Title: Creampuffs
Author/Artist: Kat8Cha
Pairing: Ryou/Jou
Rating: PG
Author/artist comments: Heh, inspired by yaoipimp's comment.
Disclaimer: Uh… Do not own YGO. Otherwise the hot gay sex? Would so be happening.

"Uh, Ryou… what are those?" Ryou turned and smiled at Jou who was giving his confectionaries a suspicious glare. And after all the work he'd put into them! Pouting the Brit turned back to the pastries, they looked okay to him! Light and fluffy, a nice golden color and round, with just a hint of whiteness peeking out of some of them.

"They're creampuffs Jounouchi-kun." Ryou was definitely sulking and the blond sighed. He had come over to Ryou's to … t-to… c'mon Jou you can say it in your head! deep breath To ask him out. There! Yes, Jounouchi Katsuya was homosexual! And he had a crush on his friend Ryou, and was desperately hoping the boy was at least bi-sexual. Now however he had definitely started off on the wrong foot but he'd never expected Ryou to have something like creampuffs in his kitchen!

"Uh, er, sorry Ryou. I was just a little surprised." Ryou knew without turning that Jou was running his hand through his hair in that nervous way he had. Shaking his head he turned, grabbing creampuff and offering it to Jou.

"Would you like to try one?" Polite to a fault Ryou knew Jou loved all food and had probably never tried a creampuff before. Fluffy pastries didn't really seem his kink. Ryou blushed at his own phrasing ignoring Jou's enquiring muffle around the creampuff in his mouth. Ryou picked up a creampuff off his own, and lightly bit some of the pastry off before dipping his tongue inside to pick up some of the creamy filling.

Jou's eyes were instantly glued to Ryou's eating habits. Sure, he'd seen the guy eat before and usually he was really dainty but…. Just the sight of that pink tongue licking up the white sweetness nearly gave Jou a nose bleed. Swallowing the last of the sugary treat Jou cleared his throat. "Uh, R-Ryou." The white haired boy looked up, eyes wide with enquiry. "Would you go out with me?"

Ryou blinked. Had Jou just? Yes, yes he had. Allowing himself a small smile Ryou popped the last of the creampuff in his mouth and ate it before answering. "I would love to Jou." And reaching around he grabbed another creampuff, eating it in much the same way and enjoying the look on Jou's face. Well, maybe pastries were his kink after all.

- Heh, that's how I eat creampuffs. I have gotten some Very interesting looks and comments on it.