My second Doctor Who fic! Hopefully this will take off...can't give too much away right now, but keep reading!

Spider's Web

It was another trip in the TARDIS. Captain Jack was in the corner, gazing out of the viewing panel whilst eating a sandwich and Rose was sat opposite the Doctor. Both faces were set in grim determination.

"OK," Rose said. "You ready?"

The Doctor nodded.

"Rock, paper, scissors…"

Both displayed their personal weapon of choice. Rose gave a crow of delight and punched the Doctor lightly with her 'rock'.

"Damn scissors!" The Doctor muttered. He straightened up. "Why are you so intent on playing this Earth game anyway?"

"Because I want to prove that this game does actually have a strategy," Rose replied curtly with a twinkle in her eye. "Rematch?"

"OK," the Doctor sighed, feigning defeat.

"Rock, paper, scissors-"

"Aha!" He crowed. "Paper beats rock!"

"How did you do that?" Rose cried in disbelief. "I saw your body language. You were definitely going for scissors again!"

The Doctor winked, tapping his nose. "Cheap Earth psychology. Wrote a few books myself. Anyway, there's no special strategy to this game- I should know, I brought it to you humans when you were busy learning how to blow each other up!"

Rose looked put off. "One more game…"


"Rock, paper, scissors-"

"Laser!" Jack cried.

"What?" Both the Doctor and Rose looked dubiously at him.

"Laser beats them all," he laughed. "No seriously, jokes aside, I think we're caught in the middle of an intergalactic crossfire. Take a look."

Rose ran to the viewing panel whilst the Doctor sprung towards the controls to his ship. They glowed and pulsated as he worked furiously to get the TARDIS to change her course.

A brilliant beam of light suddenly burst past them.

"Woah!" Rose's face lit up.

"Hmmm," Jack agreed, amid a mouthful of whatever it was he was eating.

"What is that?" Rose pointed to the sandwich.

"Ham-and-mustard-toffee-tomato-chicken-lime-lettuce-snazberry-kokolate-bean. Would you like me to make you one?"

Rose took in the swathing mass encrusted between two pieces of bread.

"Erm…no thanks. By the way Jack, you never told me this, but are you even human?"

Swallowing, Jack made as if to reply, but a sudden jolt in the TARDIS caused everyone to lose their balance.

A blue emergency light flashed on and off, and the Doctor grabbed hold of a lever to steady himself. "Erm…I shouldn't have pulled that…"

"What? What have you done?" Rose asked, worried.

"Brace yourself, crewmembers of the TARDIS, we are going travelling…" the Doctor announced, as suddenly the ship shot through space and time.


They landed in a place that was very familiar to Rose. Stepping out onto hard concrete, she could see that it was a typical warm day- fluffy white clouds sailed across the light blue sky, children played serenely in the park overlooking the fountain in the square. Graffiti was sprawled along a brick wall and a few scraps of litter tumbled about in the breeze.

"Know where we are?" The Doctor spoke in Rose's ear.

"Home!" She beamed happily. The Doctor allowed her to embrace him. "I was thinking of calling Jackie. How come we're here anyway?"

"The first co-ordinates that popped into my head," the Doctor smiled. "Quick thinking, that, or we'd have had to have some words with some aliens."

Jack popped his head out. "Nice work, Doctor." He winked at two passing old ladies, who blushed, going 'oh my!' and fanning themselves. "I think I'm going to like it here." Donning a jacket, he added, "I have some catching up to do, so if you don't mind, I'm gonna go catch a few rays."

"You mean he's gonna go sunbathe," the Doctor grinned as Jack disappeared.

Rose however, looked slightly worried. "But will he be alright?"

"Oh, ol' Jack'll be OK. You know, a man like that." Rose smiled. "Now what was that about seeing Jackie?"

Linking arms, Rose and the Doctor set off.


When they arrived at Rose's house they found that the door was locked.

"Hmmm," Rose looked puzzled. "My mum normally tells me when she's going out."

The Doctor tapped Rose. "Your mother isn't normally three million light years away though is she?"

Giggling, Rose unlocked the door and went inside.

Indoors, the place was a mess. Rose knew she lived in a rough area, but it seemed as if the jungle had moved inside her own home. Tins of food lay scattered about amidst magazines and dirty plates, and in the living room washing that had probably been there for a while lay unfolded on the sofa.

"Jackie?" Rose called urgently. No reply.

The Doctor went back into the kitchen. Getting frantic, Rose rifled through the post that had collected on the table. They were all today's. Good news. At least her mum had been in today, even if she had abandoned all the other chores. Rose stacked the letters and went back into the kitchen.

The Doctor held a note in front of her. "Read this."

Taking the note, Rose read aloud:

"Rose, if you happen to come home in the next few days I won't be in. I'm staying with Beth and her girl Anne, who's just fallen ill. The doctors can't find out what's wrong with her so she might have to go to hospital for further tests. Beth needs comforting right now- you know how it is, her husband left her, oldest son doesn't even want to know her- I'll try and come back as soon as I can.
Lot's of love, Jackie xxx"

"That's OK then." Rose let out a sigh of relief.

"So, how about some food then?"

They rummaged in the kitchen for food. No such luck.

"Looks like it's your turn to go shopping then," Rose said, eyes sparkling.

The Doctor grinned. "Tea and biscuits?"

"McVities please," Rose replied. "You know how I love those."


The Doctor hummed to himself as he strolled down the rough neighbourhood. A few youths scowled at him; he merely waved cheerfully and they slunk off. Underneath his confident exterior was a much more worried Doctor. These trips with Rose had really been taking their toll on her; whether it was saving the world, facing death, evading death…each time afterwards though she looked stronger, inside he could see that she was more shaken than she'd ever admit. Though their friendship had bonded, he wasn't sure how far he'd take her anymore. He blamed himself for expecting too much of her. And he'd promised Jack that he'd help him find his memories; that too was a puzzle unto itself.


Waiting for her PC to boot up, Rose ran a hand through her hair. She'd hardly slept at all the last few days; every second had been a new adventure for her. Whether it was soaring through the deepest reaches of space, winging off an intergalactic war, or simply admiring an alien sunset, she knew she needed some time off soon to just get back to normal. That was why she'd been so glad to come home. It was as if the Doctor had known. She'd make sure to let him have an extra biscuit when he got back.

She connected to the Internet and scrolled through all her email messages. Oh how good it felt to be back at home. Months of junk email, a few odd ones from Mickey…

How you doing? Remember to come home…One from another friend- Want to go to France sometime? Random viruses- Open the attachment…Ones from random people- Lieratt Velmer, Dylan Bankston, Shadina…probably more viruses.

She pressed delete, and settled back for some speed surfing, when-

There was a sudden crash, as if someone had tripped over the clutter in her house. A second later the Doctor burst into her room, out of breath.

"What is it?" Rose asked.

"It's Jack!" The Doctor cried urgently.

There was no time for explanations. Taking one look at his face, Rose switched off her computer and dashed after him, leaving the front door wide open. On second thoughts, she locked her door as she did so. You never knew who might come scrounging around.

What has Jack been up to? Why is the Doctor so worried? Will Rose ever get her tea and biscuits? All this, and many other pressing questions will be answered in the next chapter!