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Chapter 1
Where All Isn't In…Littleroot?

Well...this is Point Me To The League, a Hoenn and possibly Advancedshipping fic. Hope you enjoy it! as i said...it's shippy, so it might annoy some people...oh yeah, the punctuation...
"..." normal people talk
... pokemon translated talk
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Two girls walk through Petalburg Forest, one of them already a trainer. The trainer had long pale green hair, all messed up, and she was wearing a red and white long sleeved shirt that extended past her hip, black shorts, and red and white sneakers: the outfit of a Cool Trainer. The other girl had medium length brown hair that was parted sharply down the back, so it ended up being in two bunches that stuck out at the sides, a red and black dress, a white mini skirt, black shorts, and red trainers. Her name was May Sapphire, daughter of the Petalburg Gym Leader, Norman.

"Brooke, what starter Pokemon should I get?" she said.

"Well…how about Torchic? I've heard you can beat the Elite 4 with just Blaziken," Brooke replied thoughtfully.

"Hmm…maybe, but Mudkip seems pretty strong too!"

"May…think about it when we get to the lab…" Brooke replied irritatedly.

"Okay, okay…calm down Brooke," May winked at her.

They walk along the peaceful Route 101, with its kind of weak Pokemon sleeping, until the signpost of Littleroot Town comes into view.

"Finally we're here!" May exclaims.

Knocking on the door, Brooke walks into the lab and asks for Professor Birch. His assistant apparently can't hear her, since he's still typing away at his computer.

"Helloooooo…where's Professor Birch? Is he out on fieldwork?" Brooke asks once again.

Professor Birch's assistant looks up.

"Oh sorry, I was concentrating too hard on my work here…Professor Birch? He's out on fieldwork,"

"Any specific Route you can name us?" May says.

"Not that I can remember the Professor saying,"

Brooke rolls her eyes and flounces out of the door. May apologizes and runs out after Brooke.
"Brooke! Where are you going?" May shouted down the Route.

Mistake. A whole family of Wurmple wake up and start to slither towards her, as well as a person furiously writing down notes on a clipboard.

"Hey! Who woke all these Wurmple?" Professor Birch shouts.


Professor Birch desperately tries to reach for his bag, which contains the starter Pokemon, but the Wurmple have already cut him off.

"You there! Find a pokeball in my bag and help me! Hurry up!" he calls to May.

"Me? I'm not a trainer though…" May says awkwardly.

"Just help me…"

"Ok…" May looks through the bag and pulls out a squashed sandwich.

"Uh…that was my lunch…"Professor Birch starts to gabble.

May shrugs and searches again. This time she finds a small tape recorder that starts to play:

"Hey Dad, hope you love the new Pikachu underwear I bought you for your birthday, lotsa love Brendan."

"And that was a, uh, lovely birthday message that my son left me…uh…" Professor Birch is blushing furiously by now, as well as fending off the Wurmple with a pen attached to a piece of cord.

"Right…" May finds a red and white ball-like object, "Yes! This is it! Go!"

May threw the pokeball hard at the Wurmple. An orange chick Pokemon comes bursting out. May sighs.

"Out of the three starter Pokemon, I had to pick the Pokemon Brooke wants…well, Torchic, use Ember on the Wurmple there!"

The Torchic looks indignantly at May, then blows reddish yellow flames at the Wurmple. The Wurmple, realizing this was a battle, turn away from harassing Professor Birch and now form into a ring around the Torchic.

I can't take on all these Wurmple by myself! it says, confusing May since she can hear it.
May is about to command another attack when two more Pokemon come flying out of their pokeballs near the Torchic!

"Go, Meditite and Swablu! Use Hidden Power and Peck on those Wurmple there!" Brooke had come back from walking all the way to Oldale Town!

"Brooke! You're back!" May said happily.

"Yep…now let's get this battle started!" Brooke winked at May.

Professor Birch is edging to his bag, eager to get the tape recorder and the sandwich out of sight before anyone else saw them. Keeping his eye on the battle, he swung his bag over his shoulder and sat down for an interesting battle…

"Use Ember again on that Wurmple there, Torchic!" May pointed at a weakening Wurmple at the edge of the battle.

The Torchic gritted her teeth and fired hot red flames at the small Wurmple. Out of pure exhaustion, it collapsed in a faint.

"Yay! My first Pokemon faint! Use Scratch on that Wurmple now, Torchic!" May shouts once again.

Tired… the Torchic murmurs, but runs up to the Wurmple and gives it a swipe of its talons.

"How ya going, Brooke? Torchic use Ember in a ring around you, to get rid of those couple of Wurmples!"

Brooke, on the other hand was desperately trying to get sticky String Shots off her Swablu, who was trying to clean them off with her own methods, aka flapping her wings hard.

"Ow…use Steel Wing on those Wurmple, with the String Shot as roughness!" Brooke ordered.

Swablu obeyed, and struck the Wurmple hard with the String Shots as extra damage. All of the struck Wurmple fainted on the spot.

"Repeat that move, Swablu, strike them in the head this time!" Brooke shouted again.

Meanwhile May was busy battling the last of the Wurmple, "Use Ember in a circle again, and faint those last three Wurmple there, Torchic!"

Torchic obeyed the command and blew the flames out, fainting the last of the Wurmple.

"Yeah! An entire family of Wurmple fainted by us!" May cheered.

Brooke was taking a closer look at Professor Birch's face.

"Hey, aren't you Professor Birch? So you were here doing fieldwork!" she exclaimed.

Professor Birch smiled sheepishly.

"I was just finishing my notes when this trainer here woke the Wurmple by accident," he replied, glancing over at May, who was starting to blush.

"I'm not a trainer, I was just coming to Littleroot Town to get my starter," May explained.

"Ah…now I see…let's head back to the lab before we do anything else," the Pokemon Professor decided.

Back at the lab, Professor Birch's wife came running up and checked the Professor up and down.

"I'm okay, there's a trainer that wants a starter here," Professor Birch said to his wife awkwardly. His wife took no notice and kept on checking his clothes too. She then takes out a mobile phone and calles a quick-dial number, which happens to be '1'.

"Hello Brendan, your dad just got himself into another wild Pokemon jump, can you go and buy a pair of Pokeball underwear and some khaki pants for him? Oh and don't forget to get him a new shirt too…and a pair of-" she was cut off apparently by Brendan saying something, "okay then, I'll pay you back when you get back, bye!" Mrs Birch then looked at the two girls, and noticed Brooke's Cool Trainer clothing.

"You won't be the one needing the starter then. What's your name?" she said, addressing May. May was shocked and by accident stuttered her name.

"M-May Sa-Sapphire,"

Professor Birch then cut in.

"Shouldn't you be getting home to cook dinner? Off you go!" he pushed his wife gently towards the lab door. Mrs Birch protested but in the end went off to cook dinner. Proffessor Birch turned back to May.

"Now…which starter do you want? There's Treecko-" he released Treecko "- Mudkip-" he threw Mudkip's pokeball "-and Torchic, whom you just battled with," he ended.

May stared at the three Pokemon and looked at Torchic. It didn't seem very happy, since May had insulted it before. Treecko looked just as relaxed as it normally was, but Mudkip was jumping up and down in happiness.

Pick me pick me! He called.

May looked confused again, so she turned to Brooke for help. Brooke shrugged at her and looked at Professor Birch. Professor Birch raised his eyebrows, and stared down at the starter Pokemon. May looked back down at the Pokemon. Mudkip, Torchic, or Treecko? May was thinking.

"I pick…Mudkip…" she said finally.

Professor Birch picked up Mudkip's pokeball and gave it to May, as well as the PokeDex and her five extra pokeballs.

"You should go and meet my kid, Ru-Brendan,he's out on Route 103 looking for new Pokemon," he told May.

"Isn't he buying you new underwear and clothes?" Brooke cut in.


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