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Starfire opened one eye and yawned. Sun streaked through the windows of Titan's tower. She glanced at the clock on the VCR, 11:32, she gawked at the clock, "It is much too late," whispered Starfire in a worried voice. She moved to get up but a strong arm was around her, preventing her from getting up.

Her gaze followed the arm to a torso covered by a black shirt that read 'JCBS' in orange writing. Her eyes widened, had she slept on Robin the entire night?

"It is much too early," she whispered, trying to will herself back to sleep so her and Robin could have a few more moments peace.

She looked up to his face and gasped. Since they were undercover the night before, Robin elected to wear extremely dark sunglasses…which were now falling down his nose.

She lightly put a finger to right below his eyes, she had never see his eye lids (and for some odd yet entertaining reason), that fascinated her. She was itching juts to take his sunglasses and wake him up, juts so she could sneak a peek at his irises.

Ever since the day she arrived at earth she had wondered what colors his eyes were. Perhaps…he had no eyes!

"Eep!" squealed Star.

Robin began to move a bit, so Star quieted herself, gazing at him to see if he'd wake.

Robin began to drift back to his dream muttering, "Star," before being consumed with sleep.

She sighed, that was preposterous! Robin most certainly had eyes! But too see his eyes…that would be magnificent.

Ooh, decisions, decisions.

She sighed and pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. She would not invade his privacy. If he did show her his eyes, it would be because he wanted to, not because he was forced to.

He stirred, "Starfire?" he mumbled opening his eyes.

Star smiled down at him, "Yes Robin, it is I."

"Hey," he said with a sleepy smile.

"Horse feed to you as well."

He grinned and laughed. He glanced at the clock, "Whoa, we really slept in."

"Agreed," said Starfire nodding.

He smiled and pulled off his orange baseball cap that read 'JCBS' in black, that he worn for the undercover assignment. He gave her a mischievous smile and plopped it down on her head.

Starfire giggled and blushed.

He stretched his legs and brushed a stray red hair out of her eyes, "Time to get to work."

Star smiled like mad when he left the room. Who cared if she was not bale to see his eyes. Star nodded proudly, "For I have his orange hat."

Raven walked up the stairs to her dorm room, well aware Beast Boy was behind her. She walked up to the doors that lead to the second floor, the sophomore floor, when they opened for her.

She glanced to the side to see the once green changeling holding the door and smiling at her, "Ladies first."

She rolled her eyes but proceeded to her dorm room. It didn't take her much time to realize that the music that was coming down the hall was coming from dorm room number 424, which was of course the one she shared with the ever energetic Jada Denis.

She faced the door then swerved around to come face to face with Beast Boy, "Alright Beast Boy, now you're probably going to have to act like," she took a deep intake of breath, "my boyfriend. But by no means does this give you the right to a.) kiss me, b.) hug me, or c.) touch me any way. Have I made myself clear?"

Beast Boy rolled his eyes, "Crystal. Ready…sweety?"

Raven rolled her eyes and opened the door…wishing she hadn't.

On the floor was Jada and…the boy with no name, caught in a lip lock.

"Ravey!" screeched Jada jumping up, trying to use her lime green nails to comb through her messy black locks.

Beast Boy walked in and smirked, "Hope we weren't interrupting anything."

Jada's boyfriend blushed, "Uh, Jada just had a problem with her-."

"Mouth?" suggested Beast Boy interrupting him.

Jada's boyfriend glared.

Jada seemed to have over come her embarrassment and was now perched on her bed, "Come in, come in. Don't be shy now."

Raven rolled here eyes but complied and sat down on her bed as Jada's boyfriend went to go sit with his girlfriend.

"You know," said Jada leaning her chin on her hand, "You two are a really cute couple."

Beast Boy laughed, "Yeah Rae's like no other."

"You two must be close," said Jada's boyfriend.

"The closest," muttered Raven uninterested.

"So, Gar," said Jada turning towards him, "Isn't it so cute when Raven snores?"

Beast Boy's eyes widened and he laughed, "When she whats?"

"Snores," said Jada happily.

"She snores!" asked Beast Boy incredulously, trying to keep a straight face.

Jada nodded, her grey eyes laughing, "Yeah, and talks in her sleep. So tell me, who's Cheese Coy?"

"Huh?" asked Beast Boy raising an eyebrow.

Raven's eyes widened.

Jada cocked her head to one side, "Yeah it was something like that. Maybe it was Tease Toy?"

Beast Boy looked at Raven, cockiness written all over his face.

"-or maybe it was Feast Foy-."

"Jade, how about we talk about something else," said Raven quickly, but her warning went unheard.

"- Yeast Yoy, Geese Goy, Quiche Quoy, Beas-."

"Ok!" said Raven loudly drowning out Jada's words, "How about we talk about something else?" behind Jada, one of her posters of Orlando Bloom was surrounded in black and soundlessly fell off the wall.

"No, no," said Beast Boy smirking, "I want to know who this Cheese Coy fellow is, he sounds very mysterious," he grinned and waggled his eyebrows at her.

"Shut it," said Raven through gritted teeth.

"So…," drawled Jada brightly, "So, Gar do you play any sports?"

Beast Boy glanced at Raven for help, "I, err, do track."

"Cool, I like totally dig guys who run," said Jada perkily.

Beast Boy blushed slightly making Raven narrow her eyes.

Jada's boyfriend cleared his throat, "Well honey, you know I err do soccer."

"Really?" asked Jada, "You never told me that."

He shrugged in a smug way.

Jada seeing an in said, "And what does it say on the back of your jersey."

Raven smirked.

Jada's boyfriend laughed, "Jay, it says my name. It says-."

Suddenly, Lea I and A burst into the room, drowning out Jada's boyfriend's words, "Guys! There you are! They're starting the announcements in the gym, you guys should better get down there!" said Lea A in a hurried voice.

Jada narrowed her eyes at the two.

"What?" asked Lea I.

"Nothing," muttered Jada, "Let's go," she said tugging on her boyfriends sleeve so he'd follow her.

Raven and Beast Boy followed suit, since they had no idea were the gym was, seeing as Raven had only been there briefly.

They walked into the gym that was filled to the brim with couples. She andBeast Boy walked in and were soon beckoned by one of the only people Raven could stand, Ray.

"Hey Raven," said Ray.

"Hi Ray," said Raven nodding in her direction.

Beast Boy laughed, "I get it! It's Rae and Ray!"

Ray looked at him as if unsure of his sanity.

Raven rolled her eyes, "You'll have to excuse him. This is my boyfriend Garfield Logan."

Beast Boy stuck out his hand for her to shake, "Gar."

She took it, "Ray Navren."

Ray nodded to a boy on her left who had been silent the whole time, "And this is my boyfriend Vincent."

Vincent nodded in their direction. Vincent had short blonde hair, and blue eyes, that were outlined with eyeliner. He wore black clothing that Beast Boy noted, looked like something Raven would wear.

"Vincent," he said, sticking out his right arm at Beast Boy.

But Beast Boy grinned, "Garfield Logan. But call me Gar. Umm, dude you're a goth."

The boy looked at him, "So?"

Beast Boy raised a tan eyebrow, "You're blonde."

Vincent narrowed his eyebrows, "My mom doesn't understand my poetic soul."

Vincent turned towards Raven. She shook his hand, "Raven Roth," she said with her usual monotone.

"Testing, testing. One, two, three," came a voice from the speakers.

Raven and Ray glanced at each other. They knew that voice. They looked up at the podium and saw the tall, balding, white haired man who was appropriately called: Mr. White.

"I would like to welcome the boys from Jump City Boarding School for young men!" he said through the microphone.

There was an eruption of applause to which Beast Boy clapped as well.

"Before we start the 'Trust Exercise'," there was a grown from the large mass of student, "that is tradition. Ms. Shockhart would like to read of the rules."

There was another simultaneous groan.

Ms. Shockahart walked up tot the podium in her ugly mustard yellow skirt suit, with her hair in a tight bun. It's a wonder that her face doesn't stretch back with her hair, thought Raven.

She cleared her throat and began speaking, "The rules stand thus: No one is allowed outside their dormitories or in the young men's case the gymnasium, after ten, unless accompanied by a teacher or school officer. No student is allowed to express vulgar language or rude gestures. No student is allowed to be caught," at this she got very flustered, "'making out', or snogging. Any student who violates these rules will: In the young women's case: suspended, and in the young men's case: sent back to Jump City Boarding School for young men, and dealt with there…Thank you."

There were a series of 'boo's and hisses.

Mr. White once again stood up to the podium, "Now it's time for the 'Trust Exercise'!"

Beast Boy turned to Vincent, "What's the 'Trust Exercise'?"

Vincent rolled his eyes, "It's these stupid three part challenges in which you have to learn to trust the person you're going to the dance with. And then there are six titles that six couples can win."

"So, it's like a contest?" asked Raven.

Ray nodded, "Pretty much, yeah."

"Alright!" shouted Mr. White. Even though it was really unnecessary since he was talking into a microphone, "Time for Part 1! Men Line up in 5 lines by your girlfriend's grade, Seniors start in the back."

Ray and Vincent bid the Titans good bye to go and stand with the freshmen.

"Come on," said Beast Boy leading her to the sophomore line.

Beast boy stood next to Jada's boyfriend and Thomas Peerson.

Thomas had shaggy black hair and adorable hazel eyes, and he wore bleach white shirt and sure enough…cargo pants.

"You…," growled Tom, glaring at Beast Boy.

"Aw, shit," muttered Beast Boy.

"You were the one who put all of that dirt on me! You swine!" shouted Thomas.

Samantha Cao rushed over to him, "Tom, Tom honey calm down. Deep breaths."

Tom began to take in giants gulps of air all the while glaring at Beast Boy.

Tom glared, "I'd hit you but I don't want your evil germs giving my skin diseases.

Beast Boy shrugged, "Plus I'd kick your ass."

"That too."

"Ladies," came Mr. White's voice, "Please line up in front of your gentlemen with your back facing them

"What are we doing?" Raven asked Samantha.

Sam rolled her eyes, "It's really stupid, we fall and hope they catch us," she said while brushing a green highlight in her black hair out of her face.

"Yeah Ravey," said Jada from Raven's right side, "You juts have to trust they'll catch you."

Samantha smiled, "And thus the 'Trust Exercises' were born."

"Alright men you will have two times to catch your ladies, before you switch, ladies trust your men! On your marks, get set-."

Well, this isn't going to end badly, thought Raven sarcastically.


Simultaneously the girls fell. Raven could feel herself falling but then moved her foot as if to stop herself from falling and ended up on her butt.

"See Rae," said Beast Boy, "You were supposed to trust I'd catch you. Cause baby, that's what this relationship is lacking."

Raven turned and glared at his cocky smile. She turned to the side to see that Samantha had been caught by Thomas who had on latex gloves. And Jada and her boyfriend were swapping spit a few feet away.

Raven got in line to fall again with Jada and Samantha, suddenly Mr. White gave the signal and she fell.

She braced for impact when she fell into the strong arms of whom else but the shape shifter himself.

"See Rae," Beast Boy whispered into her ear, "You just gotta trust me."

She blushed as he pulled her up, her back hitting his chest.

"Thanks," she muttered looking at the floor.

He lifted her chin with his forefinger and his thumb and smiled at her, "Don't mention it."


"Oh. My. Gawd," shrieked Jada, "You two are SO cute!"

Raven blushed and took a step back, and Beast Boy rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Alright, time to switch it up!" shouted Mr. White.

The boys and girls switched lines.

"Tom," complained Samantha, "Do I really have to wear these?" she asked pulling on latex gloves.

"Yes!" shouted Tom, "What if you opened a door, and seconds later a person with a cold sneezed on their hand and opened the door with that very same hand? I could be a goner!"

"Fine, fine," muttered Sam.

"Why do you put up with him?" asked Raven.

Samantha sighed, "Well despite all his flaws I still love him…God help me I still love him."

Jada laughed.

"Hey Rae," called Beast Boy.

"What Gar?"

"Did I ever tell you, you're my hero?" he asked dramatically.

Raven rolled her eyes.

"One, two, three, fall!" called Mr. White.

The boys fell.

Beast Boy looked up from where he was in Raven's arms. He smiled brightly and spread out his arms, "You are the wind. Beneath. My. Wings."

She helped him up and glared at him, "You are so full of it," she said quietly.

He grinned and whispered, "Sure am."

Jada pouted at her boyfriend, "How come you never say stuff like that to me?"

"What!" he asked incredulously, "Well, because Bette Midler said it first."

Jada gave him a look, "And how did you know that?"

Her boyfriend raised his hands defensively, "Hey! Soft rock was very popular during my middle school."

"Sure," said Raven smirking.

The boys lined up again.

Beast Boy laughed, "Wow this is a good day. You have to catch me and I find out that you snore."

Raven glared at his back.

"One, two, three, fall!"

The boys fell.

Raven smirked and moved to the side just as Beast Boy fell towards her.


Beast Boy's butt hit the ground, "Ouch, Rae," he said standing up, "Permanent damage."

Rave rolled her eyes, "You'll live."

"Alright," came Mr. White's voice, "While the Seniors and Eighth graders work on the maze we're going to have 'The Guessing Game'. First up is Serenity Siaga."

Serenity hopped down the bleachers were everyone else was sitting, her blonde hair tipped with red flowed behind her as she sat down on a chair facing a curtain. The curtain had three sections that had signs taped to them that read: Bachelor #1, #2, and #3.

"Ok," cam Mr. White's voice, "You've all played this game before but I'll explain it once more. The lucky girlfriend is going to ask a series of three questions that we will give to her and she has to decide which one of our three lucky bachelors is her boyfriend, judging by their answers. All Bachelors will be wearing voice changers."

Raven gazed down to find Nala handing Serenity three cards, "Ready?" she asked Serenity.

Serenity smiled, "Heck yes."

Nala gave her the "ok" to start.

"Ok," said Serenity looking at the first card, "If you have to describe me in one word what would it be? Bachelor #1?"




"and #3?"


"Ok," said Serenity grinning at section #2, "If I were a food what food would I be?"

"Crème Brule."


"Whipped Cream."

Serenity smiled, "I don't need the next question! It's #2!"

The #2 curtains peeled away to reveal…guess who?

"Brock!" shouted Serenity giving him a hug, "You know me like the back of your hand!"

He grinned and kissed her, "Whatever."

Eventually Jada accidentally guessed wrong the first time which put her and her nameless boyfriend in a fight, which they settled by making out.

Samantha had guessed Tom right after he said that she smelled like Lysol and her hair shown like Windex.

Ray, who was now on her third question asked, "What is my favorite color and why?"

"Black, it's everything yet nothing at the same time. It's my angst."

"Blue, because you're eyes shine like the ocean."

Ray raised an eyebrow, "My eyes are brown."


"You know what? Enough with this, it's #1."

Vincent came out and everyone clapped.

"Raven Roth," said White in a bitter voice, "You're next."

Raven took a deep breath and walked down the bleachers to sit in the chair. She knew she was going to be chosen soon when Beast Boy have been called away 15 minutes ago.

Nala smiled at her and handed her the card, "Good luck, Raven."

"Thanks," said Raven.

Nala gave her the "ok".

Raven took a breath and said, "If I were sick with the flu, what would you bring me? #1?"

"I would bring you my love, because that's all you'd need."

Raven blushed, "#2?"

"I'd come to you with roses and chocolate and not leave your bedside till you were better."

Raven blushed crimson; those two were so romantic, "#3?"

"Well…I'd probably come and bring you some soup and a book of some of those morbid stories you like…if you'd let me into you're room, which you probably wouldn't because you'd be all pissy. So I'd probably just knock, leave the tray outside you're door, and run for my life."

Raven smiled, that was so true. Gee, she thought sarcastically, I wonder who Beast Boy is, "If we were to go on a date were would you take me? #1?"

"I'd take you horse back riding on the beach, and we would discuss music and movies."


"I'd take you to this cozy little French restaurant, and you'd be given anything you wished, and I'd shower you with gifts."

Raven smirked, "#3?"

"I'd probably take you to that dark café you like, and I'd get you herbal tea, and I'd get some REALLy strong coffee so I'd stay awake through all the poetry. And you could talk about rhyme, and meter, and all that poetry…like…stuff. And I'd smile not having any idea what you're talking about. And then we'd go home and watch Wicked Scary, and you're freaked by that movie so you'd hold onto me and I'd feel all macho and manly."

For the first time Raven actually let out a small laugh at his honesty, she could honestly say it was him now, but hearing him answer was so adorable, no bad raven not adorable, degrading. She thought.

"Would you say I cook like a French restaurant, fast food, or like I got it out of the garbage? #1?"

"French restaurant."


"French restaurant."


"Err…well…it's not THAT bad. But err, Sorry but I guess like you got it out of the garbage."

Raven rolled her eyes, "Gee I wonder who?"

Bachelor #3 started playing with his voice changer, "Luke…I am your FATHER!"

Raven smiled genuinely, "Let me guess…#3?"

Beast Boy walked out, "Dude how'd you know it was me?"

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