Author's Note: For plot purposes, this story flows as if the Playable Character in the game never tended to Wild Flower's sub-quest in aiding either Chai Ka or Ya Zhen, despite the fact that this story takes place as a result of the Closed Fist ending. In this case, Chai Ka still followed the Playable Character after he chose to poison the Water Dragon's body since Chai Ka was under obligation to guard the Playable Character no matter what path he took, even though he did not like it. Also, this story flows as if the PC romanced Silk Fox so she was corrupted to side with him after he made the decision on the Water Dragon as well.

Disclaimer: I don't own Jade Empire.

Chapter 1

"What is all that commotion?" A strikingly beautiful young woman dressed in a royal yellow dress demanded as she pointed at a bald, gloomy-looking man in an orange and blue uniform with hands of black. The bald man cupped his left fist in his right palm and fell to his knees.

"An intruder has infiltrated the palace, Empress Lian." The bald man explained as he relaxed his posture. "There maybe more of them, but we are sure there is at least one."

Empress Sun Lian glared at the distressing news. An intruder, here? Who would be foolish enough to do such a thing? She thought to herself.

It had been twenty years since there was a disturbance in the Jade Empire with the crisis involving her uncle, the late Sun Li the Glorious Strategist. His brutal bid for power almost brought the Empire to its knees. But those years had no effect on the empress. Her delicate appearance was no different than that of when she was the Heavenly Lily. That is because through the power of the Water Dragon, Emperor Kun extended his immortality to her has a symbol of their eternal reign over the Jade Empire. Now she was Empress Sun Lian the Heavenly Lotus. She ruled the Empire with an iron fist alongside the last Spirit Monk, now Emperor Kun the Immortal Phoenix, who toppled both her father Emperor Sun Hai and the Glorious Strategist.

"Do we have any idea why he is here?" Lian asked.

"No, my lady. But we cannot rule out the possibility that this intruder is making an attempt on either your or Emperor Kun's life."

Lian nodded. "Where is the Emperor now?"

"He went on his own investigation. We advised to protect him, but he did not wish it. He mentioned that he sensed something strange about the intruder. But now I must advise you the same, please allow me to escort you to somewhere safe."

"I will seek security myself, just find the traitor!" She said impatiently. "Alert the other Lotus Assassins and inform Death's Hand! I want this intruder captured alive so we can torture him for information. I will not tolerate traitors to my Empire! Now go!"

The Lotus Assassin made a quick bow. "Yes, your Highness." But before he could make a third step, there was the sound of an explosion. It came from around the corner at the end of the longhallway. He turned around to the Empress.

"Your Highness, it is not safe for..." The Assassin was cut off when he saw that Empress Lian was gone out of sight. How is that possible? He thought. She was just there a second ago...

Running on the lowest floor of the Imperial Palace was a man whose face was covered in a black cowl. The rest of his one piece robe matched it. He was the intruder that the Lotus Assassins and Imperial guards were trying to apprehend. So far, he'd been able to sneak inside without being detected, but escaping was a different matter. Now the entire Palace was alerted, though only a few guards had actually seen him. Those guards, he made sure, would never live to tell about him. All he wanted to do get to the main hanger, hijack one of the flyers and leave this place. He took a turn around a corner but hid back behind it when he caught a glimpse of three Imperial guards coming from his direction; each was armed with a spear. He camouflaged himself in the darkness behind a grand pillar, waiting for the guards to walk past.

"We will stay here and guard the entrance to the lower hangars," One guard told his fellow comrades. "The only way off the Palace is by flyer. He will have no chance of escaping if we cut him off from the hangar."

The other two nodded and held their station at the entrance of the massive flyer hangar that housed at least a dozen flyers of all kinds. The masked intruder slumped down behind the pillar, trying to catch his breath. Various thoughts flooded his mind about his infiltration. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of jewelry the size of an apple; the famed Dragon Amulet that once belonged to Emperor Kun.

This is what I came for...but at what cost? he thought. Not everything is going as it should. I must hurry to correct this mistake!

The masked man stuffed the amulet in his pocket and pulled out a small, marble-shaped object. He took a peek at the three guards, who were completely unaware of his presence. He readied the ball in his hand and chucked it at the guards. Before they could respond, an instant explosion enveloped in front of them, leaving behind a trail of burnt flesh and dying embers.

Thank the heavens for Kang's "specialties," the masked man thought gleefully as he made his way past the dead guards and into the grand hangar.

"Going somewhere?" a voice from behind mocked. The intruder spun around to see Empress Lian flanked by two elite Lotus Assassins. Each had flames engulfing their hands as though they were ready to launch fireballs at anytime. A flood of guards, as well, rushed from behind the Empress and stood by her side against the lone masked intruder.

"This has gone far enough!" the Empress commanded. "I know what you stole. If you give it back now, I promise to spare you torture and simply execute you!"

The intruder only stood there, refusing to speak or to act. He felt hopeless but he could not bring himself to surrender to the enemy, not after all he had gone through just to get to that point.

"I applaud your defiance. But you are insane to move against the Emperor. You have no idea of the damage you have caused us. Just look what I came across." Empress Lian said as she pulled out a helmet with a face mask attached to front. The mask had a red, fearsome design of the face of a demon. The very face that had inspired fear across the Empire for decades. "I found the armor of Death's Hand lying on the ground without a body. Clearly you had something to do with this. Just who are you and what kind of power do you hold that would allow you to do this?"

The masked man remained still, this time stunned at the sight of the mask. He looked back at the Empress. "I had nothing to do with him."

"You're lying! No ordinary person could defeat Death's Hand!" Empress Lian was getting furious. Although she could not help but sense the resolve in the intruder's voice. What if he is telling the truth? But then where is the Emperor? It seemed too much to be a coincidence. "No matter. You will suffer for your crimes against the throne. Guards, kill him!"

As the guards advanced towards him, a slight rumbling sound vibrated the floor and the walls. It grew louder and louder until the source became apparent. From the outside gate to the hangar was a hovering Dragonflyer. The masked man breathed a sigh of relief as he ran towards the transport. It's about time!

"Don't let him get away!After him!" Empress Lian screamed at her men as she backed out of the hangar away from harm's way. The guards charged at the fleeing intruder with spears in hand as the two elite Assassins threw balls of flames. The dire flames just barely missed their mark as the intruder made his way closer and closer to the Dragonflyer. The intruder was stopped short when he felt an intense burn slam into his right leg. He fell to the ground and clutched his leg, attempting to put out the fire. The guards just about reached their victim when an unrecognizable figure leaped out of the Dragonflyer and into the air towards the main group of guards. Everyone's eyes locked onto figure as it landed right in between the guards and the fallen intruder. They were shocked to see that it was a young woman with her hair tied in pigtails.

"Back away from him!" the woman commanded.

"Just in time, Wild Flower!" the intruder exclaimed through gritted teeth. She smiled back and faced the guards once more.

"You are a fool if you think you can stop us, woman!" A Lotus Assassin shot back, pulling out a knife and walking towards her.

"Don't say I didn't warn you, but you're making the Guardian mad!" Wild Flower warned.

The guards looked at each other, confused. They shrugged and continued their advance. Just then, a thunderbolt flashed on top of the woman with pigtails. It blinded everyone for a second, but only to regain their eye sight seeing a large, vicious, yet calm-looking demon with two straight horns on its head and one on its chin. The guards took a step back in fear. They scrambled to lift their spears but they were too slow. The demon swung its massive arms sideways and a devastating shockwave rippled from it, sending every guard and Assassin around him flying backwards a good twenty feet. The demon turned around and lifted the injured intruder of the ground onto its shoulders and tossed him into the Dragonflyer.

"Damn you Chai Ka! I should have killed that girl when I had the chance!" The voice of Empress Lian was heard from the other end of the hangar. A second bolt of lightning flashed onto the Chai Ka the Heavenly Gate Guardian, turning him back to Wild Flower.

"I warned them but they didn't listen," Wild Flower said innocently as she leaped onto the Dragonflyer. The vehicle turned toward a line of Mosquito flyers and engulfed them into flames with a direct Dragon Powder Rocket. With that, the Dragonflyer flew off into the horizon at a faster speed than any other flyer in the Empire.

Empress Sun Lian glared at the burning remains of the flyers, utterly furious at the intruders that just slipped away from her grasp. Questions flooded her mind that she would kill to have answered. Who was that masked intruder? What was his goal? Did the reappearance of Chai Ka have something to do with it? But the question that stuck in her mind was, Where was the Emperor? She swore under her breath and vowed to herself that she would do everything within her power to make them pay.

Just then, something caught her eye: a glass bottle was lying on the ground. Curious, she picked up the glass. Perhaps the traitor dropped it while escaping. She thought. She instantly recognized the contents of the bottle: it was empty for the most part, but had stains of red liquid.

"Oh no..." Lian whispered. She realized the purpose of the stained bottle. "Blood. NO! The Emperor..."

"That was a close one, Sing," Wild Flower said as she tended to her friend's wound onboard the moving Dragonflyer.

"Thanks Wild Flower, I own you one. You too, Kang!" Han Sing called out to the pilot in the cockpit.

"No need to thank me!" Kang the Mad replied while keeping his goggles glued to the front. "I enjoy all this excitement, especially when I had the chance to cause explosions when I fired those rockets. It really gets the blood flowing! Um...a pity the target had to be precious flyers, but those second rate models were not made by me so it wasn't so bad."

Han Sing and Wild Flower laughed. They could never get tired of Kang the Mad's fascinating obsession with explosions, which partly was what made him unique, as well as his sense of humor.

Wild Flower, now a full grown woman just shy of thirty years, had come a long way from the timid and uncertain girl who followed Kun the Immortal Phoenix in the fight against Sun Li. She was granted the gift of life by the Celestial Bureaucracy when Emperor Kun disowned her and Chai Ka returned to the heavens. Even now, Chai Ka continued to live inside Wild Flower, protecting her and continuing his duties as a monitor of the Emperor's activities in the name of the Bureaucracy.

Kang on the other hand, had more wrinkles and even whiter hair now, but that did not stop him from inventing. Nor, apparently, did it halt his obsession of exploding things.

"Did you accomplish what you went for?" Wild Flower asked, pulling out some herbal medicine from a bag and applying it to Sing's burn.

Han Sing sighed. "Yes, but not completely." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the Dragon Amulet. "I got the Amulet at least; but something terrible happened."


"Emperor Kun found me and confronted me," Sing replied without emotion.

Wild Flower gasped, not believing her ears. "What happened?"

"I couldn't let him stop me from stealing the Amulet. He's dead...I had to kill him," Sing said. He hung his head low and shut his eyes.

"That's impossible! How did you defeat a god and still live?" Wild Flower demanded, still not believing what she was hearing.

Sing shook his head. "I don't know, but we can't worry about that now." He pulled himself up despite an injured leg. He dragged himself toward the front of the Dragonflyer."For now...we have to go to Dirge..."