The Reckoning: Vincent's Goodbye

Chapter I

The gun was fired, and the shot echoed throughout the halls of the large mansion. Many shell casings and half-smoked cigarettes lined the floor around the body. Vincent's body was in the midst of the pool of fresh blood pouring from his covered body. His cold, empty gaze was broken as he fell, tears streaming down from his crimson eyes. His body seemed to fall ever so gently to the ground until at last he landed after what seemed an eternity. Vincent was dying. His final act upon the earth that he helped save with his darkness was soon to be complete. The struggle that Vincent kept within himself for so long was no longer bearable Vincent sealed his fate with his gun, awaiting in pain his passing from his vessel of flesh and blood until he would become one with the planet "I'm sorry… Tifa….. Everyone…." Vincent coughed blood as he spoke his last words to the nothingness around him. . At last, peace… Vincent thought. His body became stiff and motionless. He was dead. He had died alone, as at his own request he would not have others around him. Not even Tifa was allowed to visit him in the mansion, for he knew she would be hurt terribly if she discovered what was going on inside of him. Despite all they had been through together, Vincent could not bear the feelings he carried for her any longer. He found his escape. This was his final goodbye.