leave me alone...

Naruto spoke up with an almost inaudible and shaky voice.

"If you really must leave... Then please take me with you."

Sasuke snorted in response.

"Take you? What for? You will only be a nuisance. You will only get in the way in the end. This is something that I must do on my own. I chose to do this."

"Don't we mean anything to you at all? All those times we spent together, do they really mean nothing to you? Do I..." Naruto looked down at the ground. "Do I not mean anything to you?"

The question made Sasuke stop breathing momentarily, and the answer to it lingered in the back of his mind.

These wounds won't seem to heal...

This pain is just too real,

There's just too much that time cannot erase...

In despite of the mixed feelings and thoughts that were turmoiling in his mind, Sasuke shook his head and hardened his facial expression once again.

"I can't let anybody's words influence me right now. I shall not change my mind."

Sasuke turned around and stared coldly at Naruto for one last time. Then he spat out the words that Naruto feared would come out of the Uchiha's mouth.

"No. You don't mean anything to me."

Naruto's eyes widened in pain and shock. He didn't know words could make him hurt so much. It was worse than any battle wound, it was worse than the loneliness he had felt throughout his childhood. His hands started to tremble and tears started trickling down his cheeks.

When you cried, I'd wipe away all of your tears

When you'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fears

And I held your hand through all of these years

But you still have all of me...

"Sasuke... I'll try my best to try to make all the pain go away. I'll do anything to make all those horrible memories become nothing but a nightmare. Anything!"

Sasuke couldn't let this go on anymore, he couldn't let him talk him into staying in Konoha. Not when he was a step away from success. He reached for a kunai and tightened his grip on it.

"Please Sasu... Aghhh!"

Before Naruto could dodge it, the kunai was thrown at him and it embedded itself deep in his right leg. Blood started to ooze out and trickle down to the earth.


"That should keep you from following me. This is the last time we will see each other like this Naruto. Next time we meet, I will not be Sasuke anymore, and you will not be Naruto to me. Our friendship, it ends here. Don't get in my way in the future, because I will kill whatever and whoever, regardless of anything. Good bye."

And with that he walked away and disappeared in the distance. Naruto tried to get up but the wound was too deep and bleeding at a fast rate.

"Get up Naruto. If you don't stop him now it will be too late, you must..."

Unfortunately, the devastating battle he had just had with the Uchiha and all the blood loss caught up to him. The last thing he heard was Kakashi calling out his name with a worried voice before darkness consumed him.


"Sasuke? Where is Sasuke, Kakashi-sensei?"

Kakashi just stared at the pink haired girl with an incredulous look. He just couldn't believe the girl's ignorance. Couldn't she see that Naruto was badly hurt and bleeding?

"Sakura, we're going to need Godaime to help us with Naruto. He's hurt pretty severely, and if he..."

"So Naruto wasn't able to stop him either right? He wasn't able to..."

Sakura's lips were trembling as tears started to pour out of her eyes.

Kakashi sighed and ignored her question.

"Please Sakura, call Godaime. Now. It's an order. I will wait for you at the hospital."

And having said that Kakashi hurried away with the unconscious Naruto.

"How is he?"

Tsunade rolled her eyes.

Kakashi grinned sheepishly. He had already asked 10 billion times, but he couldn't stop worrying.

"I already said he's going to be fine. The wound in his leg is a bit deep and is going to take a while to heal, but being Naruto, he should be well in a couple of days. Now, now, don't get too worried Kakashi."

Kakashi sighed in relief. "I really thought this was the end for him. That boy is so strong now, Sasuke..."

Both of them became silent and grim at the mention of the name.

"Tell me Kakashi, what happened?"

Kakashi looked away.

"I don't know. When I got there, it was too late. Naruto was unconscious and bleeding on the ground, and Sasuke was nowhere in sight."

Tsunade sighed and shook her head.

"Things weren't supposed to end up like this. I wish we had disposed of Orochimaru when we had the chance to. This is all my fault."

"Don't say that. Sasuke decided to go to him on his own. Nobody asked him to go, nobody encouraged him to do so either. It's not your fault at all. I have a feeling that Sasuke would have gone and done something like that regardless of the fact that Orochimaru put that cursed seal on him."

Tsunade walked over to the window and looked at the sun setting in the horizon.

"I wish we could do something."

Kakashi froze at the phrase.

"Wish we could? What do you mean? Shouldn't we send forces and retrieve him immediately?"

"We cannot. You out of all people should know that fact. After Orochimaru's attack on Konoha, our defenses has been cut down by more than half. Our best shinobis are out on more important missions. We cannot afford to send any of them for this cause."

Kakashi knew that what Tsunade was saying made complete sense, but he couldn't help but complain.

"But godaime... if Orochimaru uses Sasuke for his own purposes, the Third's sacrifice will become futile. We need to do something about it before he gains power again and..."

"Kakashi. We will not bring up this subject again. Orochimaru just recently transferred bodies. He won't be able to do anything major for about 2 or 3 years. We will take advantage of this time to strengthen bonds with the other countries and reinforce our defenses of Konoha."

Kakashi's eyes widened in shock.

"Two to three years? That is such a long time! How can we put off this issue for so long... that is an unreasonable amount of time..."

The hokage looked at Kakashi with a serious expression.

"We have no choice. None of you are allowed to leave Konoha unless I allow you to do so. You will work hard to help fix all the damage caused. This is an order, Kakashi."

Kakashi looked away, obviously disagreeing with the decision.

Tsunade put her hand on his shoulder.

"Please Kakashi. Don't think of me as a cold and indifferent person, Kakashi. I do care about Sasuke, but my decision is based on what's best for Konoha. Come, your next mission is ready."

The jounin knew the conversation had come to an end. He looked at the sleeping form of Naruto one last time before following the hokage out of the hospital room.

Neither of them noticed the single tear trickling down Naruto's cheek.


To be continued...

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