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Believe in Me: Season II

Circuit 00: No Looking Back


They walked down the beach hand in hand, the waves caressing their bare feet. It was enough for Kairi to be with Sora, though lately she began to feel as if she no longer knew who her boyfriend was. He was increasingly attentive, a little too much. They went out together three times a week when normally they might see each other on the weekends if they happened to be in the area or had nothing else to do.

She looked at the pink beaded bracelet that he had recently bought for her. It really was beautiful and she really did want to it when she saw the thing at the store. However, it seemed a bit like he was trying to overachieve in their relationship, not like he really was thinking about her.

"My feet are freezing, can we go back now?" she asked, rubbing her cold arms.

His bright eyes looked her over in concern and rubbed a hand across the goose-bumps on her shoulder. Sure enough, he was able to see that she was getting cold. Though it was barely noon, it was still quickly becoming autumn.

"Sure," he nodded, handing her her flimsy straw sandals. Slipping on his own, he reclaimed her hand and walked them up the beach through the warmer sand.

The grains felt nice on their chilly toes, making Kairi smile at the sensation. She had to resist the urge to bury herself in the golden warmth and never leave.

Letting go of his hand, she crouched down onto her haunches and picked away at the remains of dry seaweed, tossing them to the side. Sora watched her curiously, not really understanding what she was looking for.

"What are you doing?" he asked, kneeling down next to her, an eyebrow quirked in confusion.

She looked up at him with shimmering violet eyes and smiled behind her bangs, the sunlight catching on her cheeks. Her hands wiggled deep into the sand and massaged its way to the warm depths of the ground. The more she spread her fingers out in the ground, the more it seemed as if the warmth spread through her body. It was the most invigorating thing that she had ever felt.

Closing her eyes, she slowly pulled her hands out of the sand, knowing that she couldn't stay there forever.

"Nothing, don't worry about it. I was just having fun," she whispered.

Sora chuckled and mussed her hair playfully, making her pout.

"You've been acting weird lately, are you okay Kai?" he asked, concern evident in his voice.

She smiled lightly as she looked down at the sand as she walked a little ahead, hands clasped behind her back as she always did. The wind started to pick up and tousled her hair to a fro, making her close her eyes in satisfaction. Sometimes, at moments like that, that she wished she could just float away without a care in the world.

With each day that Sora seemed to stop caring about her and that Selphie spent with Tidus, she felt alone. It was as if no one ever needed her. Sure, she and Selphie were very close and still were in many ways. However, she felt like the third wheel, or whenever Sora was there, like she was forgotten. They would laugh and talk about other things and they'd never notice that she hadn't even spoken in the entire conversation.

Nibbling on her lower lip, she pulled on a soft smile, one that she was used to giving.

"I'm fine. I'm just a little tired, that's all," she lied smoothly.

And he believed it.

She wanted to tell him that everything was wrong, that she was feeling so lonely that she didn't even understand why she was even there, why she even needed to exist there at all. If she had to leave all of her friends behind and go someplace far away, she knew that she wouldn't feel very sad at all. It was already as if they were so far away. Like the warmth of the sand that was between her fingers, it seemed to retreat from her the deeper she burrowed, as if her icy touch might kill it.

Rubbing her arms, as she let Sora drive her car, she fiddled with the bracelet on her wrist. Its smooth pink beads sparkled and shined up at her, as if willing her to get better, wanting her to smile and believe in her heart that she was really a happy person. She rested her elbow on the window and propped her chin on her hand, the icy wind blowing against her smooth and youthful face.

She didn't know when but when they slowly pulled up to the driveway and Sora walked around the other side of the car, her face was wet with tears that she didn't even know appeared.

With a smile, she blamed the wind.

In her heart she really blamed him.


Riku pulled on his jeans, stifling a yawn. It was early that morning, sunrise to be exact, and he had been unfortunately woken up by his boyfriend. He was in the middle of a nice dream but, when it came to the always restless redhead, it never really was an option.

He could hear rustling in the corner of the small apartment and yawned again, this time not caring to swallow it down. The smell of breakfast was wafting through the room, easing his mind a little. At least he was going to get fed for it.

Standing up , he scratched the back of his head tiredly as he made his way over to the kitchen.

"Remind me why I have to be awake at this ungodly hour again," groaned Riku, leaning against the side of the counter, slipping his arm around the Clay's waist.

Clay added a bit of pepper to the eggs in the pan, sneezing to the side and away from the food.

"Geez I hate when that happens," muttered the redhead with slightly watery eyes.

Riku simply shrugged before making his way to the refrigerator for something to snack on. Clay had the tendency of being oddly dismissive whenever he was cooking or cleaning. At first it bothered him, since he was normally very playful just s second before. However, he learned that he didn't try to simply ignore him, it was just the way that he was.

A few moments later found them sitting out on the small rickety wood balcony, overlooking the town. Clay lived away from the college, being raised in Besaid and more familiar with the actual city. It wasn't the best neighborhood, being a bit run down and mostly where the poorest of the islanders lived. The sky wasn't as beautiful in the mornings as by the ocean, with the old complexes and projects marring the otherwise eerily pristine view.

However, Riku liked it. Being used to the perfectly groomed landscapes and scenery of Destiny Islands and Besaid U, he enjoyed looking into the alleyway below and watching the dirty cats play in the dumpsters. It was foreign to him and it was exciting.

With a flick of a lighter, Clay lit up the cheap cigarette that rested in his pillowy pink lips, eyes blankly watching as the sun rose above the dingy neighborhood. He blew a thin stream of wispy smoke into the cold air, letting it mix in with the fog of his warmed breath and licked his drying lips.

Riku looked over at his boyfriend, watching him suck in another mouthful of nicotine laced smoke. Clay's cheeks flushed from the cold of the wind, his long auburn lashes fluttering as the smoke stung his eyes. It was times like that, when they were truly alone and away from everyone else that Clay seemed so fragile. As if he was some sort of ghost that would suddenly disappear in front of his very eyes. True, the boy did seem very resilient and strong when he needed to be, and very cheerful and outgoing. However, when he was watching the skyline and smoking one of his cigarettes, Riku truly noticed Clay's emotional walls.

Clay lowered his soft hazel eyes and tapped off the ash from his cigarette, watching it drift down to the dirty concrete below.

"You've been looking at my cigarette for ages Riku. If you wanna try one you can just ask," chuckled Clay boyishly, the sunlight playing on the green flecks in his eyes.

Riku flushed slightly, not noticing his intent stare for so long.

The wind picked up and blew at the younger's thick orangey hair, making it whip and blow around his face as he smiled and held the smoldering stick to the other.

"Nah, I don't believe in smoking," replied Riku, well used to Ansem offering him a smoke in high school. He'd known what the effects were. Even just breathing in the tainted air with him was damaging enough, at least how the books and doctors said.

Clay smirked like a Cheshire cat, his eyes narrowing in full playfulness as he slowly inhaled another puff of smoke, blowing it out in a thin sensual ribbon of golden gray.

"I'm not dead yet am I?" he asked with a tone that dared him to contradict him, to say that he seemed okay now but that he would die from cancer soon enough. That the books said that his lungs would turn gray with tar and erode with holes. That the commercials said that he was endangering everyone around him with his filthy habit. That the doctors said that in a matter of years he would have to have a hole in his neck so he could breathe because of the emphysema.

Riku blinked, at a loss for words. There was nothing that he could say that wouldn't make him seem like an ignorant little boy, listening to anything that his parents told him, that his beautiful boyfriend was a 'bad man' that would try to trick him into hurting himself.

The cat-like grin stayed strong as Clay laughed, his breaths rich and strong.

"You're such a pussy rich boy. Don't you even think on your own or do you have 'Daddy' do it for you?"

He took in another suck of smoke, the end of the cigarette becoming red as the paper and the tobacco burned from the inhalation before turning a docile gray black again. Riku hated it but he was right. Nothing was stopping him from taking the cigarette and smoking to his heart's content. His mind was only spewing out many 'he said, she said' scenarios that had once assured him that he didn't even want to smoke. However, he knew that he was only following what people said, not what he truly wanted.

Watching Clay redirect his now calm eyes to the now risen sun, he felt frustrated. He knew at that moment that he wanted to take him on his offer, to try something that many people said would kill him in due time. And maybe it would. However, Riku knew that he was tired of playing it safe, of waiting until things were ready in their appropriate times.

He listened to Ansem and his group and fooled around with girls that he never cared for in his life, let alone knew. With Sora, he let his reputation and fear hold him back from pursuing what he wanted. And he waited patiently with no complaint when Sora said that he wasn't ready for him, that he wasn't sure if he wanted to leave Kairi, even though the boy was obviously showing interest in Zen. And he let Sora walk over his heart without a word, all because he had learned that that was what love was supposed to be about. Love was supposed to be able to forgive whatever may come, as long as there could be happiness at the end of the tunnel.

But how was he to know that there would be something good in the end? That he would hate being publicly ridiculed for being open about himself and the one he loved? How was he to know that taking that cigarette in that exact moment would kill him in twenty years time? Would he even care by then?

Puffing at the end of the cigarette, Clay pouted, and snubbed it out on the wood railing, leaving a scorch mark along the many others before tossing it over the side and down to the alleyway with the rest of the filth.

"Well," he said, the remaining smoke puffing out of his mouth with a sharp exhale. The air was becoming warm and he wanted to get inside and get dressed so that they could be on time for class. "That was fun while it lasted. Can't stay out here forever sweets."

As he moved away from the edge and started back to the sliding glass, Riku placed a hand on his arm, guiding him back in front of him. The balcony creaked as they shifted, Riku leaning back against the old wooden railing and wrapping his arms around the redhead, hazel eyes looking up at him in confusion. The yellow sunlight illuminated the side of Clay's face, the rest protected in the shadow of Riku's tall warm body.

Leaning down, Riku gave a soft kiss against his pouting mouth, enjoying the slight taste of what he guessed to be nicotine as he flicked his tongue at his lower lip. He pulled back for a second, his warm breath puffing out slowly as he kept his aquamarine gaze with the other. His heart raced as he kissed him yet again, deep and searching, tasting the exotically foreign taste.

Clay sighed and leaned into the kiss, rubbing his tongue against Riku's eager one, moaning as Riku pulled him closer.

Placing his hands on the older man's chest, Clay gave a one last juicy kiss before moving back a little, eyebrow quirked in amusement. His reddened lips curled into a grin as he brushed his bangs away from his face with a quick sweep of his hand.

"Whoa tiger, what was that all about?" he asked, knowing full well that whatever Riku wanted would have to be quick since Clay's first lecture was at eight o' clock.

Riku leaned forward, his hot breath tickling his boyfriend's ear as he seductively whispered what he wanted.

"Got an extra one?"

Looking back up to the older man with a smirk, Clay reached into the pocket of his wrinkled jeans from last night and pulled out an extra white cigarette. He slowly placed it between his lips, cupping the end from the wind as he lit it with a flick from the lighter and a few starting puffs.

Clay breathed in deeply, removing the cigarette from his mouth and placing it on Riku's lips, an expectant gaze in his eyes.

Awkwardly, Riku inhaled hesitantly, feeling a sharp burn from the smoke at the back of his throat, making him cough roughly. He turned to the side, feeling as if his lungs were burning, making him instantly regret even trying it in the first place. How could someone enjoy something like that anyway?

Chuckling, Clay took a puff.

"You want me to put it out?" he asked, not really feeling up for smoking the entire thing.

Riku looked back at the cigarette in his boyfriend's hand. Now he was determined to do it. If someone as young as Clay could smoke, then he could definitely do it.

Taking Clay's hand, he took a slow and small puff, allowing his virgin mouth and lungs to get used to the feeling. A moment later, he slowly blew out a clumsy cloud of white gray smoke.

His boyfriend smiled, puffing a little and blowing to the wind without a care for the world, allowing Riku to gaze upon him.

"Clay, you just might be the death of me," whispered Riku, the tantalizing taste of nicotine swirling inside of his mouth.

Clay's hazel eyes took on a cat-like amber quality as the sun lit his irises, grinning as he took in another drag of smoke.

They made love shortly after, writhing on the bathroom mat before they were to take their shower. Riku indulged in the taste of smoke and nicotine on his lover's tongue as they let the steamy hot water run. It was as if a fire had been sparked in him, his mind running wild with the almost dizzying feeling.

"Christ, I should have given you a cigarette earlier," panted Clay, nibbling his lips as he delighted in each deep penetrating thrust.

When they laid side by side on the tiled floor, heart racing with excitement as Riku laid his hand on his forehead, he didn't care to turn off the water, not concerned that it might get cold if they wait too long. And he didn't even care that they would be cutting it close on getting to the campus in time for their first lectures. He was relaxed, as if the life could wait on him instead of the other way around.

Closing his eyes, he imagined he was standing in a land with a large bustling city that was now in front of him, gates swinging open with a large sign in blinking neon lights.

'Welcome to the World; enjoy your stay.'

He definitely knew that he would and, as far as he was concerned, there was no looking back.

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