A series of short one-shot drabbles featuring KuroxFai mostly though there may feature some other pairings. Inspired by...well, lots of things.

A dummy's guide to proper courtship

Section One – Getting close to your target of affection

When courting any male or female, after identifying your target, the first step is to place yourself in a position in which you are close to said person. This can be achieved by A – Linking yourself together with chains, handcuffs or some kind of super strong adhesive. B – Becoming and official stalker/groupie of your target or C – Stranding yourself and your target on a deserted island hence making the only communication between yourself and said target possible.

A dummy's guide to proper courtship holds no responsibility for any incidents that may take place as a result of following this guide.


Rain. When would it all end, this horrible, miserable rain? Kurogane stalked down the muddy path through the countryside, his mood as dark as the clouds above with Fai happily striding by his side.

The world that they had found themselves had pretty unstable weather; it had been sunny just a few minutes ago. Now the stormclouds rolled over head, bringing lightning and thunder along with innumerable amount of flashing rain. It had come quickly, the silver rain, hitting the skin like arrows, hard and cold. Just thinking of the rest of their party back at the lodge they had rented, inside where it was nice and warm kept his pace up. He wanted to be somewhere dry.

As they walked he noticed Fai sidling closer to him, dangerously closer. "Kuro-nin…"


"But Kuro-tan…"


"But Kunor-mune," the mage pouted. "No one will care, we'll be gone from this world soon and there's no one around anyway."

"I don't care," he shook his head adamantly, spraying Fai with the droplets caught in his hair…or at least he would have if it was not for he damned umbrella.

It was Sakura's umbrella, given to her by one of the locals in the nearby village, which would probably explain why it was pink and frilly and had cat ears on top. Such a silly, needless decoration. Fai had taken it 'just in case.' Of course, when Fai had an umbrella it just had to rain. The stupid pink thing was probably cursed.

"Kuro-pii sure is stubborn, valuing his masculinity over not getting wet and sick," Fai sighed. Their trek back from searching for the next feather through mud and with not a soul in sight reminded him just how annoying the mage could be.

"I don't care if I get sick," he grumbled. The village would be appearing upon the horizon soon, and then maybe he could hear noises other than Fai's annoying nattering. Anything would be better than listening to him and his inane comments. "There's no way I'm sharing that umbrella with you."

It was pink, it was cute, it was frilly, but most of all it was pink. He was a warrior, a fearsome killer with pride and honor. What kind of warrior used a pink umbrella?

"If it was blue would you share it with me?"


Fai sniffed, holding back mock tears. He drew a breath, and bellowed. "Kuro-chan, you meanie! Fine, go ahead, get sick, get pneumonia!" the mage ranted like a hysterical woman. All Kurogane could do was stare at him in disbelief. Fai added a whole new meaning to the word 'melodramatic' "I'll enjoy playing nurse with you," the mage smirked.

An image of Fai in a tight nurse's suit, an injection in his hand, a clipboard in another and a ludicrously short skirt forced itself into his mind. One hand caught the other before he slapped himself, settling with a simple shudder.

"Kuro-wan, please share my umbrella!" Fai made an attempt to cover the ninja with his pink umbrella.He ducked the umbrella's shadowlike the shadow of death, dodging out of reach of the deadly umbrella.

What was it about Fai, that cheerful, slightly eccentric magician, that just managed to get on his nerves so much?

"But you're all wet and soggy…like a damp doggy,"the mageadded, grinning at his own personal genius.

Wow, a rhyme, you must be so proud. (Insert sarcastic claps here) "Let's just go."

Resuming their walk down the path, he was sure that he could finally see the tell-tale wisps of smoke coming from the village. The mage walked a good distance behind him, not close enough to reach for him, he never seemed close enough.

Now where did that come from?

Shaking his head, he suddenly felt mage's light presence looming ever closer.

His pace automatically quickened. So did Fai's. Like a game of Simple Simon, Fai copied his pace with perfect precision no matter how varied. Why was he doing this again? Surely, he could not hate the mage enough to want to be rid of him. He didn't dislike Fai but…

Half a mile was covered this way and they were finally upon the very outskirts of the village when it became unbearable. Spinning around, he rounded on the blue-eyed mage. "You're really persistent, y'know?"

"That's what you love most about me, right Kuro-rin?" he launched himself at Kurogane's torso, subsequently attaching himself to the ninja and hugging tightly whist nuzzling the taller man's back.

How quickly the ninja's face went from a slight blush to full blown burgundy was impressive. Fai loved how easily he freaked out.

"Stay away from me, you psycho!" Kurogane jumped, prying himself free of the leech-man, he ran for safety, planning to sprint all the way back to Sakura and Syaoran and yes, even the white manjuu if he had to.

But would Fai stop on account of the others? He sure hoped so. If the mage continued in front of their younger party members that would be…well, it would scar the younger ones for years and it would cause him enough embarrassment for a lifetime.

"Are you ashamed of me Kuro-pipi?" he chased him into the village, through the stall-lined streets, secretly loving all the attention he attracted and the palpable embarrassment it caused his ninja friend. "You know that I love you!"

"Quack magician," he muttered under his breath and increased his speed, planning to leave the mage as far behind as he could, on the other end of the world is possible.

The distance between the ninja and the mage slowly lengthened and Fai found himself struggling to keep up. Who would have thought such a tall, heavy man could be so fast?

"Hey, wait, I can't run that fast, Kuro-tan!" the mage yelled after him. "Kuro-ta - " the lasts words were ripped from his throat. As he ran to catch up, his foot caught on something on the uneven ground. His whole body was off of the ground for a brief second before crashing back to earth in a spray of dirty water and mud.

Kurogane was sorely tempted to leave him there. It was the mage's own fault. How could he be such an accomplished fighter yet still besuch aclumsy air-head? He had half a mind that the mage had tripped on purpose to get some attention but when Fai refused to move his conscience began pulling his heart strings.

Lousy conscience

Returning to where Fai lay, he stood over the now mud-covered, dirty mage. "You're useless if you can't even walk down a road," he snorted, earning him a few odd looks from the villagers for his insensitivity.

"I – I think I sprained my ankle," Fai groaned, nursing his injured leg.

"Then un-sprain it and come on, I don't want to get sick just because I was waiting here in the rain for your sorry butt."

The mage looked at him oddly.

Yes, I know.

"Kuro-muu's so insensitive," he smiled sheepishly as he struggled to get up, but the mud was slippery and he ended up in the mud again.

Trying again, he used the umbrella for support and managed to assume a sort of half standing, half crouching position on the ground. His head -blond hair stained with dirt -lifted, offering the ninja an apologetic smile.

Sighing, Kurogane stepped forward. What he was about to do was to be guarded in the deepest tombs of the earth, the memory to be buried in an unwitting school girl's garden.


Even Fai looked slightly surprised as the ninja lifted him onto his back.

"Don't take this the wrong way," he said, just so the mage would not come to any stupid conclusions. He would be telling Syaoran and Sakura how he was gallantly saved from and evil mud spirit unless Kurogane quickly crushed Fai's creative license. "I just didn't want to grow old waiting for you to get up." There, that would do it. A short, sweet denial. He certainly was not helping Fai out of any sort of concern for the mage, definitely not.

He was feeling quite content with himself, despite the rain and the added weight the mage put on him, until he heard laughing, a familiar teasing chuckle coming from just behind him. "What's so funny?" he asked. The man had been on the ground, in the mud, and with a hurt footfor God's sake!More chuckles were his only reply

Looking up, he realized that he could not longer see the sky, also, that his head was no longer being attacked by rain. Instead, there was something large and pink above him, something that ran down into Fai's hand.

"You're under the pink umbrella now."

Phew, I did all that quite fast. It usually takes me forever to write something. Well, this fandom is way too small but all the authors here are so talented that I just had to add my own fics no matter how bad they are. Yes, expect OOC-ness, sap and lots of fluff from my fics. Hopefully, my next drabble will be more in character.