Hey all! Here's my first venture into a Danny and Aiden fic:) Im not too convinced yet if I just prefer them as friends, so this can be taken both as DAR and DAF lol

Its set after 'Crime and Misdemeanor' and is a series of text messages from Danny (italics) to Aiden (normal).

In the last scene, Aiden said she had 'plans' and I'm guessing they were with Officer Lilly after her introduction to him (lol!) so that's where I picture her to be. Danny's sat on his couch lol

Enjoy! Becs x


Just to let you know, Mac caught up with me. You'll be fine as promised. Say 'Messerrr' says 'hi' to Lilly

What'd he say? And I'm not with Lilly

Like hell you're not with Lilly. You put the full blown Burn charm on and wore your fancy panties, am I right?


No you didn't put the charm on, or no you didn't put the fancy panties on?

Just 'cos YOU want to see my fancy panties

Don't be coming on to me when you're on a date with the flower child

Don't call him a flower child

But you admit you're on a date with him?

Fine, yes

Not going so good?

Dinner and Movie. Going fine

That's a crock. If it was going 'fine' you wouldn't be sat there texting me all night

How'd you know I was sitting?

I can see you

Where are you? I can't see you

I'm at home, but I made you look

You're gonna pay for that one

Come by mine after Tulip drops you off. Ill show you what a real date should be

What? You belchin' and fartin' all night and saying how I'd look prettier out of my clothes than I do in them? No thanks

I resent that

Only 'cos you know it's true

If I promised no belchin', fartin' or classic one liners, would you come over?


And if I promised no more flower jokes?


And if I said I'd make my famous pasta?

Ill be there in an hour

That bad, huh?

I'm in the hut

That bad. See you in an hour. Be a doll and bring me a slice

You're gonna pay for that one too

You know you love me