AUTHOR'S NOTE This is the last chapter of "Bonnie's Eyes"! Thank you all for reading. I hope you've enjoyed it! BTW – I wrote this chapter before I read HBP and although I do hate Snape quite a lot because of that book, Artemesia's hatred of him has nothing to do with that.

DISCLAIMER I made up Artemesia, but no one else. They all belong to JKR.

Artemesia (Variation of Artemis) – "Goddess of the Moon and Hunt" Greek

17-year-old Artemesia Malfoy stood on her balcony, her long, thick, curly black hair whipping violently across her face in the wind. Her mother was in the courtyard below her, setting up for the party by flickering lamplight. Lucius had miraculously escaped from Azkaban and Narcissa was celebrating.

Artemesia sneered. Narcissa had told her many years ago that Lucius was not her father. Her ice blue eyes narrowed. Like she'd ever have been mistaken for a Malfoy.

She had been born with the delicate features of her mother and elegant and strong features that resembled the family of Malfoy. But her complexion and raven-colored hair marked her as something distinctly other than a Malfoy. She grinned coldly.

Although the two weren't all that different, her personality was much like that of her real father than like a Malfoy. She was lucky that Snapes and Malfoys were so similar – if not for her dark hair, Lucius might never have figured out that she wasn't his.

Severus Snape. How Artemesia longed to meet him face-to-face. Lucius had refused to send her to Hogwarts, afraid of what might happen if father and daughter were to meet. Instead of being a year ahead of her sniveling half-brother Draco, Artemesia had been schooled by private tutors who trained her in the blackest of arts. She was sure that Lucius had taken precautions against Artemesia turning on him, but she was equally sure that he never expected her to use her magic against her own father.

Narcissa was busy below her. She had learned of Lucius's "release" that morning and was now working into the night to prepare for his homecoming the next day. Artemesia felt almost bad that Mother's party would be ruined.

But then her burning hatred of Severus Snape rushed back and she told herself that the party wasn't at all important. Getting revenge on her father was. Mother's party just happened to be the perfect opportunity.

Narcissa had told her wonderful, fanciful stories about her father when she was a child. They were her bedtime stories, leading her into dreams about finding him and being a family. Artemesia gripped the railing of her balcony so hard that her knuckles turned white. That bastard! He had never wanted to be a family. He didn't want her. Now he would pay.

She saw her mother look up and meet her eyes. "Artemesia," she said with a smile, her voice soft and sad. Then she went back to her preparations.

Out of all of her family members, Narcissa was the one that Artemesia hated the least. In fact, her feelings for her mother could even be interpreted as strained love. Artemesia understood deep down that Narcissa loved her only as a mother could love her daughter.

Stars glittered brightly above Malfoy Manor. The huge estate was the only home that she'd ever known, although there wasn't a day that went by when Lucius forgot to so kindly remind her that she would never be a Malfoy and lived in the Manor only by his good will.

A cold wind blew in from the ocean, raising goosebumps on her arms. She saw the moon reflected on the rippling water. She was quite partial to the moon. It gave her power. Cracking a smile, she was amused by what her foster father would say if he knew her thoughts. It might even give him an aneurysm, which alone would be worth it.

For Artemesia followed no leader. She worshipped no prince. The black magic that she had learned throughout her life was more than adequate for her to achieve her goal. She needed no Dark Lord to guide her, Voldemort or other.

Again she looked down into the courtyard. "I'm sorry, Mother," she said. "I know how much this party means to you. But Severus Snape is going to be there and you've left me no choice. Tomorrow, I'm going to kill him."

With that, Artemesia Malfoy turned her back on the courtyard, Narcissa, the ocean, and the moon and disappeared into her chambers.