ONE SHOT Drabble. Unable to sleep, Pegasus gets more than he bargained for when he ventures into his forbidden tower. R n' R please!

I have always been a fan of Pegasus, and I hope that this fic will do him justice.

Frozen In Time

Pegasus tossed and turned in his repose. Outside, the wind howled and shutters flapped. A scathing spray of rain lashed against the walls, incessant drumming hammering right into his brain. Unable to sleep any longer, he sat up. The dying embers of the fire flickered, throwing a comforting glow across the room.

He'd fallen asleep again in his living room. An overturned wineglass lay on the small oaken table next to him, the last dregs still soaking into the table. He took in the empty bottle of vintage, the clutter on the Persian carpet…how had a paint pot managed to find its way here?

He glanced at the centenarian grandfather clock in the corner. It's face read almost one o'clock. Sighing, Pegasus raised himself from the depths of his plush velvet armchair, and collecting the bottle and glass, deposited them in the kitchen. His servants could tidy up the destruction he'd wreaked upon his room.

Right now he needed somewhere to be. Taking a side passage down a flag-stoned corridor, lit with brooding flame torches he arrived at the base of his tower. He climbed the stone steps, each step taking him higher towards heaven, yet closer to hell. He reached the ornate oaken door; the room it concealed hiding moments of joy, eternities of pain. Pegasus reached in his pocket for the stained golden key he always carried. Unlocking the room, he stepped inside, and was instantly transported back in time…

A beautiful day, splashes of colour vividly painting the heavens. Those light blues and whites, carrying him higher up towards the unbroken sky. As if from an overhead view, he glimpsed the rich emerald greens of the fields below, each tone and each blade of grass perceivable. The clink of glasses mixed with the sound of laughter floated up towards him. He drifted gently down, until his feet touched the pasture. Looking closer, he saw that the grass stalks didn't even bend where he stepped; he must be invisible then. He followed the sound of laughter, and an antique mansion swam into view. An expensive party was taking place; the guests were all of the highest class, but that wasn't the focus of his attention.

Zooming in slightly, he caught the magnitude of the ancient tree that had captivated himself in his youth, it's sprawling branches, waiting to be climbed, but it was what or who that was sat underneath that really made him gasp.

How he envied this man, this person who had everything, youth, happiness, life. This very man was talking to her now, and she was giggling back, her slender form elegant in the beautiful sky-blue period dress she wore. She was exactly as he remembered her; he'd captured her perfectly. Her delicate face- framed by golden curls; her sweet voice- like a choir of angels melting his very heartstrings. Even now, it touched him. How he longed to be with her again, to stroke her curls, to see her smile…he reached out to her…

Suddenly a thunderclap cracked the sky like a whip.

Escaping from this memory, Pegasus jolted awake. He'd done it again. He'd fallen asleep again, only this time it had been in front of his most prized painting of all. It was one of the only memories he had left. A tear slid down his face as he gazed longingly at his counterpart, frozen in spirit, in happiness, frozen in time.

But it wasn't the time nor place anymore. He put the picture away.

Sighing, Maximillion Pegasus locked the door and climbed heavily down the cold stone steps. Outside, the storm died down and a handful of stars twinkled in the calm, peaceful night.

Bits of symbolism have been interwoven in. Cookies for everyone that spots them! How was it?