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Giles voice: Last time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Spike: 'Niblet? Daddy, You always call me your darling, or princess!'

Spike: 'Uh, aren't you a bit old for those stu- those um… names? I mean, you ARE a teenager…Heck, when I was your age, I-'

Xander: 'You know, I'm kinda worried about William, Buff and Dawnie,'

'I mean, they said it was a joke, but all of them? They've been acting soo weird, I dunno if they're joking, or not, but…'

Dawn: She smiled. 'Daddy? Can we go shopping? Pretty please?' She blinked her eyes at him.

Spike: 'Uh, yeah. Ok then.' Aaaaahhhhhh! Bloody hell! What was wrong with his mouth? He couldn't control it! Shopping? What?


Wolf Howl

Theme Song

Buffy sat on her hospital bed, watching the hands of the clock inch, slowly, round. Where had Spike and Dawn gone?

She was desperate to know. To know if Dawn was safe, and, maybe, Spike was ok too. After all, he couldn't look after himself anymore, as he was human. Mere human.

She sighed. How was she going to get out? She hated this hospital, with all the super-sweet nurses, and the terrible food. She wanted to get out of there, and fast. She could, stand, and her wounds were healing already. She had no reason to stay. Well, they were releasing her tonight, but, she couldn't wait that long.

So…. What are you waiting for, slayer? Escape….

She heard Spike's voice in her head. Man, was he going to haunt her everywhere she went?

But, she took 'his' advice, and broke the window, escaping. But, she wasn't stupid enough to not change back into the clothes Willow had got her, on a recent shopping spree in the mall. She ran out, Pulling on some shoes, and she legged it, home.

His life flashed before his eyes. He was dying, being suffocated by a whirling mass of pinks and purples. He tried to scream, but no sound came out. There were brats everywhere, buying several items, it hurt his eyes. He was used to the dark, not, not, this!

Spike grabbed Dawn by the collar, and yanked her out of the shop, yelling: 'Don't worry, niblet! I'LL SAVE YOU!' She squealed, enjoying the ride.

He huffed, panting. Now, outside, his head felt clearer. He was never, ever going to go there again.

Dawn sighed, but, had managed to buy a lot in that time. She went off, with her dad, home.

"I'm gonna be scarred for the rest of my bloody undead life!"

"Buffy? What are doing! You should be in the hospital!"

"Um….." Buffy cursed herself. Caught.

"We weren't supposed to pick you up, until tonight!"

"Um, yeah, I know, but, I er, told the doctor how much I SOO didn't want to be there, and he offered to drop me home!"

Xander raised his eyebrows. "Really?"

"Yeah! See, look outside, you might catch a glimpse of his car as he goes away!"

She turned to the window. "No, he's gone" she smiled brightly. "Now, I have to go, and have a shower!"

She headed off, leaving a dumbstruck Xander behind.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Dawn and Will arrived, carrying numerous shopping bags.

"Ahh… You took her to the mall! Good for you, what did you buy? Something good I hope!"

Will glared at him, and headed up stairs. "Bloody famiy…" he muttered.

Dawn smiled at her 'uncle'. Look! I bought loads of things! I would have bought more, but Daddy didn't want to stay there any longer."

Xander smiled. At least something was normal.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" he heard a shriek. He ran towards the kitchen, to find, the maid, standing on a chair, screaming her head off.

"What? What is it?"

"Um. Theres a small, insect like, thing, crawling up the table leg!"

"Anya, that's an ant. Here… you smush the ant." He said, doing so, with his hand. "Like so" (Sorry to all those bug-lovers!)

"Thankyou!" She said, getting down. "Look! There's another one!"

"Ok, you try that one."

She crept up to it. "Smush!" She cried, whacking the ant, with a tremendous force, causing it to wobble.

"Uh.. not that hard."

"Ok. Got it." She went off, her hands at the ready, to kill any more intruders.

Xander shook his head. She had always bee like that. Maybe it was because she was foreign. Maybe where she came from, there were no ants. Well, wherever that was, he wanted to be there," he said, 'smushing' another ant.

But, she did act strange. As if, she wasn't human.

Maybe she was an alien…….

He shook his head again, and sat down to watch some American football. "Ahhh…. This is the life…."

Fade to black

To be continued

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