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Phase 00: Trust in Me

It was the last day of high school. Everyone was excited, taking pictures, signing yearbooks, and planning out what they would do over the summer. Sora was simply tired and rested his head on his desk. Nothing was really important about the day, it just felt like every other school day. It felt like a Monday with pizza and movies.

Everyone seemed so sad that they were leaving their lifetime friends behind. They even hugged people that they had hated since the second grade as if they were family. It was all so fake to him. They were just acting out on fake emotions based on the fear of going out on the world alone. It was funny to watch.

The bell for the last class to end rang and everyone cheered. People were crying and some were laughing and dancing around. Instead of joining the celebration, the brunette was satisfied enough to walk out and to the street. Walking home was more of a thought in his mind, he had wanted to sleep in and miss the whole day but his mother insisted that he was there on his last day.

"That's all I ask from you Sora. Is it that hard to let me have that?" he remembered her whine as he shoved his messenger bag onto his shoulder. He wasn't even allowed to get a bite to eat cause he was already late. So she shoved a handful of munni into his hand and sent him out on his way to boredom.

"This was a complete waste of time," he sighed as he walked his way down the long hall to the main entrance. Couples were having their last make out sessions as high school students and the Goths were giving the last finger to the school, cursing the faculty to hell. That part made him laugh a little. "Well I guess that was some amusement."

All he wanted to do was to go home and sleep off the summer quickly until it was time for him to go to college. It was called Besaid University and one of the best colleges in the region. It was a big athletic school and one that was close to the water. Sora picked out this school purely on that, and a bit from the full scholarship as well. There, he had a girlfriend too.

Her name was Kairi, Kairi Yuuhi. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen with long maroon hair that lightly curled at the ends and bright violet eyes that would look up to him cutely. But she wasn't just someone to look at, she had guts. It was Kairi that was last year's class president, captain of the water polo team, swim team, and the second captain in the tennis team. She loved sports and was the one who got him into blitzball in the first place.

Dreaming of his girlfriend, he walked past the sporting fields on his way out of the school. Some of the jocks were still hanging out, talking about what the great keg parties were going to be and how many girls they were going to bang over the summer. They were a rowdy group so Sora never felt the need to associate with them.

He stood at the corner, pressing the button and waiting for the light to turn when he heard the clattering of fence behind him. It was Riku, the jock considered most likely to create a new STD. He wasn't really the one who slept with the most girls. Ansem had successfully taken about a quarter of the school's female population in his four year run, not including the upperclassmen that had already left to greener pastures. But it was Riku who was the tease. With his seductive eyes and milky white skin, he was every inhabitant of the school's wet dream, men, women, upper and lower classmen, and even a few of the faculty as well.

One rumor he had heard was that he had a fling with the Home Ec teacher Inuya Kurasaki and that caused her to quit when he had moved on. In other words, Riku was a heartbreaker and bad trouble. Plus he seemed to fall into his share of fights as well.

Landing on the cement next to him, the intruder shook off his tense muscles from the fall and smiled boyishly. "That was a high fall. Who the hell needs a double fence anyway right? Twice the height, better the climb," he said with a hand upon his hip.

Sora never liked the guy. Even when they had started together in kindergarten, he was a brat. He would always terrorize him, calling him a crybaby till the second grade, saying that he was an avid bed wetter until the fifth grade, and then saying he made out with his cousin until he was in the eight grade. Then the rumors that he had spread about him began to die down. He thought that Riku might have just begun to grow up when finally he sent out his last batch of socially damaging speculations.

To the whole school, Sora was considered to be the awkward virgin who, since he couldn't get appropriately aroused, had turned gay. It started at the beginning of last year when Riku was at the end of his nice streak. Because of his grades, he had to work harder in school to get into college and to even graduate. Because of his focus on that, he didn't really take the time and extra brain power to terrorize him anymore. Nor anyone else for that matter.

However, just as Sora began to befriend his crush Kairi, Riku was out of the hole and had a little more time to spare. So the one day when Sora had the 'nerve' to tell him off in class when he was harassing another girl, the first phase of the rumor started.

"It's not my fault you're a seventeen-year-old virgin Sora. Don't blame it on me." Those words then started it all. The class had been laughing at him and the rumor spread, much to the brunette's chagrin. Then, when Kairi decided to back him up when they were teasing him about it again, Riku sent out phase two.

"It's perfectly fine to be a virgin! At least he doesn't go around fucking everything that he thinks could possibly have a vagina like you do!" she yelled, causing the other students to yell out their 'oh!'s', waiting for the rebuttal. It was in Chemistry and Riku simply reclined in his chair and folded his arms, a casual grin on his face.

"Well, it's not my fault he has a disorder. Some people have to be born gifted and some… not." Kairi had then slapped him right across the face and stormed out of the room, leaving the poor and frightened teacher to yell at her from his safe spot at his desk. That one was agony to him. All of the girls would simply stare at him and then at his crotch, giggling at him. The guys would all just laugh and make calls at him, calling him "E-D."

Then, the third and final blow hit. It was in the middle of PE, of all places. Sora was hanging out with his best friend Tidus on the bleachers when Riku and his group came in.

"Get out, you're in our spot," said Ansem, cold amber eyes glaring at the two. Tidus looked around and raised an eyebrow. Everyone was sitting there or hanging out below. There were no designated spots anywhere, no tape, tagging, or discolored stains from sodas or other things that could even say that it was their spot.

"What the hell are you talking about? There's nothing to say its yours so back off! You know you all hang out where all the pussy is anyway and that's at the other side of the bleachers," said Tidus, gesturing to the flock of giggling and gossiping girls at the other side. Ansem glared dangerously, making Tidus stick out his tongue childishly. He didn't have to worry about getting in trouble by their group because his mother was best friends with Ansem's mother.

"Don't worry about it Ansem," began Riku in a deliberately low tone. He then continued to say something about Sora and walked off. This caught the unfortunate boy's attention.

"What did you say Riku?" yelled Sora back at them, causing the said boy to turn back with a devilish grin.

"I said let them be alone anyway. If Sora wants to get fucked up the ass, so be it." This seemed to reverberate across the whole section, making every student out there hear it. There was an uproar of laughter and Sora reddened in embarrassment. It was humiliating and he could hear Tidus belt out a string of curses before he and Riku got into a fight, tumbling in the dirt.

Ever since that, he had looked forward to leaving that accursed school, not because of the people, just because of Riku. Tidus still stuck with him and told him not to worry because Riku was a prick and would probably get fucked up the ass anyway. This always made him laugh.

Now the evil menace was before him, checking over his jeans to make sure he hadn't made any holes in them from the climb. "Well are you gonna say something or not?" said the silver haired teen, frowning at him. Sora simply rolled his eyes and pushed the button yet again. Why the hell wasn't the light turning? It was two fucking minutes already!

Sora glared at him when he ran a casual hand through his hair. "Are you intimidated by me and my sexiness?" he asked flirtatiously, making Sora choke up in laughter.

"Me? Intimidated by you?" he said before giving a cruel grin. "Why be intimidated with the devil when he's stuck in hell anyway?"

Riku simply glared at him. "Well fuck you then. And here I was, trying to be nice for once. It's our last damn day, show some respect!"

"Me show you respect? After terrorizing me for twelve plus years? For making my life so much harder than it needed to be? You can go and fuck yourself with your last minute empathy!" he yelled. Sora was infuriated at the nerve of him trying to apologize now. It was too late. Why not apologize last year when he had started up his terror all over again? Or even the last couple of months ago?

He yelled a 'thank God' when the light turned green for him to walk. "Fucking finally!" he said as he stormed off. In the next couple of months he was going to leave that hell hole of a school with Riku in it. Then he could be with his girlfriend and live happily ever after, joining a fraternity and blitzing.

"Hey! How about I take you to lunch or something!" yelled the devil from behind him. What was he doing now, following him? This was getting well and annoying as he started to walk faster.

"No! Leave me the hell alone!" he yelled catching a few pedestrians off guard. In moments, Riku jogged up next to him and matched his pace. 'Damn him for being a jock.'

"Just let me prove myself to you and treat you out. I just got my allowance." So what if he had gotten his three hundred munni allowance from his over adoring father. Since his parents were divorced, his father had always spoiled him to no end with gifts and munni. That was probably why he was the selfish prick that he was now.

"Just leave me the hell alone Riku. You've bugged me enough already." They turned the corner and Sora began to be even more annoyed. He was starting to get hungry and really looked forward to hopping on the bus to get to the mall.

He saw the bus stopping down the street and he panicked. "Oh crap! HEY! WAIT!" he yelled, waving his arms as he ran down the street. Getting to the door, he waved his bus pass and sat down at the next possible seat. Leaning his head against the cool window, he tried to catch his breath.

"You are pretty hard to catch up with you know," said Riku as he sat down next to him, kicking his legs up onto the seat in front of them. Sora growled in frustration and pressed his face farther into the window.

"I accept your apology for being an ass okay? Just let me spend the rest of my day in peace," he said with an exasperated sigh.

"But I didn't buy you dinner yet. I feel as if I need to repay you somehow."

"Yeah… repay me with jumping out of the bus into incoming traffic…" Sora mumbled as he looked out the window.

"So Sora, where are you going to college? You seem like the smart type. That or you really don't have a life," said Riku as he started on his pasta. They were now at an expensive Italian restaurant and were feasting on expensive meals. Deciding to play it safe, Sora ordered a simple lasagna and was carefully slicing at it, checking over each part for some kind of 'special ingredients' that would make it cost so much. To him it was all beef pasta and cheese, pure and simple.

"Oh, uh college?" he said, caught off guard.

"Yes, what college are you going to? Yevon? University of Migdard Sector 1? Kalm University?"

"I'm going to Besaid University, me and Tidus."

Riku raised an eyebrow at this and frowned.

"What? Did you bomb your entrance exams?" he said, irking the once clamed Sora yet again.

"Well I wanted to go there for the location and that they have a good blitzball team," Sora replied angrily, shoving more of the lasagna into his mouth.

"Sorry! I just thought that those would be the type of schools that you'd apply for."

"Well, Mr. Smart Ass, where are you attending?" he asked, waiting for something like the North Island Community College.

"Actually, I got accepted to Yevon U, U of Midgard 1, 3, and 7, Wutai International School of Arts and Culture, Zanarkand U, and Besaid. But I felt like attending Besaid as well."

Sora almost fell out of his chair at the list of so many prestigious schools he had been accepted in. He was that smart to get in all of them? No amount of butt kissing from his father could get him into all of those schools.

"You got into them all? What rank are you in the school?" asked the brunette, eyes wide. The other boy casually looked up in thought.

"I dunno, number six or seven I think? Doesn't really matter, I wasn't one of the top two and that's what my father wanted."

"Screw your father! You were accepted into Yevon and Zanarkand! Those schools are nearly impossible to get into at the same time!" yelled Sora, hands on the table. "Why the hell did you pick something stupid like Besaid!"

"Keep it down Sora!" said Riku quickly, waving away the concerned maître d'. Sora blushed at the eyes looking at him and nervously sat down. With a sigh, Riku answered.

"I chose Besaid because like you I wanted to join the sports."

"But Zanarkand has way better teams by far. And they also have a better rate of their players reaching the pros. Reconsider Riku," he said pleadingly. This was going to be a big mistake for him. Yeah, he was a royal asshole and Sora would be overjoyed if he had pissed off his future and potential. However, when he went to the games, Riku was brilliant on the fields. In every sport he played, he excelled and worked to bring the team together rather than leading it. He was a valuable asset that he knew Zanarkand was disappointed in losing.

"Just drop it Sora. You have no clue about me so just let it go," said Riku coldly as he stirred around his tropical drink. For the rest of the meal they simply ate in silence.

It was getting dark when they had finally strolled up to Sora's house. It was cozy with a wonderful garden of roses in every shade and color. He pulled out his key and put it into the gate, unlocking it with a click. Walking in, the scent was wonderful to the senses, like a natural perfume, exotic and sensual. He led Riku to the door and, after using another key, they had successfully walked inside.

The house was dark and warm, leaving Sora to flick the lights on. "Mom!" he called as he tossed his bag on the dining room table and placing the keys on the appropriate hook. There was no answer. "Mom?" he asked as he walked around to the kitchen. On the fridge was a note and they both looked over it.

Sora honey,

I've left you some mint ice cream in the freezer so you can celebrate with a few friends if you want. I'm sorry I couldn't be there to see you home.

Your mother

The brunette then slapped himself on the forehead. "Oh yeah! She was supposed to go to work at the hospital tonight!" he said as he crumpled up the note and tossed it into the trash. Walking over to the side of the fridge, he picked up the cordless and handled it to Riku.

"Go ahead and call home, unless you wanna stay for a little while longer," said Sora as he opened the fridge and pulled out the mentioned ice cream and whipped cream. Riku looked at the phone and dialed his number.

"Hello Mom? Yeah, its me," he began, shrugging the phone to his shoulder and placing a hand on his hip. "Yeah, I'm alright. I'm just going to be at a friend's house. Not Ansem… yeah." Walking over to the counter, he leaned an arm on it. "Call you when I'm ready okay? Bye."

He handed Sora the phone and he quickly hung it up. "So you're gonna stay?" he asked while trying to carry the tub of mint, the scooper, two cans of whipped cream, the jar of cherries and two bowls into the family room. Realizing that this wasn't gonna work, Riku offered to take the bowls, cherries, and spoons.

"Yeah, unless you have anything else better to do. I don't want to intrude."

"Well you ready have so why care now right?" said Sora with a chuckle as he placed the items on the coffee table.

They decided to watch the Sci-fi Channel, hours upon hours of bad zombie and vampire movies. Riku kept making joke after joke at each scene, making Sora crack up.

'I guess he can really be a cool guy when he stops trying to be an ass,' Sora thought between painful laughs as Riku mocked the girl who was being pulled into the feeding frenzy of zombies.

"Really Sora, who the hell in their right mind would walk their ass back to the cabin when they saw someone get killed in it. I'm glad she's getting her ass killed," he said, rolling his aquamarine eyes before he put the Reddi Whip can to his mouth and sprayed it full of the 'whipped goodness' as he had so named it.

Sora hunched over, holding his stomach as tears started to stream down his face. He felt right then and there that he was truly going to die from laughter if Riku didn't stop there. It was too much.

"Wow, are you okay Sora? It wasn't that funny," said the jock as he helped the teen back to a sitting position on the couch. Wiping the tears from his eyes, he laid back on the couch, giggling like a boy tickled too much.

"You're a riot Riku. I don't know how your friends can handle it," he said, his laughing fit slowly dying down to a satisfied grin. Riku blushed lightly and stared at the can of whipped cream on the table. 'Riku's blushing? Weird.'

"Well, no one really thinks I'm all that funny. I do get a few laughs here and there but mostly they listen to Ansem," he said in a saddened tone. As if realizing his acting out of character, he picked up the can and sprayed his hand with a fist-sized amount. Then, with a mischievous grin, he grabbed Sora and forced him down on the sofa, smothering the cream all over his shocked face.

"Mbffmmmbfffhn… Riku!" he yelled as he struggled under the stronger teen's arms. Coughing up the substance, his bright blue eyes glared from behind peaked masses of white.

"Was that funny too Sora?" laughed the prankster as he held the other boy's arms behind his spiky brown hair, grinning evilly.

"Just as I was starting to think you were a good guy too," he said with a frown. Riku just grinned and leaned over, licking off some of the treat from his cheek in one stroke. Sora blushed red and froze.

"Mmm… can't let it all go to waste right?" he said before swiping off a bit more with his fingers. "Tasty."

Sora sat up and stared at him in confusion. What did he just do right now? Was it what he thought he just did? Riku, the asshole jock, had just licked him? Was that normal?

The teen in question noticed his staring and raised an eyebrow. "You should probably get a napkin of some kind. Unless you want to go to college all broken out," he said matter-of-factly. With a blush, Sora then quickly got up and charged into the bathroom.

What the heck had just happened? Riku, the biggest ass and meathead in the world, had just licked Reddi Whip off of his face! Was that normal? After more than twelve years of terror, he does something like that?

Taking down a soft blue washcloth, he sits it on the side of the sink and turns on the warm water. Looking into the cabinets, he finds his face wash and sits it on the counter. Letting the water turn to the right temperature, he gathers the soothing water in his hands and splashes his face.

'Just ignore it Sora, he was just trying to be friendly. Or he was trying to get under his skin. Or into his pants.'

Sora then blushed at this thought and furiously rubbed the face soap into his hands and then slapped it onto his wet face. Why would he be thinking of something like that? Of course Riku wasn't hitting on him, Riku was straight like him. He loved women and seduced half the school and ravished half of that number. He laughed to himself as he washed off the rest of the soap suds.

Grabbing the washcloth on the counter, he wiped off his face, laughing even more about how ridiculous he was acting. However, when he saw the subject of his debate watching him from behind him, he jumped, crashing back into the jock.

"What the hell were you doing?" he yelled, struggling out of Riku's rather strong arms. Between laughter, the silver haired teen helped him up, making Sora blush at the feel of his well toned muscles through his rather thin jersey. He couldn't really tell from his appearance that he was so fit and…

'Wait a minute! What am I thinking? Am I that lonely?' he thought as he stood up and backed away a little to a more safe distance.

"I just came in to check on you and I just happened think about the look on your face when you caught me behind you," he said. Sora pouted and picked up the washcloth, tossing it into the towel bin.

"Very funny…" he said as he scratched at his head, walking into his room. Casually taking off his shirt, he tossed it to the side and shuffled through the drawers.

"What are you doing?" asked Riku as he stood at the doorway.

"Getting dressed for bed, you're staying the night right?" he replied as he pulled out a white sleeveless undershirt and blue drawstring sweatpants. "What do you want to wear to bed?" he asked as he went back to the set of drawers.

Then he felt muscular arms wrap around him, causing him to jump. Riku simply stood in front of him, his eyes looking over his body.

"What's wrong Riku?" he whimpered as he eyed each possible direction he could run if he was to be pounced upon. He could kind of guess what was wrong as the other teen started to near him again.

Sora backed himself into the wall. 'Crap! How the hell did I get into this? This is the last time I accept dinner from someone who until recently was hell bent to pissing me off,' he thought as he cowered under the silver haired teen.

"Nothing's wrong, I just want you," said Riku matter-of-factly as he put one intimidating hand against the wall on the side of Sora's face. The brunette blushed hotly as he inwardly panicked.

"Uh… let's just reconsider Riku," he pleaded with an uneasy laugh. However, the other boy's face grew nearer and nearer to his. 'This isn't good, this isn't good,' he chanted in his head as he froze.

The first kiss was… awkward at best. Sora thought of each and every way to try to get out of the position. However, he only succeeded in pressing his hands against his chest, pushing Riku off of him. The brunette glowed red as he shifted his way away from the wall and towards the cabinet.

"Sorry," said Riku as he hurried out to the kitchen, leaving Sora to his thoughts.

What had just happened? Did he just…? And even worse, did he just… like it? No, it had to all be just a reaction. Yeah, that was it.

He started to walk after him, worried about where the other boy went. He saw him putting his backpack over his shoulder, walking over to the front door. Sora then stood in front of him, grabbing his wrist.

"Let me go Sora," he said, his eyes painfully on the ground, covered by his long silver bangs. Sora frowned and chased after him as he walked up to the front door. The jock had opened the door halfway before Sora pushed his body against it, effectively closing it with a thud.

"Get out of my way." Sora simply shook his head as he maintained his position at the door.

"No Riku. What's wrong? What happened back there?"

"I already said I'm sorry. I was just playing with you. It was a cruel joke," he said, an obvious cover. Sora frowned.

"That's not true Riku. What's really-"

"I like you okay!"

Wow, okay, that was different. So he likes me. So Riku Oohira, the biggest self-professed man ho of the school, the star jock, and one of the biggest bullies liked him. He guessed it wasn't too crazy.

Sora laughed inwardly at his train of thoughts as he gave an outward look of concern.

"Why are you so ashamed about it?"

"Well we've both got dicks Sora, if you haven't noticed. It's not right for two guys to think that way," he said, looking away from him.

"So? Kiss me."

"What!" yelled Riku as he took a step back, a blush ripening on his perfect face. The other boy tried his best to give a come hither look. He was pretty sure he wasn't gay but he felt that it wasn't something that he was up to trying out.

"Let's just see if we like it or not. Nothing dangerous right?" he said as he locked up the door. This was going to be interesting. Was he really up to it, with Riku?

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