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Last time on buffy:

Dawn, alone, crying on her bed

Anya and Xander standing in living room, ' We're getting married!'

Tara: I don't think this is gonna work.

Willow: Are you saying you're leaving me?

Buffy and spike in abandoned house. 'I'm in love with you!' he says.

'You're in love with pain!' she replies.

'I don't need you, slayer!' says spike, to Buffy.

'It's over between us.' Says buffy.

Wolf howl

Theme song

Buffy shoved the last spoon of cereal into her mouth, and headed for the door. 'Bye dawn! Be good!' she yelled before slamming the door shut behind her. She was on her way to her work, the doublemeat palace, a skanky fast-food restaurant in the centre of town.

Dawn sighed and lay on her bed. 'Uh! It's not fair! Buffy goes off, yet again, leaving me in the house, alone.' She turned over. ' Well, not really, Willow and Tara are coming over to keep me company!'

Just then the phone rang. She ran to get it. 'Hello! You have reached the summers household, I'm dawn, and you are?'

'Dawnie? Is that you?' It was Willow.

'Oh hi Willow! What's up?'

'Uh, Dawnie, I'm gonna have to cancel on you.'

'What! Why!'

'Uh, I've got to study. I've got this test and---'

'Don't worry. I understand. At least I'll have Tara.'

'Um, no. Tara's gone to study too. She told me to tell you. See, at least we're talking now!'

'Good for you.' Dawn struggled to keep the disappointment out of her voice.

'Oh Dawnie! I'm sorry! I'll make it up to you!'

'Don't need to worry about me.'

'Dawnie! You know I----'

'I'm fine. Bye' she hung up.

She flopped on her bed once more. 'What is there to do?' she thought. Nothing. Everyone had abandoned her, again. She was lonely. It wasn't the first time someone bailed on her. They did this on a regular basis! They had to pay. Maybe she could hide Willow's spell book. She didn't need it anyway, now that she had given up the art. She crept into Willow's room. After a few minutes of poking around, she found it. She placed it down on the bed. She opened it to a random page. There, in the centre of the page, was a spell, named the happy families spell. Dawn looked at it. 'Oooohhhh!' she said. 'Useful.' She began to read aloud.

I want to find, I want to see,

Myself in a happy family,

With those I love, and those who are close,

Turn them, with this magick, to the family I want most

With that she stood up, and headed for her room, taking the book with her.

Meanwhile, on her way to work, Buffy took a detour into the cemetery. Even though it was daytime, the sun wasn't out. Suddenly something grabbed her from behind, and yanked her into a nearby crypt. She was turned around and found herself facing, Spike, the vampire.

'Going somewhere, slayer?'

'Spike not now!'

'What do you mean?'

'I don't have time, Spike!'

'What? Oh! No, buffy, I don't think about it all the time. But, you, me, all alon—'

'Eewww! No!'

'Fine. What I was gonna tell you, was that- BUFFY DUCK!'

She did as she was told, and found an arrow narrowly miss her cheek. She turned around to see a demon facing her. It was quite tall, and its mottled skin was a bluey-greeny colour. It had feathers jutting out from the top of her head, which sat next a hat, and its already ugly face was twisted into an even uglier scowl. She ran at it full speed and delivered a blow to it's stomach. It doubled over, but in a second jumped up again and punched Buffy so hard; she went flying across the room. Spike, meanwhile, was trying to work out what kind of demon it was. 'Hmmm… Oh! It's a Gnar'fn Demon. Something about head, oh! BUFFY DON'T KNOCK HIS HAT! OR---' Too late Buffy had delivered a flying kick to the demon's hat. Suddenly their world went black.

Dawn set the book down on her desk and tapped it randomly. She left the room. Suddenly green light filled the room, and the rest of Sunnydale. Everyone was frozen as the light engulfed everybody.

Spike got up and brushed himself off. Buffy was doing the same. 'Where are we?' she asked.

'In a bog.' Spike said sarcastically. 'Where do you think we are, pet!'

She shrugged.

'In another bloody dimension!'

'What! How do we get back?'

'By finding the demon's hat.'

'Ok. What about the demon?'

'He'll try to stop you by trying to kill you'

'OK, you find the hat, I fight.'

'Wrong love, I fight, you find.'

'Fine!' She stormed off, searching for the hat, whilst Spike began to fight the approaching demon.

It took some time to find the hat, but she did. Instantly, she and Spike were sent back to his crypt. Coincidently, they landed on his bed. He wiggled his eyebrows, indicating.'

'Eeww! No!' she got off and went home. But, as soon as she got out of the crypt, she was overcome with a greenish glow, but it passed after a second, Spike too, had been overcome by the light.

'What the bloody hell was that!' he yelled, then collapsed on the floor, just like Buffy.

Xander and Anya were in the magic shop with Giles. Willow and Tara were studying for their test on the antique table. Xander was telling bad jokes, boring Giles and Anya out of their brains.

'So I said, d'ya know what I said? I said-'

But he never got to finish his joke, as the green light poured in through the window. Everyone was frozen, whilst slowly, their memories where being erased. They awoke from their trance, and Giles said, 'I always knew that Xander's jokes will be the death of us all!' Before all of them fainted.

Buffy woke up from her sleep. She felt refreshed and felt much better then she had in ages. She turned over to find Spike- Spike! What the hell was Spike doing in her bed! She kicked him off. He landed with a thud on the floor.

'What the!' he yelped. 'Wait a minute, what the hell am I doing here!'

Buffy jumped out of her bed and stared at him. He stood up, on the other side of the bed and stared at her.

'So,' she said 'You don't know why we're here?'

'No. Am I s'posed to?'

'No, it's just, I don't know either. The last thing I remember, is coming out the dimension thingy.'

'Huh. Same. Where's everybody else?'

'I don't know. I'll check.' She turned towards the door.

'Wait! Buffy, what's that on your finger?'

She looked down. 'Huh?' On her finger was a ring, with a massive diamond on it. It looked like a wedding ring. She shook her head. 'I, I don't remember. Spike, am I married?'

'Not that I know of, why don't you look on the inside of the ring? It might have a name.'

'Good point.' She took off the ring and looked on the inside. Sure, enough, there was a message. She read aloud:

'For you, from William.' She was puzzled. 'William? Oh gosh!' she turned around. 'You! You're William!' she pointed at Spike. 'And I…..' she pulled a face. 'Am your wife!'

'No need to look so unhappy, love. I'm not that bad!'

'Yes. Yes you are. I'm gonna see Willow, and Xander, and-'

'Pet, you can't do that! You don't know what's on the other side of that door! They may have been affected. You can't go and scream bloody Mary to them! They'll send you to a mental institute!'

'Ok, but don't get any ideas. I told you we are over.'

'I know. But…. Hey? What if we have to look convincing? You know,' he pointed to the ring. 'You know play the part, act 'married.'

'Then, then we'll look convincing, but I won't mean any of it.'

'Sounds good to me.'

Buffy grimaced. She was about to about the door, when Anya bustled in with her duster and vacuum. 'Oh! Miss Summers! I was just about to wake you up! And you, Mr. Summers.'

'What the!' Spike couldn't help but say.

'Excuse me, is there something wrong, Mr Summers?'

'Um yes, what did you call me?'

'Mr Summers, sir.'


'Mr. William Summers, sir.'

'Okay…..' He then remembered that they were supposed to act as if everything was normal, even though, to him and Buffy, everything was not. 'Oh yeah! Sorry, just tired, you know?'

Anya smiled. 'I know how you feel, Mr Summers.'

Buffy piped up, 'Um, Anya, could you give me and sp- I mean, William a moment, please? Me and my ………husband need to talk. '

'Of course!' Anya hurried out of the room, and shut it behind her.

'What was that!' she burst out.

'Um, I think, Anya is our maid.'

'Oh gosh.' Buffy looked away. Suddenly, she realised, that this wasn't her room. Well, not really. It had the same bedspread, but it seemed, bigger, and had way more stuff in it. Lot's of expensive stuff. Was she rich?

'Spike, look around. My room's different. Where are we!'

He was about to open the curtain, but stopped. He turned to look at her, looking abit sheepish. 'Vampire, remember?'

She crossed the room to the window, and looked out. The street looked normal, but her garden seemed bigger, with lovely flowers, and plants, that hadn't been there before. 'Spike, are you a vampire?'

'Buffy, are you feeling alright?'

'No, since, things have changed here, are you still a vampire?'

'I'll check.'

'How? Are you just gonna walk into the sun?'

'That's the plan.'

'You'll get yourself killed!'

'I'm already dead.'

'But you'll get dusted.'

'Well I'm not gonna stick around, am I?'

Spike stepped out of the shadows, and into the sunlight. Nothing happened. 'Hey!' he said. 'I'm a day-walker!'

'A what?'

'A day-walker. A vampire that can walk in sunlight.'

'Oh. But that doesn't mean you are a vampire. Maybe holy water will work.' She went to her cupboard. Thankfully, something she recognised. Her eyes ran past her clothes. They were all there. She spotted her chest at the bottom of the cupboard. She opened it, and proceeded to open the false bottom, to find her collection of stakes, weapons, vials of holy water, and other macabre objects. But there was nothing there. She searched her cupboard. Nothing there. What! Where is my stuff! She thought frantically.

'Spike,' she called. 'I can't see anything.

'What do you mean, pet?'

'All my stuff, it's gone!'

'Have you looked everywhere?'


'Is there anything else that you may have, that'll show that you're the slayer?'

Buffy got up and searched through her clothes. She found her 'patrol clothes' Normally, they were covered in dried blood that won't come out, or specks of dust that had latched onto her clothing whilst slaying. But her clothes were immaculate. There were no stains to be seen.

'Spike! I don't think I'm the slayer here!'

'Crap. Okay, let's go outside, and talk to people. Hey! I've got an idea.'

He told her quickly, before letting a slightly impatient Anya to clean their room.

The pair walked into the kitchen. Xander, Giles, Tara and Willow were there.

'Buffy!' Xander said. 'Good sleep?'

'Uh, I guess.' Following Spike's ridiculous plan, she collapsed on the floor. Everyone hurried around her. Spike rushed to her side.

'Buffy! Speak to me! Speak to me!' he gave her the signal, and she 'woke' up.

'Where am I?' she said. 'Who am I?'

'I think she has amnesia.' Spike said.

'Your name is Buffy. You are my wife.' He looked around at everyone. 'Help me explain. It might trigger her memory.'

Willow spoke up. 'Buffy, this is William, your husband, I am Willow, your sister. This is Xander, Williams, brother, and this is Gramps, our dad.'

Spike nodded. 'I see.' Everyone looked at him. He turned away.

Xander continued.

'Buffy, you are a real estate agent, and Will, is an accountant. He-'


'Will, what's up with you?' Xander commented.

'Uh, nothing. Just got a um, headache.'

Xander made a 'whatever' face and carried on.

'You have a lovely daughter, Dawn, and she is 15. Um, I'm an accountant, and Willow is a computer scientist. I think that's it.'

'Yeah.' Put in Willow. 'All done.'

'Wow! It's a miracle!' Buffy smiled. 'I remember! I'm Buffy Summers! And I've got nothing to do with slaying, vampires, demon, and other beasties. I'm free!'

The others looked at her weirdly.

'Maybe you should lie down, Buffy.' Giles said. 'And you too, Spike. You are acting rather odd.'

'No! I'm fine. Actually, I'll drop Buffy to work right now. Yeah, to her office. Bye!' he left the room, dragging Buffy with him.

He found a car in the driveway, smashed a window, and got in. Buffy did the same, and sat down in the driver's seat. They sped off, with Xander running after them, screaming 'That's my car!'

Buffy rummaged around in the compartment, searching for a map. It occurred to her, that they were still in their nighties, save for Spike, who only had pyjama bottoms.

They quickly turned around and headed for home. They quickly got in, but were immediately surrounded by their 'family' They stopped in their tracks. Xander stepped forward. 'We want answers, and we want them now.'

fade to Black.


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