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Her name was Sakura, she's 17 years old, and goes to Wolfer High. She has fair white skin, golden color eyes, long, wavy, light, light pink hair with a white streak in bangs, and average body figure. Sakura loves music, drawing, her family, and anime, especially Inu Yasha. This is her story, a story that could never happen but did.

Sakura continued reading her book sitting on her bed. The room was quiet as usual the only sound was the ticking of the clock on the wall. Sakura turned away form the Inu Yasha comic in her book, 3:00 Saturday said the clock. Sakura grabbed her small blood red leather bag and began look in at its contents. It held her CD player with a few CD's, her sketchbook, two apples, a pocketknife, and her cell with a yin- yang charm, and finally her Inu Yasha comic. Sakura was wearing one of her favorite outfits her shirt was a bright red with no sleeves, along with black calf length shorts, red mocks, gold and red wrist bands, garnet chain necklace, one silver stud earring and the other a long sword like earring with a black hilt and a garnet in the blade at the top, black swirling around it.

"There it is," cried Sakura triumphantly pulled out her pencil and sketchbook.

Sakura quickly went to a clean page and slowly began to sketch.

"Sakura sweety! Your father and I are leaving now. Take care of the house while were gone," called Sakura's mother.

"Okay, don't worry," called Sakura back to her parents.

Sakura heard as her parents start up the car and drive away as she went into the kitchen, and took out a can of vanilla Pepsi, and switched on the TV. She sat down, her leather bag right beside her, as she began to finish the sketch of Sesshomaru. 'Inu Yasha: Beyond the looking glass.' began to play as Sakura to a sip of her Pepsi, let it slide down cooling her throat. Today was Sakura's parent's 7th wedding anniversary, and Sakura, for the occasion, got them reservation at the greatest restrutate she could think of 'The Melting Pot', while her father would later take her mother to the moives after dinner. So to say the least Sakura was and would be left home alone for quiet some time.

Sakura sighed heavily as she finished chugging the can.

"Alright! New record 25 sec!" cried Sakura as she crushed the can and threw it away.


Sakura looked up at the TV for the first time since turn. It was covered in static.

"What the!" said Sakura as she walked up to the TV. After a moment of glaring at the box, Sakura began to hit the stupid object calling to it. "Hey. Hey. I was watching something, even if it looked like I wasn't.'

Smoke slowly began to emmenant form the box.

"AH CRAP! I KILLED IT!" cried Sakura as the smoke increased.

The smoke quickly rose to Sakura's height and she was soon coughing. Quickly Sakura went into her bags mini pockets and brought out a handkerchief and brought it to her mouth and nose. 'This isn't smoke! … My body's going num,' thought Sakura as she slinged her bag over her shoulder and as fast as her numming body could, she went to the window to vent out some air. The air began to disperse just as Sakura past out from lack of pure air.

The TV began to glow as a figure stepped out of it. Her Black hair held together with a feather, red eyes glimmering from the light, and a fan covering her mouth, it was none other than Kagura. She bore down on Sakura on the floor with a heavy glare.

"Is she the one," questioned Kagura as she lifted the back of the girl's shirt, revealing a bra strap, and a wing shaped birthmark. "Apparently so. Kanna keep that portal open, I found the one Naraku was talking about."

Slipping her hands underneath Sakura, Kagura gently lifted her up to her shoulder and walked through the portal.

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