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Chapter 16/Epilogue

Kira's P.O.V…

My head hurt. A lot. So did the rest of my body. Every piece of me was throbbing with a dull ache, as if I was one large bruise instead of a person. Just moving a finger caused little tremors of pain to dance through my arm, which then caused my head to hurt more. The only respite I got was when I was perfectly still and absolutely silent. The nauseous feelings were killing me, as well.

It's been three weeks since Anexis had been sealed away by Hiei and me. From what Botan told me, Koenma had finally gotten his ass in gear and sent some of the ogres to find Uremeshi and the rest of us.

When the "search party" had found us, it had already been two days. "You were lucky," Botan had said, "that you didn't bleed out. From that new scar of yours, you must've shed quite a lot of blood as it was." The scar was wider and more ragged than I remember the wound being, but I couldn't see it then. Hell, I can't see it now. For all I know, my sense of touch was just messing with my head.

After the ogres had rushed us all to the Healer's Hall in Spirit World, we had supposedly been worked on for hours. Botan herself had a broken arm. Uremeshi ended up with a few new scars and a concussion. Kuwabara's ribs were shattered, as were Kurama's. And Yukina had sprained a wrist and an ankle, plus a concussion. All of them had some short term memory loss from being deprived of oxygen. Both Hiei and I had suffered from severe blood loss. Hiei had come away with some other physical wounds and then there was my blindness.

As one of the Healers had explained to me, my blindness was a result of frying my nervous system when I shattered the anchor stone. I will be blind for the rest of my life.

In all honesty, I don't know how to feel about it. I will never see some of the more beautiful things the world has to offer, like sunsets, but I will gain heightened hearing and smell. I could hone my spiritual awareness in order to compensate for my new disability. I'm still trying to figure out if being blind is negative, positive, or just one of those gray areas that will confuse you until you have a migraine.

A stabbing pain in my head told me to shut up.

"Ouch…" I muttered, resisting the urge to rub at my skull with a hand.

The door creaked open and someone entered my room quietly. I recognized the delicate footsteps that still portrayed a slight limp, and slowly relaxed the muscles that had tensed up in surprise. Besides blindness and a sore body, I had also developed a nervous twitch. Kuwabara had laughed at me until I'd thrown a fork at his head. The only time my pain seemed to ebb was when I was pissed off at someone.

"Hey, Yukina," I greeted the Ice Maiden, "How are you feeling?"

"Better," she answered gently. I heard cloth rustle as she sat down on the stool that was reportedly next to my bed. Taking my hand between hers, she continued, "How are your injuries?"

I smiled at where I thought she was. "Injuries have basically healed, but I'm still sore as hell and a bit nauseous. Tired too."

She stilled immediately, I could feel it. "Nauseous and tired? Have you been sleeping well? Eating?"

Frowning now, I answered slowly, "I've been having a couple of nightmares here and there, but that never bothered me before. And I have no idea why I'm feeling so sick."

"Has the nauseousness started recently?"

"Um… Well, yes, actually."

Yukina was quiet for a long while and I found that I was extremely apprehensive. Why was she being so serious about this? Was there something wrong?

She took a deep breath and said, "I have something to tell you."

"What?" My voice was as calm as hers, even though alarm bells were screaming inside me. I could tell that my expression was alarmed.

Then she laughed softly. "I'm sorry, Kira, I must have you so nervous, being so serious. It's not bad news, I give you my word!"

I wanted to kill her. "But what is it?"

If I could've seen her, I'm pretty sure I would find her beaming as she said, "Kira, you're going to have a child!"

Eight years later…

A resounding crash greeted my ears as I walked into the temple, followed by the sounds of arguing. Sighing, I slid the door shut and pulled off my jacket, automatically feeling for the hook to hang it up. I followed the voices until I entered one of the sword dojos, immediately detecting a broken vase on the floor.

Placing my hands on my hips, I demanded, "Kiba, Hitomi! What is going on here?"

My children stopped arguing quickly and I knew that they were looking at each other guiltily. One benefit of being a blind mother is that I don't get those puppy looks that would undoubtedly melt my resolve. The down side was that I didn't get to see when they began to cook up a good alibi or excuse.

"It was his fault," Hitomi accused her twin.

Simultaneously, Kiba had also laid the blame, "She did it!"

I sighed, groaning inwardly. "Well, I know the perfect solution then. You both did it, so you will both clean it up."

"But Mom!" they protested together. I could imagine their identical red eyes flashing. They had eyes just like their father.

I held up a hand, "No buts. Aunt Yukina is coming to visit today, so do you want her to have to walk over the sharp pieces?"

"Aunt Yukina's coming?" Hitomi asked hopefully.

"And Uncle Kazuma?" Kiba added.

"Yes, they are. Now hurry up!" I turned them both around and nudged them in their backs. "Scoot!"

They ran giggling to grab a broom and dustpan.

"They're growing up quickly," a man said from behind me.

"And they're growing up strong. They'll be coming into they're powers soon. Kiba has already demonstrated an astounding skill at swordplay. He takes after you, Hiei."


I smiled and chuckled, "You really need to expand your vocabulary."

"Shut up, woman." His voice was flat, but I knew he was smirking. I could feel it from his thought patterns.

Hiei showed up every now and then, never staying longer than an hour or two. We had an unspoken agreement that the children would know that he was their father and that he was a Fire Apparition. After all, it's nothing to be ashamed of. I want them to know their father, since I know what it's like to lose not one, but two. He never said it, but I know that he comes to check on them.

I was about to ask him if he was going to stick around for dinner and annoy Kuwabara, which (he says) never gets old, when I smelled something bitter in the air. Sniffing lightly, I asked Hiei, "Do you smell that?"

"Yes… It smells like-"

"MOM!" Kiba yelled from the hall, "Hitomi did it again!"

"Smoke," I finished tiredly for Hiei. I glared at him. "I blame this behavior on you."

I exited the room to put out the fire my daughter had ended up lighting. The hall rug was burning hotly.

Hiei came up behind me and sniped, "Me? You're the pyromaniac."

I resisted the urge to stick out my tongue and go "nah". Instead, I replied as maturely as I could, "Fine, she gets burning things from both of us."


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