That was it. She couldn't stand this any longer. She wasn't going to dance this dance with the hanyou again. This song was growing old. I don't love you. I don't care about you. You're just the shard detector. You aren't anything like Kikyou. And the next minute. If anyone tries touching you I'm going to tear them apart. Why do you have that Hojo's scent on you? You're place is in the Feudal Era with me finding shards, you shouldn't go back to your time. Please, don't go. It was all too confusing, and she was missing out on her life, waiting for Inuyasha.


Turning her eyes away from Inuyasha's back, towards that voice, Kagome smiled, pulling back a lock of raven-colored hair from her face. Her world seemed so much brighter now that she'd decided not to suffer anymore because of the love she'd once had for Innuyasha. "Yes Sango?"

The beautiful woman jumped onto Kiara, excitement in her usually somber voice. "Miroku just sent me word. A demon is attacking the village next to ours. He says the demon has three shards."

Inuyasha turned right away, his ears perked in interest. "Three shards? Let's get going wench!"

Eyes widening in excitement, Kagome rushed towards Sango, her hair flowing behind her. Jumping onto Kiara, she ignored the surprised glances both Inuyasha and Sango sent her. She usually rode on Inuyasha, but three seconds after realizing that she didn't love him anymore she'd decided that that had to end. "What are you waiting for?"

After the battle, Kagome walked alone through the forest. She was grateful for this time alone, because she was able to think things through. Now that she didn't love Inuyasha—should she stay in the Feudal Era? She knew that they would somehow get the rest of the shards without her—and Inuyasha would become a full-demon. Even though she didn't love him, Kagome still didn't want to be there when he did that. She would lose the little piece of the hanyou she'd loved for such a very long time, and that would break her heart.

That wasn't the only other problem she was facing, as she came face to face with the portal to her world—the well. She'd been having the dreams again. The dreams that had made her reevaluate the feelings she'd had for Inuyasha. The wind picked up and blew her hair as a soft blush appeared on her face. Standing still in the moonlight, looking like a goddess, she allowed her thoughts to linger on the dreams. If only they could be more than just dreams. If only they could be real. If only the hands on her skin, the kisses trailing down her neck, the words of love and the sounds of pleasure…if only they were all real. With those dismal thoughts, she shook her head with a sigh, and turned away from the well. Hugging herself, Kagome made her way back towards the village, her heart heavy.


Intense eyes followed the young woman as she walked away from the well. This hadn't been the first time he'd spied on her. The times had been countless, and by now, he'd stopped caring that he'd once considered her beneath him. At first he'd convinced himself that he was interested in her because she was the reincarnation of the miko. Then, he'd decided that it was just pure interest in someone so different than himself or anything he was accustomed to. But now, he admitted what he felt. Desperation. Obsession. Passion.

Sniffing the air, he seemed surprised for a moment. Her scent had changed. Why was that? Thinking before, he remembered her old scent. It had been intriguing, soft, feminine, innocent, in love and a little sad. But now. Now it was different. The scent had turned intoxicating—and even though it was still soft and feminine—it had turned seductress and womanly, determined and content. It was hard for him not to rush after her and mark her as his, but he prided himself with his admirable self-control. The change in scent intrigued him. He decided to continue watching and see what happened.


Once again the dreams had invaded her nights, and she awoke with her skin flushed pink, and a satisfied glint in her eyes. Even though she always awoke happy, this time she didn't feel guilty for enjoying the dreams. Now that she wasn't in love with Inuyasha anymore, she was free to cherish the dreams, to take pleasure in the kisses and caresses she received in her dreams. Just remembering the voice, husky with passion, whispering three preciouswords to her, she couldn't help but shiver.

"Are you feeling okay, Kagome?" Shippou asked, looking up at her oddly. "You've been acting weird all morning—and you just shivered. Are you catching a cold? I knew that all of your bathing was going to do you bad one of these days."

Giggling at his worried ranting, Kagome picked up the small kitsune and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Holding him close to her heart, she twirled around and then placed him on the ground, before skipping away, humming.


Shippou, just a little dizzy, watched as she walked away. The small kitsune didn't understand what had happened. His eyes narrowed in curiosity, and when he was sure that Kagome wouldn't be able to hear him, turned and looked up at Miroku with an odd expression on his adorable little face. "What happened to Kagome?"

Miroku's eyes were wide in shock as they followed the skipping girl. "I have no clue." Scratching his head, he cleared his throat a couple of times, trying to buy some time to come up with something that might be able to explain her change in behavior. True to most males, he was clueless when it came to the female species, but not wanting the kitsune to know this, he spoke the first thing that came into his mind. "Maybe the fight with the demon affected her. Maybe she is possessed?" He turned to look at Inuyasha, who was curiously watching the girl, who had stopped to pick a flower and was now plucking the petals, singing something they couldn't hear. "What do you think?"

Raising an eyebrow, Inuyasha frowned, deep in thought. Kagome was usually a very happy person—but even this amount of unaccountable happiness was oddin her. His frown grew darker as he thought of that possibility. "Maybe."

Wise Kaede shook her head at the males, exchanging knowing glances with Sango. "No. Kagome is not possessed. She only has changed for the better. She is happy." And Kaede's heart burst with happiness for Kagome, who had seemed to be suffering with her love for the hanyou in their midst. "She is in love."

Miroku frowned looking somewhat lost. "But that shouldn't be much of a change. I mean, we all know that she's always been in love with Inuyasha."

Sango would have smiled at that, but smiling wasn't something she did much. So instead, she decided to smirk. "Maybe that is what has changed."


Lying down in the meadow filled with flowers, Kagome closed her eyes and remembered last night's dream, shivering as she did. Her skin heated and a smile appeared on her face. If only dreams really did come true. If only she could… Her eyes widened with an epiphany. The Shikon No Tama! If she reunited all of the shards she could make her wish and it could come true! With that, she closed her eyes once more, enjoying the memory of her dream, not realizing that hungry eyes were watching her hidden from the shadows of the nearby forest.


Sango and Kaede silently watched as Kagome slipped out of the hut, they were used to watching her figure disappear into the shadows, only to reappear later. Kagome had thought that her late night escapades were unnoticed, but the two women had noticed it. They also knew something that she herself did not know, but soon would.

Sango waited until Kagome was gone before turning and whispering to Kaede. "Are you sure that tonight is the night?"

She nodded without doubt, speaking low so that the men would not hear and awaken. Nothing most ruin tonight. Nothing and no one must interfere in what must happen tonight. "It is tonight."

Sango turned away, sad that she'd never see her friend ago. She'd grown to think of Kagome as her sister—and it was like losing her brother once more. "I'll miss her. And so will Shippou."

"No, you won't." Kaede announced much to the younger woman's surprise. "You'll see her many times again. Remember, this war isn't over yet. And…who knows except the stars…at whose side we shall be fighting."

With those words of encouragement, Sango smiled sadly and nodded.


Sitting on the well, Kagome threw her head back and looked up at the stars. The breeze tickled her skin. Her hair was on their end. Something was different about tonight. The dream had been so real. Shivering, Kagome didn't hear him approaching.


Eyes widening, she looked into the eyes that had haunted her every night. Gulping, she jumped off of the well and went towards him uncertainly. Wasn't he going to kill her? She was alone, in the night. Defenseless. Wasn't he going to take advantage of that? And he did. But just not the way she would have expected. "Wha---." But before she could speak, he'd pulled her into his arm and his lips had descended on hers with such passionate domination that she surrendered right away.

Standing on her tiptoes, her arms went around his neck and pulled him closer, as she had in her dreams. Her mouth opened to his, allowing his tongue inside. Feeling him growl against her mouth, she felt her body reacting to him. His hands traveled up and down her back, causing her whole body begin to tremble.

Pulling away slightly, she looked into the eyes that shone with the love she'd thought was impossible. "Sesshomaru, I--?"

"I know that you are human." He growled, silencing her. "I know that I hate humans—a human bitch took my father from my mother. I don't know what cruel fate decided to write this in the stars—but is there—and here in my heart." His arms tightened around her.

Looking away, Kagome closed her eyes. "I can't. You hate humans. And you wouldn't allow me to go back to my family."

"I will be your family." He growled, and then tensed. "But if you ever feel the need to see the ones who used to be your family--you may--but only if I go with you and we don't stay very long. And a wellisn't my favorite way of travelling." Her surprised eyes would have made him smile. Yes, of course he knew how she went back to her world. "We will both be needed at our home." Sesshomaru watched as her eyes widened even more at the mention of our home. "You will be the Lady of the Western Lands. You will be Rin's mother. You will be my wife. You will be my mate." It wasn't a question, it was a statement, but no matter how stern in voice was—the tender way he held her, his acceptance of allowing her to see her family, and the love she saw in those once cold eyes, caused Kagome to reached up and pull his head towards hers once more. He was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.

"I will."

Making a contented sound in the back of his throat, he lowered his mouth till his lips were teasing hers.

"Come with me." Even though this was still a statement, a little bit of pleading leaked into his usually demanding voice. "I need you, Kagome." When he saw her look away, he felt frightened. Would she refuse? "I—I love you." Seeing her head jerk to look back at him, his heart seemed lighter.

"I love you too, Sesshomaru."

"You will come with me?"

The thought that he was asking her caused her to be silent for a moment. And then, seeing the slight fear in his eyes, she smiled brilliantly at him. "To the ends of the earth."


In the hut, Inuyasha awoke with a fright. A sinking feeling filled his soul. He'd lost the only woman he'd ever really loved.


The mark was visible on her neck, and she winced, because it pained her a little. But the pressure of the youkai's lips on the mark caused her to forget the throbbing, and to sigh in pleasure. She was his mate.

"And now." Sesshomaru announced slyly, lowering her to the grassy ground. "I make you completely mine."

Kagome sighed and closed her eyes, with a smile on her beautiful face. She know belonged to someone. She had someone who loved her as she loved him. Life would be happy. Life would be fulfilling. Kagome had a family now. Rin would be her daughter—and Sesshomaru was her mate—and she knew that Sesshomaru would only have made her his mate if he was sure that he would love her for life. She'd be wanted. She'd be desired. She'd be cherished. And maybe—they'd have children of their own. The thought made her smile. Yes. Life would be good alongside her Dream Lover.