Hey, guys, I fixed the story and brought it back so that it goes according to rules!

This story is all in good fun. It is somewhat inspired by a fellow fanfic writer, who is a genius, Der Kat. Der Kat, I used the name "Blaze" in your honor. It's written in annoying formats and other annoying stuff. I was about to go to the extreme and write it in slang, but that would be way too much. It's kind of like the original Outsiders characters are interrupting the horrible story I am writing to tell what bothers them.

Notes before I begin: Spelling errors with "(sp?)" next to it are done on purpose. The fact that it is written in script form, UNLIKE a real story, is done on purpose. The fact that Blaze is talking monotonously and horribly, yes, is done on purpose. Little stupid : to say someone is doing something, you guessed it, is done on purpose.

Blaze: Hello. I am Blaze Curtis. Yes, the sister to all the three Curtises. Except I am a long-lost sister. I am Sodpop's twin. I share his good looks, but I am prettier. Yes, even though I am long-lost and haven't seen my brothers, I know I am prettier. I am also stronger than my oldest brother, Darry. Ah, I am here. This is where they live. I will go inside. :walks in: "IT IS ME! IT IS MARY-SUE--I MEAN BLAZE!" I looked around and everyone is so icxited (sp?) and happy to see me! I saw my brothers. Soda is handsome, Darry, whose real name is Darryl-


Blaze: :continues: is strong, Ponyboy was lost in space-

Ponyboy: DAMN! Just because, I like to read and watch sunsets and to think, doesn't mean I am ALWAYS lost in space! G-d, the term "lost in space" doesn't even exist yet!

Blaze: :Ignores him.: I looked around some more. Two-bit was sitting there drunk and watching Mickey Mouse and wearing a Mickey shirt.

Two-bit: READ THE BOOK! No where does it say I love Mickey Mouse in the book! NO WHERE! LOOK AT THE SECTION! THIS IS BASED ON THE BOOK! NOT THE MOVIE!

Blaze: Johnny was looking like a lost puppy who had been kicked too many times.

Ponyboy: That's MY expression! I made that up! Get your own!

Blaze: Steve was playing cards and cheating. He was bout to go to work.

Steve: You know I have a life other than cards and work! I only work part time!

Blaze: Dally was looking cool-

Soda: The word is "tuff".

Blaze: Dally was also looking scary but I knew he had a soft spot for me.

Dally: I do not! You fuckin' stupid broad! A person's reputation is for a reason!

Blaze: I am going now to sleep because I am reunited with my family and before I go I will give you absolutely no background on where I come from or why I am here. Good night to all!

Okay! Before you run to review to flame me, it was all good fun! Not meant to hurt anyone. I myself have a story where Dally is nicer to a random girl character. (It's really, really good though! Well, that's what the reviews say…check it out! It's called Unwritten Law) Okay, now that I'm done advertising my favorite story of the ones I have written, I would like to continue to say, IT WAS ALL IN GOOD FUN! With that said bring on the flames! If anyone like it, I have some ideas for next chapter. Including Pony cheating on a SOC with JOHNNY! (Yes, they are things that bother me.) Der Kat, you sort of inspired me and I hope you read it. REVIEW, FLAME, WHATEVER! CLICK "GO"!