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Disclaimer- not mine. And because it is Chapter the Second, it is almost twice as long. Yay, 200 word drabble.


He'd never asked Ford his real name, Arthur realised as he looked down at his sleeping lover. He'd heard the word 'Ix' bandied about, but he'd never thought to question it. He knew the Betelgeusian had chosen 'Ford Prefect' to be nicely inconspicuous on the Earth and completely failed in that respect.

Ford Prefect. It was an odd name that would always sound perfect, no matter how you said it. Its like the words were meant to be together. Just like he and Ford, Arthur thought whimsically.

Sometimes, when all was quiet in their small pocket of existence, Arthur would wonder how little he knew about his mate. He would feel a burning curiosity to know everything that could be known, hear all the baby stories, learn everything and more. Starting with the mystery of just who was this man? What really was his name? Arthur didn't think he'd ever know. He would always look at the mischievous, adored face- at once totally alien and yet always familiar- and he would see Ford Prefect.

But as long as that name was his and his alone, the human thought as he cuddled the drowsy form to him, did it really matter?