AUTHOR'S NOTE Welcome to my newest story! This one is a lot like "Wedding Bells" in the each chapter is front a different canon. For instance, this (the prologue) is from Gone With the Wind and Scarlett (the sequel). The next chapter will be the story of a different child from something else. Almost all of these children belong to me. Only Bonnie and one other one in another chapter are canon characters and I'll note that at the head of the chapter.

Sorry this chapter is short, but give me a break, it's the prologue, hehe.

DISCLAIMER Bonnie Butler is the property of the estate of the late Margaret Mitchell. Not me.

Bonnie – "Pretty girl" Celtic/Gaelic

You can't see me. No one can. I don't exist anymore. I just watch. I take care of children, you know. I was only four when I died and now I watch over children who don't get the love they need.

When I was alive, my name was Eugenie Victoria Butler. No one called me that, though. Everyone called me Bonnie. Bonnie Butler. I think Aunt Melly named me, but I'm not sure. Aunt Melly helps me watch over the children now.

I only watch over those who have no one to love them. I feel for them. Oh, I had all the love I needed while I was alive. Daddy worshipped me. He gave me everything I ever wanted. He took me traveling with him. I miss him so much. All I remember about him was that he had dark hair and a little moustache that tickled when he gave me a kiss and kind, dark eyes. He loved Mother very much.

Mother didn't really give me things or take me places, but she still loved me. I could tell when she'd clap her hands at how well I rode my pony. And I think the last thing I heard before I died was her screaming.

I had Aunt Melly and Uncle Ashely too, except I never saw much of Uncle Ashley. Daddy didn't like him. And then there was Aunt Pittypat and Mammy and Prissy and Pork and my friend Beau too. They all loved me.

I had a big brother Wade and a big sister Ella too. They're the reason why I watch over lonely children now. Mother loved me and Aunt Melly loved Beaut, but I don't think Mother loved Wade and Ella the same. Wade was afraid of her, through he tried not to show it in front of us girls. Not much ever bothered Ella. I think that she just lived her life the way it was, not really paying attention to anything.

After I died, Mother and Daddy spent some time away from each other. Then Mother went away far across the sea. She left Wade and Ella with Auntie Suellen at Tara and never saw them again. When Aunt Melly died, Mother only saw Uncle Ashley once or twice before never seeing him again either.

Then she had another baby. She named my little sister Katie, but called her Cat. Mother loves Cat the way Daddy loved me. Maybe this should make me jealous, but it doesn't. I'm just happy that Mother finally knows how to love her children. I just wish I could be there to be Cat's big sister.

Aunt Melly says that I can still be there for her even though I died. I want to be a good big sister to Cat and a big sister to all the children who need me, all throughout time. We're pretty good at this, Aunt Melly and me. Maybe someday all the little children in the world won't need us anymore. Aunt Melly would like to see all the children happy, and so would I.