Point Me To The League

Chapter 4 (second half) Oh no! Parbucks attack?

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Last time…

May found out that Brooke had to go back to her gym in Kanto, since something had destroyed most of the building. Out of hopes to try and keep Brooke in Hoenn, May has locked herself in her house, along with Brooke's belongings. On the other hand, Norman has told Ash to take Max to Parbucks for a drink while he goes home to unlock the house for Brooke. Max and Ash have found a dying Pokémon behind the Parbucks building, and are rushing it to the PokeCenter...

"Come on Ash, run faster! The Ralts won't be alive for long if you're running at that pace!" Max hurried Ash along, since it had already been 10 minutes from when they discovered the Ralts behind Parbucks. If they didn't hurry, then it would die like Max said. Ash bit his lip and ran on, trying to increase his speed. Fifty metres, twenty…it wasn't too long until they reached the PokeCenter, but to Ash and Max it seemed like an eternity. They burst into the PokeCenter like a hound of dogs after sheep belonging to an angry farmer.

"Nurse Joy! You have to see this Ralts, it's almost dying!" Max practically screamed at Nurse Joy. Nurse Joy wasn't the type to be sarcastic and waste time, and hurried to see the Ralts immediately. Her eyes grew wide and she called over Chansey to take it to the emergency room. Ash and Max slumped back in the soft chintz armchairs that were around. Ash pulled out his PokeDex and looked Ralts up. Max pushed his glasses up his nose a bit more and a glint appeared in his eyes.

"Hey Ash, what did you discover then?"

Ash looked stunned for a few seconds, before holding out his PokeDex and letting it read out an entry in its mechanic female voice.

"Ralts, the Feeling Pokémon. Ralts is a Psychic Pokémon that has two red horns on its head to sense feelings radiating from nearby humans. However, if the horns are even slightly scratched, this Pokémon's power will start to drain rapidly away."

Max stayed silent after Ash had stashed his trusty PokeDex in his backpack again. His glasses started to slide slowly down his nose. He didn't even attempt to push them back up when they reached the end of his nose, and started to fall soundlessly to the tiled floor, had Ash not grabbed his glasses and replaced them on his nose in their normal position. Max seemed to have frozen into this position, with the blankest face Ash had ever seen in their short meet. Ash crouched there silently, with Max just sitting there, eyes looking as cold as the feng shui water feature with smooth stones sitting in the corner.

Nearly a whole hour had passed before Nurse Joy broke the gloomy silence between Ash and Max. She was almost reluctant to give the news of the Ralts, when she saw the death-stare Max was wearing on his face.

"The Ralts you brought in was just in time- ten more minutes and she would've died, since the horns on her head were severely damaged. It appears to be a Crabhammer attack, but we're not sure yet…" Nurse Joy hurried back to her post to heal another trainer's Pokémon. By this time, Max's face had gone from depressed to enlightened, and he was hopping around like a duck before crashing onto Ash.

"Woah, watch it Max…" Ash began, but was cut off by a high-pitched Pokémon cry. Max jumped even higher, and ran off to Nurse Joy.

"Nurse Joy, when can I see that Ralts we brought in? Is she sleeping?" Nurse Joy chose to ignore Max for a bit, since the familiar 'dun dun dun dun dun!' was all she could hear.

"Your Pokémon are now so fit they can beat down Rayquaza! We hope to see you again! Now, what is it little kid?" Impatient to get rid of Max, Nurse Joy finally looked at Max. His eyes lit up.

"I want to know how the Ralts is doing! Can I go and see her?" Max repeatedly enthusiastically. Nurse Joy sighed, and started to walk towards the emergency rooms the Ralts was in. Max did an empty hi-five to Ash as he followed Nurse Joy towards the Ralts.

Meanwhile, Norman was taking out his large bunch of keys and unlocking the stained glass door that led to the inside of his gym house. Fumes coming out of his nose, and with a vein popping out of his head, Norman stormed around until he glimpsed a lock of chestnut brown hair, poking out of the door frame to May Sapphire's bedroom. She was staring out the window at 2 figures arguing, twirling her hair in one hand. Norman's eyes narrowed, then he knocked on the door robotically. May's head whipped around.

"DAD! What are you doing here? I thought you had a gym challenger!" May gasped.

"Who told you to lock Brooke out so she can't get back to Kanto! I'm here to get her stuff and let her go back! And plus…the challenger's already defeated me, no point hanging round the gym now is there?" Norman retorted. May's eyes widened. She glanced out the window again, and pointed.

"Dad, look…Brooke and Brendan are fighting over who vandalised the Celadon gym…" May said, looking like she wanted to be down there with them arguing.

Outside, Brooke was shouting at Brendan that it had not been someone in the family.

"Why would they vandalise their own gym? It's POINTLESS, they're the ones who are repairing the gym right now!" Brooke shouted. Brendan stuck his hand on a PokeBall, and shouted back.

"Well doesn't that make it easy for them? They'd have the key to the gym and everything! Where the documents are kept, where the badges are stored, how the Pokémon are doing, where the toilet is!"

Brooke raised an eyebrow. "Where the toilet is?"

"Yeah, in case they were desperate for a pee."

"Dude, there's a toilet right outside the gym. Just like the one here in Petalburg."

Brendan turned pink. He mumbled something that sounded like "velleyehavenbinonajorneybeyfour….". His hand crept to the PokeBall on his belt again, this time pulling it off and holding it high.

"I challenge you to a Pokémon battle!"

Brooke blinked. In terms of trainer experience, she had way more than Brendan, but he was the son of Prof. Birch…Brooke's lips cracked into a one-sided smile.

"I accept your challenge. GO, Meditite!"

A blue and white Pokémon came flying out. Sitting down in a yoga-like position, it cried its battle cry.

"Medi, Meditite!" The Meditite started glowing a ghostly purple, and floated off the ground a little.

Brendan closed his eyes, and whispered a battle promise to Latias before sending out his Pokémon as well.

"I choose you! Use Crunch on that Meditite!"

The Mightyena that had been sent out, nicknamed d'Oile, raced forward on the damp grass with her fangs beared. Growling, she snapped her jaws shut like a mousetrap, digging the sharp white triangles into the Meditite's small body. The Meditite let out a peal of pain. d'Oile padded backwards to her trainer, awaiting her opposition to move.

Twitching her mouth into a half smile, Brooke waited patiently for her Meditite to recover and take its eerie floating position again.

"Meditite, show 'em what you've got!"

After its trainer had given her command, Meditite shook and floated even higher, gaining a height at least a hundred Brendan's tall. Both Pokémon and Trainer tilted their heads together as they watched the Meditite soar higher still. Suddenly, Meditite glowed blue and started plummeting down, fast. Gaining speed, Meditite continued the lightning-fast attack, which consisted of a rushing Meditite combined with Psychic and a Focus Punch. Air whistled past Meditite, while d'Oile stood like a rock. Five, four, three, two, one. BOOM! When the dust had cleared, a large hole where d'Oile was before had formed. d'Oile, however, wasn't in the hole. She was half scrabbling out, with her paws bleeding and looking very weary. Meditite was lying in the pit, eyes closed and the purple light gone.

Both trainers' eyes widened. Brendan rushed to d'Oile's side, while Brooke scrambled down the sides of the hole to Meditite's side. The speedy attack apparently had backfired, for Meditite was completely KO-ed, unmoving in the middle of the earth's surface. Brooke's face began to be stained by wet drops running down her face, dripping off the end of her nose silently. Brendan finished checking if d'Oile was okay, and returned her. Trying to be as quiet as possible, he slipped and skidded down the rocks of the hole. Biting his lip, he saw Brooke was holding her Meditite's hand, and crying. He reached out for her PokeBall, and returned her Pokémon for her.

"Look, I'm sorry about the whole battle and everything, but don't cry…c'mon, get a grip on yourself!" Brendan ran out of things to say while Brooke sat there crying. Her eyes slowly turned puffy and red, while her hands just lay on her lap. Brendan bit his lip with uncomfort.

From above, May had watched the whole argument and battle, until Meditite had mortally wounded itself with its own attack. Running as fast as she could down the stairs, May burst out into the park and panted. Slowly stumbling over to Brooke, she closed her eyes and gulped.

"Are you okay? Let's get to the PokeCenter, c'mon…"

Brooke nodded slowly and let May and Brendan help her up. The trio walked to the PokeCenter together. Brooke handed Nurse Joy her Meditite's PokeBall with a trembling hand, and staggered over to sit down. Her words could barely be heard when she spoke at last.

"I'm sorry for being so stupid and thinking I could win."

Brendan didn't hear all of it, but nodded anyway. He smiled and took Brooke's hand to show he hadn't been angry at all. May felt a dull thud somewhere in her chest. Trying desperately to hide the way her hands were wringing, she stuck an arm around Brooke's shoulders.

"Don't worry Brooke, Meditite'll be fine in a tick. You know how good this Nurse Joy is." May encouraged her to be cheerful. Brendan grinned to show he agreed. Brooke's lips slowly stretched into a weak smile.

"Thanks guys. I just got a little emotional cos Meditite was my first Pokémon. Sorry for making you so miserable…"

Nurse Joy chose that moment to come over and break the news of Meditite to Brooke.

"I'm so sorry, Brooke. Your Meditite…"

Glaring ice daggers at Nurse Joy, May and Brendan desperately tried to cover Brooke's ears, but she shook them off. They made exasperated motions and folded their arms at exactly the same time. Brendan felt a jolt of surprise.

"Your…your…your Meditite might have to stay here for up to 10 months! It was severely hurt when it collided with the earth instead of its opponent…there's nothing we can do about it, except give it a regular change of bandages and supply it with food, water, and roses."

Brendan raised an eyebrow. "Roses?"

May smiled happily. "Yup, Meditite loves roses. Except for the fact that's it's a boy, and not supposed to like flowers. But still, Brooke gives it roses all the time."

Nodding, Brendan said, "I see. So will Brooke go back to Kanto without Meditite, or stay until Meditite is fully healed?"

He had hit a soft point. Brooke's shoulders slumped for a moment, but then she jerked back up and replied. May drew her finger across her neck, signaling that Brendan would be dead when she got back to him. Brendan gulped. He had been on good terms with May so far, and he didn't want to ruin their peace either. Having first handedly witnessed a fit that May could throw, he had long since decided that peace should be kept.

"I'll stay in Hoenn until Meditite recovers. My mum will just have to do without me. Maybe I'll send her Pokémon I catch soon."

"Well then you can travel with me! That's gonna be fun, back to the good old hot chocolate, Pokémon discussions, and talk about Re-roses." Suddenly blushing, May hurriedly turned around and talked to Nurse Joy about room arrangements for Meditite. Brendan looks puzzled, and Brooke smiled a familiar smile before telling him it was "girl business, my dear fellow trainer".

Ash was reading a magazine entitled "Pokémon: THE Magazine to Buy 'Em All!" It featured a mail order for Pokémon, something Ash didn't approve of.

"Humph. Why don't they go and catch their Iown/I Pokémon then? It's not hard…" Half way through saying the rest of the sentence, he spotted Max walking out and the trio while moving his eyes back round to Nurse Joy. He lighted up immediately when he saw who he believed to be the gym leader's daughter, May. She was bound to have good battling skills, probably better than his own.

"Hello? Anyone home there?" Max waved his hand repeatedly in front of Ash's face while he stared at the girls. Ash jerked back and sounded annoyed.


"Erm, hello, we're going now."

"We are? Have you finished seeing Ralts already!"

Max looked at him oddly. "Yes, of course I have. Dude, I just got back from seeing it…"

"Oh…right. Well, we can go now." Ash's eyes lingered after the group standing near the other side of the Center. Max sighed.

"Ash, we know you like Nurse Joy, but just remember you can come back everyday to see her. Now stop gawking at her pink hair."

Ash looked like stone. "I do not like Nurse Joy!" He shouted across the entire PokeCenter. Realising what he'd done, Ash covered his mouth hurriedly. Max smirked.

"Told ya! Then you were staring at Brooke! Or my sister! Or even Brendan! Yuck…"

Ash looked bewildered. "That…that girl is your sister?" Straight after he said that, he mentally kicked himself. Max was Norman's son, and May was the gym leader's daughter…which meant they were the children of Norman. Max looked exasperated this time.

"Ahem. Maybe we should go? I want to finish that Parbucks drink trip we were taking…oh, wait." Max dashed off to where May was discussing who she would be traveling with, overhearing Brendan offering to go with May and Brooke to

"Protect you guys, yes. Why? Cos I'm a guy! Probably stronger than you girls…" Brendan continued. He had barely realized Max was there, but glanced at him all the same. May smiled happily.

"That's settled then! C'mon Brooke, look happier…" May pleaded.

"Well, personally I'd think I could take care of myself. I haven't been a trainer for 2 years for nothing, May." Brooke smirked at Brendan. He blushed.

"Aww, come on Brooke, let him come…oh, hi there Max. Didn't see you before."

Max fell over, literally. "I'm your own brother, and you forget about me! Oh, I'm insulted! And to think I was going to get you a Parbucks…" Max folded his arms and turned away. May's eyes widened, and she turned straight to Max.

"Please? Please get me a Parbucks! Come on Max, get me a Frappacino…"

Ash overheard this, and mentally remembered the fact May liked Frappacinoes…

May turned her nose up, and walked back to Brendan and Brooke.

"Brendan, I'm really sorry. If Brooke doesn't agree, you can't travel with us. And plus, I won't go if Ma-AHHH!" May screamed. A large orange blob was all that could be seen outside the PokeCenter's clear glass doors. Brooke yelled desperately.

"May, I never said he couldn't come! For all I care, that dude with the cap can come too!"

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