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Trials and Tribulations according to Ginevra Weasley

The very first moment I noticed who he was, I knew I liked him. A lot.

It's just … he's 'Harry Potter'. The 'Boy-Who-Lived'. He's nice. And he's my brother's best friend.

First year was scary for me. I mean, I wasn't able to talk around him without going completely red and squeaking. Gah, I swear I'm an idiot. Oh well … I knew, even then that I had no chance with him.

When he saved me at the end of my first year I felt so relieved. Maybe he did like me …

But that was to change when I realised in my third year that he liked Cho. I sighed and knew it would be for the best. I tried to go on with my life.

And, you know I have … sort of.

It's just that sometimes I wish I was as close to Harry as Hermione is. But you know I guess that is her job. She was there first and will always be the most influential girl in his life. It comes with being his best friend. It doesn't matter if he gets a girlfriend; he'll always want approval from Hermione.

I guess I'm okay with that. I mean, I have liked a couple of guys at school. And I have heard Harry tell Ron that he didn't like me. Oh well. I'll move on. Anyway.

When I think about Harry in his fifth year (which was the year I was actually over him coincidentally) I remember he was almost permanently angry. I heard from Hermione that he would snap at the slightest thing. But I don't really blame him … he saw You-Know-Who come back to life or whatever he did. And he saw Cedric die …

It would be difficult to be with Harry. Like as a girlfriend I mean. He goes through major mood swings and I've noticed that lately, it's only Hermione who can calm him down. She managed to bring him out of Buckbeak's room in the winter holidays, even after everyone else (including me) tried to get him out. If Harry had a girlfriend who wasn't Hermione, she would always come after Hermione. It's sort of like Harry is Hermione's territory. No girl will ever have as much influence over him like Hermione does. It shows through when she manages to calm him down or something.

But when she calms him down, to them, it seems as though they're the only ones in the room. You can tell by the way they look at each other. The way Harry stares straight at her eyes defiantly. I remember just before Harry went to Umbridge's office to talk to Sirius, Hermione calmed him down completely. I think it was the first time (well, ever since I could remember) that she's begged him for something. I wish I could calm him down too …

Harry is a good person. He's always there for people. I guess that comes with being the saviour of the world. And you know, the experiences he's been through, however difficult, he's come through them. A little worse for wear but he's survived. I know he'll end up beating You-Know-Who. Our way of life as we know it depends on it.

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