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Their eyes locked. Aiden's hair was draped down, creating a veil across them, hiding them out from the world, making the moment purely about Danny Messer and Aiden Burn. Danny brought a hand up and gently wiped away at her lipstick, which was now smeared across her chin and cheek. The action elicited an unconscious shiver that shook Aiden's body. Sensing the feeling, he propped himself up on his elbows, barely inches away from her face. Aiden licked her lips as Danny brushed her hair behind her ear, then moved closer.

As their lips connected again, Danny was pushed back to the cushions with a force he didn't think Aiden possessed. She sniggered as she lowered herself back down, relinking their lips, and wrapping her fingers around the buttons on his shirt. She made light work of them, as did Danny on whipping her top over her head and throwing it over the side of the couch.

Danny grabbed her sides and flipped her over, gaining the control, although not as much as he'd wished. Through all the drinking, kissing and near nakedness, Danny had forgotten that they were actually on the couch. The small couch. The small couch in the living room. It wasn't until he heard a thud, and felt a pain in his back did he remember.

Aiden had landed on the far side of Danny on the floor. He rubbed at his head, as he wiggled to get comfortable on the hardwood flooring. Aiden watched as he promptly passed out from the Tequila. She chuckled as she shook him slightly, repeating his name, but to no avail. Accepting defeat, she snuggled onto his chest, and fell asleep just as fast.


Mid-morning NewYork sun beamed through the windows, illuminating the sleeping faces of Danny and Aiden.

From their vantage point on the floor, both began to stir, Aiden rubbing at her nose, Danny at his hair.

Returning groggily to their original positions, Aiden snuggled back into the crook of Danny's neck, while Danny cupped her hand on his chest.

It took maybe a minute before either opened their eyes and realised just where they were.

With shocked looks, Aiden and Danny rolled away from eachother, both narrowly missing the coffee table and couch respectively.

Aiden frantically searched for her orange sweater. It wasn't that she was embarrassed to be stood in her colleague's and best friend's apartment in her bra and not much else, but she'd definitely feel more comfortable actually clothed.

Spotting the missing item strewn across the back of the sofa, Danny sheepishly handed it over with a chuckle he hoped would be reciprocated.

She chuckled a "Thanks" before stating "Well, I've done a lot of things with you, Messer, but never that."

"I'm thinking we didn't actually, you know…" he gestured between himself and Aiden.

"How d'ya figure?"

"Well, we both have pants on for one..."

"Good point," Aiden smiled, fixing her sweater back on, "So what did happen then?"

Danny looked around, surveying the damage. The couch cushions were over the floor and Tequila bottles and glasses littered the table "I think we got very drunk and stuff…began to happen," he tried to avoid eye-contact, "Er, why don't you grab a shower and I'll- I'll tidy up here."

Aiden nodded and left for the bathroom.

Danny blew out a sigh as he sank on to the couch, sans cushions. He couldn't believe this was happening! Not only had he woken up practically naked next to a practically naked Aiden, but he couldn't remember a damn thing!


By the time Aiden emerged from the bathroom, the apartment was the cleanest it had ever been, and a pot of coffee was slowly filling up on the percolator.

Danny looked up from popping aspirin to see her in his white robe coming towards him, a towel drying her damp hair.

"I hope you don't mind, I borrowed your robe."

"No, no that's fine" he managed to stammer, "I may never see it in the same way again, but it's fine."

Aiden pulled her tongue out at him.

"I left an aspirin on the side for you and there's fresh coffee"

"Awesome, thanks."

"Yeah, I'm just gonna…" he stammered again, moving around her to get to the bathroom for his own shower.

To his surprise, not 5 minutes into the water powerfully cascading down his muscled back, he heard a faint creak. Then a rattle as if a plug was being connected, before finally a hairdryer roared into life.

Danny grabbed the shower curtain so he could see Aiden, but still keep any modesty he still had, "Aid? What're you doing?"

"Drying my hair. You didn't strike me as a hairdryer kinda guy."

"I'm not. An ex left it."

"Oh, sorry," she turned it off

"Nah, that was years ago."

She smiled to his reflection in the mirror. Turning it back on, she saw Danny disappear back behind the curtain. "Hey, so I checked your cupboards and you have nothing to eat. You fancy going to that café around the block for some breakfast?"

"Sure. Put you on the hood?"

"Funny!" she faked, turning on the tap in front of her, relishing in the squeal from Danny as the water temperature suddenly changed for the worse in the shower. "Hey!" she giggled as water was flicked at her. She turned the dryer of, just as Danny switched the shower off.

"Can you pass me that towel?" he asked, peeking. Aiden obliged and told him she was going to go get dressed.

Aiden was lying on the bed when Danny came out of the en-suite bathroom. She had put her clothes back on from the night before, but Danny was just wrapped in a towel from the waist down because 'somebody nicked off with my robe'. He opened the closet door, hiding himself from Aiden as he pulled on a pair of gray sweatpants and a tee.

Aiden just lay on top of the covers, hands clasped on her belly, as she stared at the ceiling. Danny mimicked her as he lay down beside her.

"So what now?" she asked

"I though you said breakfast."

"No, you mewt, what now with us? Do we go back to normal and this happened and never drink that much Tequila with each other again, or what?"

"That's up to you, Aid."

A moment of silence fell upon them as they considered the consequences.

Danny twisted to face Aiden, "Truth or Dare?"

"Danny-" she started, twisting herself

"Truth or dare?"

"I've had enough trouble with dares in the past, so truth."

"Do you regret last night?"

Aiden looked into his eyes as she uttered "No…you?"


"Oh," her eyes cast downwards

"Only that I passed out," he grinned.

Aiden swatted his arm, but Danny grabbed hold of it and pulled towards him. Before she could say a word, they were kissing.