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Heyy ya'll I haven't written a story in a little while so here ya go!

It was a damp night in June and a battle with Control Freak as usual. The Titans where hiding in a warehouse watching Doctor Chang and him make a deal for some chemicals to power his ultimate remote.

"I believe I have what you are looking for." said Doctor Chang nodding towards a chemical containment holder to his left.

"Good," muttered Control Freak, "so what's the price old man?"

"Oh its not money I'm looking for…"

"Not money?"

"No have you heard of Jump City's Boarding Academy?"

"You mean like ….a school?"


"What do you want with a bunch of teenage brats?"

"I want them dead."

"Dead? Why?"

"All will be revealed in time my dorky friend. In time…."

"I see…. Now just hand over those chemicals and we'll seal the deal."

"Very well…"

But before Doctor Chang could give up his chemicals the Teen Titans came out of hiding and surrounded the duo.

"Surrender we have you surrounded!" yelled Robin.

"Not a chance Titans!" yelled Chang and the fight sprang into action.

Starfire shot a star bolt at Control freak knocking him to the ground while Robin and Cyborg tackled him down. Next, it was time for Beast Boy and Raven to take care of Doctor Chang. Beast Boy sprung at him as a tiger scratching a deep claw mark into Chang's face. Raven using he powers flipped him over onto his back giving Beast Boy a chance to clobber him in his ape form.

Raven knelt over Chang, "It's over Chang give it up."

"Oh I don't think so." said Chang. He reached up and grabbed Ravens arm twisting her around putting a knife to her throat. "Alright," spat Chang, "Nobody move or I kill her."

The Titans froze. Control Freak made the best out of this moment and digital disappeared. The Titans were silent. One move and Raven was dead.

"Let her go." growled Beast Boy.

"You evil sneaky little BEEP!" screamed Raven kneeing him and twisting his arm so he fell to the floor.

"Very good Miss. Raven. We shall meet again." and with that he sprayed some chemical that for a moment blinded the Titans giving Chang the chance to get away.

"Well...," said BB, "What do we do now?"

More on it's way!