Meet the new (and improved) Rookie. I've altered a few petty details, cleared up a few grammar errors and typos, and streamlined a few rocky sections. I'll finish this story, I promise.

I don't own the Teen Titans or any characters borrowed from Gotham's police force. The plot is mine, the characters are not. Police protocol isn't mine, but I have talked to a cop and someone in college for their associate's in criminal justice. This disclaimer (I don't own Teen Titans) will apply to the entire story, as I'm assuming we all know that they aren't mine and this is a fussy technicality.

Summary: Cyborg likes hero business, and decides to make a job of it- as a human. The story opens with his interview, and his career skyrockets from there. While working to become a full patrolman, not just another rookie, he helps solve a high-profile case, meets a girl, meets his partner, meets a third girl, listens to both sides of Raven and Beast Boy's relationship, is the only person to hear all angles, and learns about the "good old boys" system through his partner, a dispatch, and the "good young cops," a dysfunctional family connected through the badge. Sound complicated? That's just a summary.

To clear up names- Cyborg is Victor Stone, Raven is Raven Roth (well, someone might want to know), Beast Boy is Garfield (Gar) Logan, Starfire is Kori Anderson, Robin is Dick Grayson. All formalities are covered, I believe. If not, they should be.


"Victor Stone."

"Full name?"

"Do you need it?"


(Interviewee sighs). "Victor Cornelius Stone."

"The others won't hear it. You have an associate's degree in criminal justice from a correspondence college approved by our board of directors, a physical fitness verification card citing an excellent time on the obstacle course, and a very impressive recommendation from the Jump City police chief. You also have two bench-press weights- one impressive, one ridiculously large."

"I was part of a superhero team for a while in Jump City. I got to know the chief there, and took out more than my share of criminals. The weights- well, showing is better than telling." (Interviewee removes ring. Chief nods.) "I'm half-robot. I was messed up pretty badly before. I'm human up here (he taps his head), but some muscles aren't. I used my muscles for the first number, and the extra ones for the second. I used all organic brainpower for college. I wear an image hologram usually, but I still won't need Kevlar and the stuff only irritates the more sophisticated joints."

"That's all, then?"


"I technically need to interview another person, but three positions are open. You're in, but you won't know that until later today, when the personnel department will record giving you a call."

"Thank you, Chief. When do I show up for work?"

"Rookies- always eager to start out. You begin tomorrow at 0600. We use military time, here. You'll be with Officer Lawrence, patrol car 182. You'll be straight rookie for six months, and don't sneeze without Lawrence there with a handkerchief. After that, you drive for six weeks. Lawrence only observes, unless you're in trouble. After two mishaps, you're out for another round in police academy. If Lawrence gives a good report, you're in as a full cop. In Gotham, we always use two-to-a-car. We get some supervillains- call for the big guns, unless you're unmasking."

"I'll only do that for emergencies. I want to make it as a cop as a person, not with some special technology."

"Understood. I officially haven't said this yet, but welcome to the family, tough love all around. You might get a bit of hazing, but if it gets too bad, tell your partner- no stiff upper lip for something too offensive, but no whining. Use your own judgment. You're going to make your reputation here."

"Got it."

"You just might make it, rookie. Might- no guarantees. We won't coddle you like the drilll sergeants at boot camp do." (He looks to secretary taking transcripts). "Jenny, delete all notes after his 'Yessir' and insert standard protocol."

"I will, Mr. Jones- Chief." She always forgot his preferred title, even for those technically not entitled to use it. She gathered her notes, tucking a pen behind her ear. There was one use for wildly curling red hair- it held a pen. "And- welcome to the family, Mr. Stone." Her freckled complexion reddened furiously.

"Victor, Ms. . ."

"Wilkinson, but I insist on Jenny. Have a nice day." She almost fled for her cubicle in Personnel Management, where she had the sometimes too-personal jobs of Payroll Accountant and Shift Clerk.

"There is no policy here against in-station dating, but station time is only used for brief visits, and if you break up, there will be no quarrels during work."

"I never-"

"I go over that with all new recruits. Ms. Wilkinson's presence just reminded me."

"0600 tomorrow, Chief?"

"Yes, and stop to chat with Ms. Wilkinson about your size. She'll fix you up with a uniform. You might want to put your ring on, if half of you is a secret. She won't tell, and typed transcripts of the interview won't show a clue. The alien in investigation's name hasn't been leaked yet, after all, and she's orange- people think she uses bad self-tanner."


"I stand corrected," he muttered.

"No, no one leaked her. I worked with her in the Teen Titans."

"Next you'll be telling me you know Batman," the chief grumbled.

"No, but I did work with his sidekick for a while. Robin is a good friend."

"Get out of my office, Officer Stone- you need to go shore up your defenses. Get a good sleep. Officer Lawrence will work you to the bone, or wire. Lawrence doesn't care worse. You'll come out of car 182 as a cop or a washout. We all want to see apolice officer- Gotham needs a few cops who can deal with costumed villains."

Victor almost felt like whistling as he left the office, but restrained the urge. There was no need to scare away potential friends in the force. The extremely shy Jenny quickly handed him a uniform- blue button-down shirt, black slacks, leather blazer with the station name scrawled beside the left lapel, an empty holster, and shoes. The gun and badge would be issued the next day, she explained hurriedly.

"I'll see you tomorrow, then."

Jenny shrugged. "I'm not in until 0900, and Officer Lawrence will issue your gun and badge."

"I'll make the effort."

She blushed scarlet and went back to her paperwork, leaving Victor to walk away, duffel bag emblazoned with GCPD in hand. That girl was shy enough to make a certain one of Raven's emotions seem outgoing, but he and Timid had gotten along. Maybe he would just have to put in a little more effort.