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Silver Blood

Chapter 1: Greasy Day!

It was the hottest day that had ever occurred in the Kingdom of Frell. The hot weather shows no sign of improving, not even a hope of a drop of rain. In fact, the sky was mildly clear blue with not a single speckle of cloud was on sight. The humidity was becoming unbearable. The sun grew brighter and hotter as the minutes slowly pass. Thus, it was possible enough that formation of mirages clinging and halting everywhere.

A seventeen year old Blaze was walking towards one of the narrow streets in the markets. She appeared to look like many other paupers. A skinny lad, she had a golden brown skin and green moss eyes that was vivid against the green marble walls of the bazaar. Wisps of greasy black hair fell out under her dirty hood. She wore an old tunic and a crumpled baggy trouser that had aged with ungues sable colours. It looked that it has been washed many times before, probably in hard water or in a dirty stream.

Nevertheless, her looks blocked all the attention of the locals from her. What could a young pauper do any harm or so what they have thought. It never occurred to any of the locals that the pauper under the heavy disguises was the daughter of the most dangerous man in Frell, the daughter of Lord Thief Acasya.

"I can't wear these! It's bloody too hot out there! I-I. could melt under all that and…I sweat like a pig!" cried Blaze.

She easily launched herself on top of the dining table, crossing her arm. Her father though, was staring at her without even blinking. It was clearly shown upon his face that he would not accept such answers. There was no such thing as 'No' option in his arguments.

Lazy old ogre! I can't even believe we related!

"Alright" Blaze replied, gritting her teeth.

She grabbed the heavy green gown. Inside the layers of the petticoats, hidden a small knife that was enough to kill or ambush a group of men.

She knows not to mess with her father. Her life would be like at the end of the cliff if she did not oblige. He could have brutally murder her at that very moment or at least torture her in so many painful ways.

Another theft to do, another blood will fall

Lord Acasya treated everyone equally. It was all the same to his victims, to his followers and even to his own fleshing blood. So what was a daughter worth to him anyway. He would get everything in his way, by using force, blood and bribery.

"I should have killed you when you were born! You worth no more than rubbish!"

Blaze could hear her father hollered behind.

It was a 'phrase' that she has become quite use to. The word echoed in her ear canal every single day. Any other normal human will be quite disturbed by the threat, but to Blaze, she has lost the will to feel. There was no logical in her sanity anymore. She has learned to hold back all her angers, hold back all her tears and the pain inside. Imagine how aching her heart was.

Greasy day, huh? Blaze said this to herself.