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Chapter 7: The others disappear, and hello Sesshomaru.

"Inuyasha calm down," said Sakura as she ran her finger through her pink hair restlessly.

"Sakura's right Inuyasha, you need to calm down," said Kagome.

"Were bound to find Naraku sooner or later," said Shippo to calm Inuyasha down.

"Sooner or Later isn't fast enough," yelled Inuyasha.

Miroku sighed, along with the others. He was going into one of his tantrums. And Sakura was getting fed up with it. Especially after traveling with his tantrums for two weeks straight.

"Listen Inuyasha. Were all itching to get a piece of Naraku, but we don't know were he is right now," said Sakura as she leaned on a boulder next to the cliff's side running her fingers frustratingly through her hair. " The best thing to do now is to find the sacred jewel shards, it might be slow but we'll find Naraku that way."

Sakura looked up at her friends to see why they hadn't responded to her, only to see all of them gone.

"HUH?!" cried Sakura as she went to see where her friends went. They had completely vanished.

All that stood before her was and endless landscape of grassy green fields the wind blowing lightly in the breeze to the east, ruffling her light pink hair. She could feel her eyes widen as big as saucer plates. 'I'm alone!' thought Sakura in panic as she jumped off the boulder. Her head swung form side to side in attempt to find any trace of her friends. Though not a thing was left behind.

"I'm in trouble," muttered Sakura as he looked down at her still bandaged hand.


Naraku stared into the mirror of his daughter Kanna! He watched as Inuyasha and his comrade fell through the hole to another world. He could even sense the worlds pull their energies to take them. Nadil was not going to be happy when he finds out, which would probably be soon. Not like Naraku really cared about how happy the famed Demon Lord would be, still it wasn't fun to be around Nadil when he was truly Po'ed especial since it was a rare occurrence and it would take special skill even fore Naraku. But whatever had called the group would shortly bring them back, Naraku would see to that. In the meantime however he'd probably have to stay at Nadil's castle for while. Pity it would be such a good time to capture Sakura alive, but reporting back to Nadil took priorities.

(AN//: Okay I know this part is probably super confusing right now. That's because I sort of tied this part of the story to another story of mine, aka Divine Knight. There Inuyasha help the Dragon Knights, whom make an appearance in another of my stories Luna Problem that is also tied to that story but I haven't got to that part yet. Any way if your wondering whom Nadil is, he is he Demon King of the world Dusis and constantly wages war with they Dragon tribe. You seriously don't want to tick him off, cause even when he's happy and having a good day, Nadil literally screws everyone, and sometimes even the reader! Anyway Naraku and Darcia are working with him to take down the Divine Dragon Knight, Ryu Kami, to gain dominion over the worlds, which is bad for us. Sephiroth is in the story too, and he fixes up his head and becomes the Forest Dragon Knight in my fanfic, and then goes to help in Luna Problems, but way later! Okay I think that explains enough, but if you have anymore questions let me know and I'll answer it for you. Either way I still get the desired affect. Inuyasha and the others are gone.)

'Still is the opportunity still worth giving up?' thought Naraku as he lightly stroked his chin. Could he trust a horde of demons to capture the girl and keep her alive at the same time. 'Even if she did die I could always take her to that Alchemist. The one Nadil mentioned… Kharl, he'd revive her in a heartbeat,' thought Naraku. Kanna watched intently silently awaiting her orders as usual.

"Kanna, get the demons ready," ordered Naraku as he picked up his baboon cloak and put it on, " I want them to capture that girl, preferable alive by the time I get back."

"Where will you be going," asked Kanna lifelessly.

"Nadil's, he'll want to know about Inuyasha. I be back as soon as he is," grunted Naraku then he turned to Kanna again before disappearing in a black hole, " Maybe I'll get you some fairy flesh."


Sesshomaru could feel his eyes widen, as the wind no longer carried the scent. He slowly turned to the east, staring at he landscape. He had sent Jaken to help Rin get something to eat a while ago but it would still take them quite sometime to get back. This couldn't wait, besides Jaken would take care of Rin while he was gone. He had to find out, He had to find out why his wretched younger brother's scent was no longer there. And what was this new scent? It was unlike anything he ever smelled before. Sesshomaru felt the clouds cushioned under his feet, lifting him into the air and taking him to where his brother was last. It didn't take long, only an hour or two before he reached his destination, and just as he suspected there was no Inuyasha. Curiously Sesshomaru roars a delicate eyebrow as he saw the pink hair girl form before. 'Why is she here?' questioned Sesshomaru as he began his decent.

Looked around wildly, she was absolutely unsure of what to do, hoping that some inspiration would hit her. But none came, and Inuyasha and the others were still gone, and the sun was getting low. The last thing Sakura wanted was to be stuck out in the wilderness, in a world full of demons at night. Sakura hadn't even moved form her spot since they left which probably wasn't the smartest thing in the universe. The wind blew through the cliff walls make Sakura shiver. 'It's cold,' thought Sakura looking up at the sky.

"You. Where is Inuyasha?"

Sakura literally jumped out of her skin as she heard the deep voice right behind her. She hadn't even heard footsteps, which meant it was probably a demon. Slowly Sakura turned to face the demon. There he stood in all his fluffy glory, Sesshomaru. Sakura sighed a bit in relieve, it was a familiar face, even if he was dangerous and didn't know her. Sesshomaru stared down at her for second in recognition.

"Your that girl, that gave Rin her apple," began Sesshomaru, "Tell me where is Inuyasha."

"If you're here to fight him, he not here," began Sakura, earning a glare form Sesshomaru. Well duh, he could see he wasn't there for that! " He and the others were here a while ago, but they disappeared out of thin air."

"Don't be ridiculous!" snapped Sesshomaru, " No one could disappear out of thin air."

Sakura could feel her own features scrunch into a glare at the man, and she opened her mouth to make some witty remark, her legs preparing to bolt if he got really tick and decided to kill her. Unfortunately the comment was never made because Sakura was interrupted by a horrible screeching noise. The two looked up at the sky to see on the horizon a horde of demons jumping out of the forest. The Typical Naraku trick that he always had in store. 'DOESN'T HIS ARMY EVER DEPLETE!!!!'' thought Sakura angrily. She looked down at her bandage hands and painfully curled them in to fist as she prepared to face them.

"Move your in the way," said Sesshomaru pushing Sakura to the side as he placed his hand on his sword Tokigen.

"Don't treat me like a child," snapped Sakura as she stood right beside him getting back into her fight, feeling unrealistically bold, "Arrogate demon, your all the same. Those are Naraku's demon. I need information out of at least one of them!"

"You'll only be in the way!" hissed Sesshomaru, " How far do you plan on going if you don't even have a weapon."

Sakura turned to face him as the demons began to approach dangerously close. Sakura could almost fell herself jump in surprise as a transmutation circle appeared in her minds eye. Well if it worked in Full Metal Alchemist, then why couldn't work here too! Sakura faced the demons again as she clapping her had together, wincing a little. She felt the surge of electricity circulate through her arms and sprout around her as she slammed her hands to the ground. Sakura could literally feel the elements pull towards her, changing and modeling to her liking. She had to pull them out before they exploded under the heat and pressure. Sakura lifted her hand up as she began to stand, the beginnings of a silver pole following her hand only a few inches away. With a jerk Sakura grabbed the pole and yank the rest of the scythe out of the ground. The metal felt unnaturally warm beneath her grip.

"Any more complaints," asked Sakura glancing at the demon whom watched her with mild, surprised, curiosity.

And with a satisfied smirk Sakura charged facing the demon in front of her. It was amazing how easily it was to slice through it, her blade leaving a trail of steam off the carcasses. Distantly she could see Sesshomaru fighting at his own pace. It felt weird to be fighting, and to add to the abnormality of it all it was demons she was fight, one of which was fight along beside her. Sakura watched ruthlessly as blood spewed in her face.


"Lily run! It's them!!! Get Sakura way form here!" cried Sakura's father as he shoved Sakura's mother and Sakura out the back door.


"Sakura your hairs such a pretty white, don't let the children at school discourage you because of this. They're just jealous that they're not as special," said Sakura's mother as she fingered Sakura's hair.


"Sakura do you know why Cherry or Sakura blossoms are that light color pink?" asked Lily to a young Sakura who shook her head no.

"It's because our ancestor made it so," explained Lily, "She was so devastated by the death of her love that she made it so that Sakura Trees suck the blood of those that die beneath it to a reminder to the world of what they did to her love. And so she escaped to here with her unborn child, giving up her most precious trait so she could join her love when she died, and pray that her direct descendent would hold to the promises she and her love were forced to leave behind."


Sakura crept around a corner of the hall. Her parents had sent her to bed too early and they knew it. Her curiosity and gotten the best of her. She could hear parents talking in the kitchen.

"Are you sure?" asked Sakura's father nervously.

"I'm sure of it, Roy," replied Lily.

"But still, could your family history really," began Roy but he was cut off.

"Yes. You saw it with your own eyes too! Sakura is a direct descendent!"


Sakura watched in horror as her parents lay in a pool of blood. Her knees buckled under her as she collapsed in the pool. She watched her hair vaguely as it began to soak up the blood and turn pink. That was it! She'd dye her hair pink for them.


"It's such a tragedy," whispered someone behind Sakura's back.

"It's their fault for going to a war zone in the first place!" argued another.

"They were doctors! What could you expect!"

"Though it's not what happened to that freaks me out."

"What is?"

"Its what happened to the solider that killed them that scares me."

"What happened to him?"

"Well his buddies apparently saw the whole thing and claim that a bunch of foxes appeared out of nowhere and attacked the guy. He killed a few but they all attacked him so furiously that he eventually bleed to death."

"And his friends watched this happen without doing anything,"

"That where it gets even weirder. Apparently they couldn't get nearer because all these roots would wrap around they're legs and prevent them from getting closer."

"Roots? Now they must've been drunk if they're saying stupid things like that?"

"Still it all seems strange to me."


"Are you Sakura Wolf," said a young man lean next to Sakura.

"Yes," answered Sakura.

"I'm Daisuke Yukimura. I'm a close friend of your father. Perhaps you remember me?" asked Daisuke as Sakura shook her head yes, "Good. Your father asked me to take care of you should anything bad happen to him or Lily."

Sakura violently shook her head to throw back the memories. The sight of the blood must've brought it all back to her. But she couldn't allow herself to lose focus now! Not in the middle of a battle! Sakura looked up in time to see things take for the worst; apparently her blank out had taken longer than she thought. Roughly she pulled at her scythe and continued to hack away.

"Stupid girl!" yelled Sesshomaru as he jumped behind her and slashed at something.

Sakura saw a demon crumple beneath his sword, one she had missed seeing. If it had attacked it would have killed her. But the apparent distraction was all the demons need as a blade entered Sesshomaru's chest and slice clean through. Sakura's eyes widened in surprise as he fell to his knees his hand over his chest to slow the blood flow.

"Hey are you okay," asked Sakura urgently as she turned to him.

A bright light filled the air as they both turned to look at the source. But it was already too late as it pushed the two off. Sakura's foothold completely disappeared as she fell down the cliff Sesshomaru right beside her. Her coniousness began to ebb away as she closed her eyes. The last thing she could remember feeling was a warm hand grabbing her and pull her into an embrace, a wet sticky fluid sticking onto her clothes.

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