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Love and Life

Sunlight had just barely begun seeping into the room, and slowly began stirring a certain sleeping lump on the couch. A blue-haired lump, covered by a messy heap of blanket. As the light gently tickled his eyelids, coaxing them to open, the poor mass' restful sleep was more abruptly disturbed by the sound of the phone ringing.

Athrun groggily stuck out an arm and blindly felt around. Odd... the phone wasn't where it usually was... Reluctantly opening a lazy eye, he peered around. Odd... this wasn't his house. And this wasn't his bed. What the-?

And gradually he remembered what had happened last night. How he had confessed to Cagalli, an hshe in turn had confessed to him. So now they were… basically, kind of… um a uh… ah screw it they were a couple. Smiling gently, he lifted his head to peer around, and located the phone. Slowly picking it up, to stop the incessant ringing, he held the receiver to his ear.


"CAGALLI! ATHRUN'S GONE! GONE! I CAME BACK TO THE DORM TODAY AND I CAN'T FIND HIM ANYWHERE! HE'S JUST DISAPPEARED!" A voice shrieked frantically. Athrun chuckled. Kira... oh yes. They didn't know... come to think of it, no one did.

Suddenly, a softer, much more careful voice came through. "Cagalli, it's me Lacus. We're concerned about Athrun because... well you see he wasn't feeling very happy about you dating Ahmed. And so we're thinking he might have done something rash. If you hear from him..."

"Oh I've heard from him." Athrun interrupted, unable to contain his amusement any longer.

An empty silence followed.

"Now why were you about to pour out MY feelings out to Cagalli if you thought she didn't know?" Athrun frowned, but also half-teased.

"" Lacus spoke testily, clearly in disbelief.

"ATHRUN!" Kira voice erupted from behind Lacus' and there was a sudden change in tone.


And that was how the day began, the morning after Athrun and Cagalli has cemented their feelings. A confused Lacus, an amused Athrun, a sleepy Cagalli who had been forcibly dragged out of bed, and an eruptive Kira who was in hyper-active overprotective brother mode. Of course, after Cagalli picked up the phone and said, "What's the big deal guys?... I was still sleeping..."

Kira proceeded to shout about why Athrun was in her apartment when she was sleeping. Then charged over, splintered another door, and was restrained so that in the words of Lacus "they could have a nice talk". After all, it had been Kira's partial doing, so he didn't have a right to complain. Lacus couldn't be happier. Cagalli was still only half-conscious, periodically slumping onto Athrun's shoulder and falling asleep, leaving a flustered Athrun to explain what had happened.

And as expected, after it was explained that Athrun slept on the COUCH, and that no bases had been touched (okay maybe first but that's just kissing, and it's not like they needed to know that)... and Cagalli gained full conciousness, they went out for breakfast, where Kira and Lacus broke the big news about them moving in together.

Fast forward two weeks of classes and we arrive on a sunny weekend: A

Saturday, where Athrun himself had to climb into Cagalli's bed to wake her up. Then, the four of them met at Athrun and Kira's dorm and gradually began loading Kira's smaller belongings onto their cars. Stumbling around with a large cardboard box, and just barely able to see over it, Cagalli carefully made her way over to Kira's car.

"I'll take that." A calm voice spoke, as two hands came out of nowhere and whisked the bulky package away. Cagalli's eyes narrowed and she stormed after Athrun.

"Hey! That's MY box!" She protested. "Who gave you permission to take it!"

"The fact that you were about to walk into a telephone pole because you didn't know where you were going?" Athrun laughed. "Though it would have been funny, what kind of a boyfriend would I be to just sit and watch it happen?

Cagalli blinked, clearly not aware of this knowledge. "I knew that..." She muttered, stubbornly hiding a blush. "Now give me back the box!" She finished, desperate to change the subject, taking another lunge at it. Athrun laughed, and let her chase him around for a while.

"Hey!" Kira called. Both people running stopped and turned to face him. "As entertaining as it is to watch you lovebirds play tag, that box has MY stereo in it, so fork it over." He grinned, strolling over and taking up the box, then dumping it into his car. Lacus laughed, then walked inside to get more stuff. Cagalli blushed at the word "lovebirds". Athrun blushed, then turned to Cagalli and shrugged slightly.

"Athrun, could you give me a hand with one of the larger crates?" Kira asked, gesturing towards the door. Athrun nodded and followed him outside, leaving Cagalli to sit and watch the stuff in the car. She frowned with boredom and started scanning the packages in the car.

Familiar stuff, that brought back memories. Random toys from when they were little, a teddy bear with a bandaged arm from when they had argued over who owned it. A broken model plane that they had flown into a tree. Ahh, good times.

Suddenly something caught her eye... It was her. HER CD! He said that he'd returned it! Liar! She began climbing over the hill of random boxes and digging her way through one to get to it.

"I've been looking for that thing for ages!" She frowned, beginning to think of ways to torture him when he got back, when she heard a voice speak up.

"You know it's not nice to look through other people's stuff."

Cagalli went stiff. Realizing how suspicious she must look, she turned to face a man, who with his hands in his pockets, was staring at her with raised eyebrows.

"AHMED! Ah... well... this is. It's not what it looks like!" She stammered.

"Really? Because it looks like you're going through some random guy's stuff to me." He grinned.

"He's not random! It's mine... uh, okay not really mine. It's my brother's, and some of this stuff is mine!" She tried to explain. Ahmed raised his eyebrows again.

"Ooookay. Anyway, I was just walking by and saw you and though I'd um, I dunno just say, sorry again about that Saturday. But uh, I was hoping that I could make it up to you. How about... Next week?"

Cagalli stared. Did he not know? Then again, well she hadn't talked to him since that their date: But she thought he would have heard by word of mouth at least.

"Uh... well. That's um, very nice of you to offer. But I already said that it was okay." She explained, not sure how to break it to him, and hoping that would work.

"No no, really! it's fine! Let me make it up to you!" He insisted...


"Okay Athrun, umm watch your step there. Yeah, we're almost there. One more step..." Kira guided as Athrun tried to feel around for the next step with his foot. He was walking backwards down a flight of stairs, while Kira had the other end.

"Okay now um... holy crap." Kira froze, staring out of the open door at Ahmed talking to Cagalli. From the looks of it, something was happening. "Uh... on second though Athrun, I don't think this thing'll fit through the door! Let's carry it back up and then you wait upstairs while I um... take some measurements."

Athrun looked up and him and glared fiercely. "Kira I swear I think I have a hernia and may very well have ruptured a kidney from crashing into walls, corners and random houseplants, while carrying this thing. AND NOW YOU WANT TO GO BACK UPSTAIRS? HAVE YOU GONE MAD!"

"Well it just won't fit!" Kira insisted, eyes growing wider by the minute as he watched Ahmed talk to Cagalli casually, and show no sign of leaving. Meanwhile, Athrun was still sending him death via eye contact. "Seriously Athrun! It won't fit! See for yourself!"

Kira froze and swallowed hard, instantly regretting his last three words. Everything slowed down as he watched Athrun slowly turn his head to look at the open door, and find Cagalli chatting it up with a well dressed Ahmed.

Athrun's face fell slightly, as he gaped in shock, then dropped his end of the package. Kira's knees buckled at the sudden weight and he too let go, kneeling behind the box for protection. Lacus hopped down the stairs at this exact moment.

"Hey Kira, so you want to take this too because I already" She trailed off as her mouth opened and ceased to make sound. Meanwhile, Athrun was still staring, completely speechless. He didn't know whether to walk over or not. He took a tentative step towards then, then stopped, unsure of what to do.

Cagalli was having a hard time fielding off Ahmed's persistency without being too blunt. Desperately, she looked around for some distraction, and she found one.

"Athrun!" She blurted out, not thinking about the consequences of what she had just said. Great, instead of just explaining that she had a boyfriend now, she was going to drag said boyfriend over. Just brilliant.

As her mind shot her remarks, just dripping with sarcasm, she studied Athrun, who seemed in shock that she had noticed him. He seemed to think he was invisible or something, because he first resumed blinking, then looked around him as if there was another Athrun she could possibly be calling out to. Frustrated, Cagalli cupped her hand around her mouth.

"AAAAAAAAATTTHRUUUUUUUNNN!" She hollered. Athrun jumped and sprinted over. Ahmed...had no idea what was going on.

"Hey, what's up?" Athrun asked automatically, in a tone much more casual then how he felt.

"This is Ahmed. You guys know each other right?" Cagalli smiled nervously.

"Yeah." Ahmed removing his right hand from his pocket and extended it. "Course. Never really talked to you before, but who hasn't heard of you right?"

Athrun grinned. "Same to you." He responded, accepting Ahmed's hand and giving it a firm shake.

"Athrun is my uh... my..." Cagalli stammered.

Ahmed blinked. "Friend?"

"No actually..." Athrun interrupted, sliding an arm around Cagalli's shaking shoulders and tilting his head against hers. "We're dating."

"Oh... oh I see." Ahmed's face dawned with understanding. He then broke into a grin. "Guess I was just too late huh?"

Cagalli looked up and nodded with a blush. "Sorry..."

"No no." Ahmed protested. "We shouldn't regret how we feel. And we should never be sorry about following through with those feelings."

"What a poet." Athrun joked. Ahmed turned to him and shrugged light-heartedly.

"I try. I'll see you guys around." Ahmed grinned, then turned and left with a quick wave.

Athrun waited until Ahmed was out of view, then wrapped his other arm around Cagalli and have her a quick hug. "Now was that so hard?"

Cagalli blushed. "First time I've let down a guy like that before..."

"What on earth are you talking about?" Lacus laughed, strolling over with Kira who had deemed it safe to leave the safety of the box. "You've let down plenty of guys."

Athrun blinked. He removed his arms from Cagalli, crossed them and looked at her quizzically.

"Oh really?"

Cagalli frowned. "Lacus, what are you talking about?"

"What happened to Max?" Kira grinned.

"Athrun punched him out." Cagalli shrugged. Athrun looked away innocently and whistled. Lacus and Kira stared.

"Ooo... so THAT'S what happened." Lacus nodded thoughtfully. "Oh what about that guy that was hitting on you when we went to that bakery?"

"When was this?" Athrun turned sharply. Kira frowned, with and expression that also demanded an explanation. Cagalli rolled her eyes.

"Lacus...that guy was a total creep."

"So? You still let him down." she noted.

"LACUS! The man's pickup line was 'My pants are uncomfortable, but my bed is!" Cagalli shouted incredulously. Athrun's eyes narrowed. Kira raised an eyebrow.

"Then you proceeded to tell him that that was the worst excuse for sex you'd ever heard and beat him with your bag. But it was a let down, nonetheless." Lacus insisted. Cagalli sighed, resigning to defeat and turned to face a glowering Athrun.

"And this guy's name was?" He frowned. Cagalli stared at him and...burst out laughing. Athrun blinked. That was unexpected. "What?" He demanded.

"I... I don't know." Cagalli laughed. "It's just that..."

"She never realized how cute you are when you're jealous." Lacus finished for her. Cagalli choked up, blushing ALMOST as much as the siren red Athrun.

"Okay guys, let's get going. I'll take Lacus in my car with me, and Cagalli can ride with Athrun." Kira proposed, clapping his hands together and opening the door for Lacus. Lacus smiled taking his hand and gracefully hopping into his car. Kira walked over to the other side, got in, and gave her a quick kiss before starting the car and driving off.

Athrun and Cagalli waited until Kira and Lacus had driven out of view before they boarded Athrun's car. Once more, Cagalli leaned her elbow against the door frame and looked out the window. Athrun turned to her at a red light, taking his right hand off the wheel and gently placing it on hers. Cagalli turned to him and smiled.

"It's been a while."


"Since we met. It's been a while."

"Not really." Athrun shrugged, as he hit the accelerator. "Only... what? Less then a year."

Cagalli pondered for a moment. "Wow, you're right. It feels like ages already though… Hope I'm not boring you yet." She grinned.

"Never." He replied curtly, not even taking his eyes off the road.

"Hey Athrun?"


Cagalli paused, unsure of that she wanted to say. Really, she had nothing to say. She just wanted to talk to him, and hear his voice. Taking a breath, she said the first thing that came to mind.

"Kira and Lacus are cute together though, huh?"

"Mmhmm." Athrun murmured in agreement.

"How do you think we look?" She asked without thinking about it. Athrun stopped at another red light.

"What?" He turned to her. "How do we look?"

"When we look at Kira and Lacus we think, cute. What about when people look at us?" Cagalli explained.

Athrun shrugged. "I don't know. Don't really care either..."

Cagalli frowned. "You must think something."

Slowly, he took both of her hands in his and stared right into her. "Really... I think when people look at us, they see two people. That's all we are to them. What we have, it's probably hard for them to see. But I can still feel it. So even if they can't see it, it's still there."

Cagalli blushed and nodded. "O-okay." She smiled, turning to the window again. Athrun smiled, and turned to face the road again, as the light turned green, still holding Cagalli's right hand in his.

"What about Kira and Lacus moving in together?"

"What about it?"

"Think we'll ever do that?"

"Sure." Athrun nodded with a shrug. "Maybe not now. But eventually. I mean, we have our whole lives to do whatever you want to do."

"Okay...Hey Athrun?"


Cagalli turned to him and smiled happily, yet softly. "I'm glad I'll get to live through life with you."

"Couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else." He smiled a bit, giving her hand a squeeze.

"You know what else I'm glad about?"


Cagalli paused for a moment, uncertain of whether or not to say what her mind was screaming. Finally, she gave in. "I'm glad I found you."

He looked at her, with those trademark gorgeous eyes and melted into a smile. "Me too."

And they drove on...

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