A desperate scream reverberated through the dark chamber, taking form as a single word, a name, and a triumphant smile played across the deadly red lips of the Queen. Her ice blue eyes coldly rested on the pathetic creature kneeling in terror and supplication at her feet. Its dark hair was splayed, matted and mangled, about the floor as its head rested uneasily on the black stone floor, its arms wrapped around its shoulders, a last attempt to shield itself from the pain.

It had taken the Queen a long time to break this would-be traveler, it had been quite enjoyable. It was extremely satisfying to know she had broken through all of this one's surprisingly strong defenses, finally knowing the last item it had kept hidden for so long. But now it was done, leaving the thing of little more entertainment value. The Queen paused, thinking of the name, maybe there was some more enjoyment to be had.

The Queen of Shadows gracefully stood, stepping lightly down from the obsidian dias. The creature cowered lower at the sound of her approach, its knuckles turning white as it bruised its own flesh in dread and pressed ever closer to the floor. The Queen lightly brushed a white hand across the thing's shuddering back and into the dirt and blood caked hair in a kind of perverse caress. The creature whimpered and the Queen smiled.

She motioned to one of the heavily muscled guards positioned along the walls of her throne room, "Drop her in the Labyrinth, since she was so eager to go there." The Queen smiled wider now, "Let us see what he will do."

A/N: Ok, this is my first laby fic. But I was so impressed by all the great fics I've read on this site I decided to try my hand at it. Lemme know what you think.