Disclaimer- I do not own HHGTTG. And this is completly random and silly.

'Arthur' was a great name. It was a name that would boldly stand in the defence of smaller, weaker names or happily indulge in the most sordid of sins with larger more suggestive names. It was a wanton, beautiful name- a name that could be purred, growled, screamed or caressed, usually in that order. It was a name that slid fluidly across your tongue and moaned out into the world. It was a name that rolled courageously on its strong curling Rs and seduced with its beckoning vowels. It was a name that was entirely unremarkable and entirely sensual.

But what's in a name? As long as he was the only one purring, growling or screaming it, Ford thought as he kissed Arthur to within an inch of his life, did it really matter?