Summary: ONE SHOT Drabble. Artemis takes some time out to think about who he really is. R n' R please!

Whoo! My second Artemis Fowl fic, glad people liked my first one!

A Picture Out Of Place

Artemis left his computer, and went outside. The sun did little to warm his pale complexion and the cheerful sound of birds chirping in the summer air only enforced his moody countenance.

Artemis walked past the stiff green poplars, past the neat cultivated flowerbeds, past the classical fountain. Turning down a side path, he slipped through a gap in the box hedge and found himself in a wild part of the garden, shielded from view.

This was what he called his special place, where he used to go for inspiration or to contemplate. Wild rose sprawled across the walls, and a thicket of thorns had taken over the ruins further ahead. A fountain lay in the centre, broken, and an array of jewelled flowers rippled, turning their heads to look at him.

Artemis walked to the lonely bench under the trellis, and sat, musing. The sweet scent of honeysuckle wafted along on the breeze.

What had changed? On the outside, he knew he looked exactly the same. Green eyes, black hair. Crisp tie, dark suit, more wealth in his shoes than the very ground he was standing on. So why did he feel so…discontented? It was what was happening inside that was giving him cause for concern. Two sides, battling for supremacy. Good versus bad. Standard comic book procedure, only it was much more complicated than that.

Ever since the return of both his parents, and playing the reluctant hero down under, he'd been made to feel accepted. Acceptance, what every soul craved. He had a normal family now, maybe even some friends, though calling a three-foot tall being with a tendency towards flatulence a friend was straining it slightly. His life was changing; he'd arrived at the crossroads. Take the darker path to riches and glory, only to fall at the summit, or the lighter path through the forest to enlightenment? Which one would it be? He could carry on continuing his dastardly schemes, pretending nothing had changed, but inside it would be killing him. Or, he could make a new acquaintance out of his consciousness and use his brilliant mind for more moralistic values. This would take some thought.

Artemis was a picture out of place.

Oh what he'd give now to have someone to talk to, someone to confide in. But he already knew that it would be pointless, possibly even dangerous. There was no need for Butler to be troubled with his delicate thoughts, and plus, anything that escaped from his lips could be used against him.

It was times like these that he wished he had a friend.

"Master Artemis? Are you outside?" A mature voice boomed, piercing his thoughts. "If you are, your mother requires your presence."

Sighing, he left his garden and slipped back into reality.

Bit of drabble- what do you think?