THERAPY: For Those Less Fortunate in Anime

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But before I do begin, I have decided that it wasn't fair if you don't really understand or heard of this anime/person so I must make a little biography…

The person I am doing today is from Inuyasha: The whole anime is about a girl, Kagome, who finds a well that goes into a feudal era. Kinda like a time traveler. There, she meets up with a half/demon, Inuyasha that was pinned to a tree because a priestess, Kikyou, put him up there for fifty years, because she thought that Inuyasha destroyed her village, but it was actually Naraku, another half/demon. This is whom I will be doing today. Naraku is one of the main villains of the story. Without him, the whole anime would be pointless. Thanks to him, people and demons were manipulated. He has weird powers where he can make strange 'people' come out of his body! He is all around creepy and pure evil, so that's why I must do him in therapy…now we will start.

A door opened outside of an office to reveal me. I looked around, noticing that none of my patients were here yet. I sighed as I sat down in my desk, looking at my clipboard where it told me whom I was to help.

"Let's see, my first anime character I'm going to help today is…supposedly Naraku from Inuyasha!" I said, looking at the door to find that two people were holding the half-demon, Naraku.

Naraku got pushed into office where he gave his nastiest evil/death glares to the people who pushed him in.

"Please have a seat," I told him while pointing to the seat in front of me.

"Make me," he said darkly, waiting to see what I would do.

"SIT DOWN!" I roared right in his face.

"You know you have incredibly bad breath?" he noted.

"I don't care if there's cabbage stuck in my teeth, sit –"

"Now that cha' mention it –"

"Just. Sit. Down. It's. Not. The. End. Of. The. World," I said through gritted teeth.

"Fine then touchy, touchy," he muttered. But, unlike what I expected him to do, he sat right next to the chair, meaning, he sat on the floor.

I gave him a look of questioning. "And you can't sit on the chair because…" I asked, confused by this.

"Because it's mocking me," Naraku said glaring at the seat, as I sighed.

"It hasn't been five minutes and it's he's been such a hassle. Five minutes. Five freaking minutes people!" I muttered to myself.

"Naraku, unlike your little feudal era, where things where possibly alive, in this era, seats don't jump up to do the swing!" I calmly told him.

"That's what you know," he said.

'At least I tried,' I thought to myself, continuing on.

"We have a lot of work to do. A lot," I muttered, while looking down into my clipboard.

"Ok Naraku, I'm going to ask you an important question. What is your goal in life?"

"To ruin everybodies lives and rule the world," he quickly answered. Too quickly…

"Let me guess. You've been anticipating that question for awhile, am I right?" I asked him.

"Of course! Every night before I go to bed, I sit in front of the mirror and practice," he said, jumping from his seat and walking in a straight line back and forth.

"To ruin everybodies life and rule the world!" he said in a normal voice. "To ruin thee lives of everyone and rule thy world," he now said in a British accent.

"To ruin…kukukuku…everyone's…kukukuku…life AND RULE THE WORLD! MWHAHAHA!" he cackled.

"Um…Naraku?" I asked. Could this guy get anymore creepier?

"Fo' shizzle, dawg. Me wants to ruin me homefry's life and to keep it on the flip side, to rule the hot dawgie world. Fo' shor'," he said in a gangsta voice, keeping his arms in motion like everyone has seen on rap music videos.

I sighed. Apprently he can.

"What up y'all! Y'all gonna like this for I am someday going to ruin ch'alls lives and y'all better watch out for meh', because I'm going to rule cha's world!" He now said in a Texas accent.

"Naraku can you please—"

"Yo' man! Welcome to paradise, man, for I am about to ruin all of ya's lives and take over the world. Yeah man!" he now had a Jamaican accent.

"Do not overestimate me, girlfriend. I will ruin your life honey. Don't you forget—"

"NARAKU!" I yelled over him. Geez…

"What? You asked," he declared.

"I didn't expect to get a story," I grumbled. "Now sit down. We have a lot of work to do…"

Naraku sat down as I went to my closet in the back of the office.

Naraku made sure I was gone, laughed evilly, and got out a voodoo doll of Inuyasha. He started to take pins from his pocket and constantly poke the doll with the needle.

"Now, Naraku—" I started as I came back to the room with a bunny in my hands. "What in the world are you doing?" Naraku quickly hid the doll behind his back.

"Now, Naraku. You can't hide anything from me…" I scolded. Naraku sighed.

"Ok, ok. It's a voodoo doll of Inuyasha. There! Satisfied?" He held up the Inuyasha voodoo doll from his back to prove it.

"Well then…since it's Inuyasha, I didn't see anything. Got that?" I asked him, winking. He nodded happily.

I walked towards him, and handed him the bunny I had in my hands. I walked towards my desk.

"Now Naraku, this is a bunny and I want to watch you and what you do with--" I started, then stopped.

"NO! NARAKU!" I yelled. There was Naraku, next to the window and sent the bunny to it's doom, hundreds of buildings downwards.

"NARAKU! Are you an idiot? THAT WAS MY ONLY BUNNY! What in seven hells is wrong with you!" I shouted at him, who didn't really care that he just threw the bunny out the window.

"It was too cute for my liking," he simply stated. I clenched my fists.

"So you decided to throw it off A BIULDING!"


I bit my tongue, trying my best to not throw him off the building. We wouldn't want that 'accident' now would we? ;)

"Let's do something else," I stated, still mad. Does anyone realize how much that bunny cost—I mean, does anyone know that that bunny had feelings?

"Do we have to?" Naraku asked

"Well if you didn't throw the bunny out the window…NONE OF THIS WOULD OF HAPPENED!" I yelled at him, who was cringing.

I sat in my chair in front of my desk. "I now will show you some ink blobs and you will tell me what you see." I got some ink blobs from my desk's drawers, and held them up for Naraku to see.

"Ink? Paper?" he guessed. I mean that is what they're made of.

"No, no, no! Your supposed to say what it looks like!" I tried to explain, while he nodded.

"Ok ok. Let's see. A person being stabbed? Yes, that's it!"

I actually looked at it, trying to see how could he have gotten a person being stabbed, but just shook my head, knowing that this part of therapy could have no wrong answers. I held up the next one.



"Me conquering the world."

"Don't you see anything besides violent stuff," I interrupted, getting annoyed.

"Nope," he smiled brightly, making me almost lose control of my anger.

"Grrrrrr…" I grumbled, controlling my anger, and held up even more.


"Villages being burnt to the ground."

This was starting to annoy the hell out of me, so I got a picture of Kikyou and held it up, wanting to know if he was stupid enough, knowing that this had only one answer and it did have wrong answers.

"Kikyou dying by my hands! MWHAHAHA!" he cackled, as I had to draw the line right then and there.

No one, and I mean NO ONE ever insults my favorite character, and gets away with it.

"What? That's it! You're dead!" I shouted, my eyes turning red. I was going into killer mode!

Naraku apparently saw this, moving backwards.

"Um…I think I hear Kagura. COMING KAGURA!" Naraku yelled, while jumping off the floor and trying to run towards the door. I jumped off the chair and took out my daggers that I carried from my desk. Wouldn't want anyone patients escaping.

"Get you butt back here so I can rip you into pieces!"

I chased after him and threw the daggers, nearly missing him.

"S.O.S! I'm being chased by a maniac!" yelled Naraku, to anyone that would care to listen. The camera crew that had to tape the whole session, tried to save him, but it was too late.

"MWHAHAHA! YOU SHALL DIE BY MY HANDS! MWHAHAHA!" I cackled, as tackled him and tried to strangle him, in which he started to turn purple…


I'm glad I fixed that. I may fix the others, I'm not sure yet. I would like to, seeing how as I read them again, I thought that they needed work…but R&R! And tell me who I should therapy next.