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Love Will Find A Way


The sound of the twirling Frisbee rupturing the air excited Gar as he kept pursuing the toy. His glossy dark green hair rapped lightly upon his sweaty brows as he panted crazily like a dog.


Gar braced himself for what was coming next. He had been through this dozens of times, but this time was going to be different than the others. This time it wasn't going to be that agonizing. Not to him at least. A dim pain began to spread throughout his entire body; the anguish expanded at a rapid pace. His feet became small and hairy; his arms shrunk in size while green fur was planted everywhere. A minuscule bushy tail erupted from his behind.

As he entered the middle of his transformation, he collided into something. Stars danced and twirled before his eyes while he rubbed his sore head. He gave a sharp little yelp. Transforming swiftly caused a lot of agony and suffering. He cleared his cranium and gazed at the substance he hit. There, standing in front of him, was a young girl no older than 17, wearing a black shirt with the mark of Scath centered in the middle. Her dark blue pants were as murky as the blue gem on her silver necklace. Her violet hair shimmered in the sunlight; the girl's irises were the most graceful things he had ever laid eyes upon.

Gar placed his hand on the back of his slim neck. "Heh. Sorry," he apologized to the female as he scrambled to his feet. "By the way, I'm Garfield Logan. Some people call me Gar or Beast Boy. I prefer Beast Boy though. It makes me sound cooler." He modeled in front of the stranger. The female glared.

Beast Boy cocked his head.

"What's your name?"

The girl looked at him as if he was an idiot.

"Y'know, a name? Like Tara Strong?"

The silent female raised an eyebrow. Beast Boy shrugged. "See ya," he said, grabbing his Frisbee and departing. "Wait," the female began, reaching out as if hoping to grasp him, " My name is Raven Roth." Beast Boy whirled around. "That name sure does describe your appearance," he teased, trying his best to lighten the mood around them. Raven pitched another glare in his direction. The green teen chuckled and absorbed all the details of the setting before him.

The finest ice blocks a wealthy person could afford created the elegant sculptures of God's heavenly seraphs in an eternal flight. The magnificent water fountains spouted water so pure that you could spit into it and not notice anything. A glittering, colossal iron gate guarded a purple 15-story mansion. Elongated grapevines slithered up both sides of the lofty building. The sun's radiance showered the place with stunning beauty.

"Nice place!" he complimented, dazzled by the mansion's amazing elegance.


Beast Boy scratched his cranium.

"How rich are you?"

Nothing but silence followed.

"Why does this concern you?" Raven inquired, smirking.

Beast Boy, stumped by this question, searched for an answer.

"Well, I-"

A cruel voice cut off his sentence.

"Get away from my granddaughter you filthy middle class breed!"

An elderly lady, no older than 68, pointed an accusing finger at him. She had long, glossy black hair and icy purple irises. A fancy lengthened ashen dress traced with gold trims concealed her slim figure. Five golden rings were decorated with graceful blue and maroon gems and were placed with ease on each of her fingers. She glowered down at the startled Beast Boy. "You silly, worthless, good-for-nothing beggar!" she spat maliciously, " How dare you converse with my wealthy granddaughter! You don't deserve to live!"

Beast Boy gasped. No one had ever spoken those words to him. Just then 2 shadows arrived. He quickly recognized the shadows; they had belonged to his parents. Mr. Logan, the one with the blonde hair and blue eyes, stepped up to defend his spawn. Mrs. Logan, possessing short raven hair and green eyes, followed suit. His parents each wore a white lab coat and massive science goggles. "Raven," her grandmother said with a smirk, "Look at what the cat dragged in! A family of circus clowns!"

"We are scientists! Not clowns!" Mrs. Logan snarled.

"You forgot to mention worthless, poor BEGGARS!"

Mr. Logan scowled at the wealthy grandmother. Conflagrations sparked in his eyes.

"At least we're not rude and conceited like you and your good-for-nothing granddaughter!"

Raven winced at the insult thrown her way. Beast Boy glared at his own father. Mr. Logan placed a hand on his son's shoulder. "Let's go home," he spat, looking in the direction of Raven, "We don't need to communicate with scum like that!"


"Yeah Gar?"

"Why are the rich and poor separated?"

Mr. Logan sighed and placed a vacant Becker on a nearby desk. "Because," he replied, "The rich are no good, dirty liars who are very rude and very selfish."

"But couldn't we get along with them?"

"I'm afraid not Gar."

Beast Boy dropped his gaze. "Oh," he sighed and sauntered out of the laboratory.