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Chapter one: Missing Wife

As the door opens to the mangers and his wife room opens. "keitaro dear you off early" One woman thinking that it her husband has come home early but it wasn't her husband but as soon as she turns around she know that it not her husband but a man dressed in black with a sword at his side. As motoko cautiously stood up and with a cold fearful tone she asked. "Who are you".

The black dress man smiled and said "That is not what you should be worrying about motoko" Motoko wonder how this person knew her name she'd had never met him before." Why are you here" she asked another question to the mystery man. "For you" He said coldly.

Now motoko was now scared she quickly drew her own sword. As the intruder started laughing as he looked at her thinking 'as if she could fight at my level' "do you think you can fight me" he said amused by her actions

"I sure can, you 'Freak'" she spat "then bring it" he said smiling as the mysterious person charged after her, right as he throw his first blow. She blocked with ease the she quickly sent a slash back. The black dressed man dodged with ease motoko went into her 'determine mode'. And with a flash she was attacking with lighting fast speeds and strength.

Then the her opponent quickly going into the offensive and was attacking her with the same speed she had motoko knew he was good but not this good. The strike kept coming and coming until motoko had enough fooling around she sent her opponent back as he hit the for floor.

She gathered up all the ki she could before he got up and try attacking again. She had gather only a little bit then he stood up and started going after her she probably only had enough ki to send him out side. She got ready and then attacked him "Shinmeiryuu air splitting sword" she was right it sent him out side she quickly ran out there.

As soon as she was out there he was already up and waiting for her. He ran at her and sent a ki attack right back at her motoko try to defend herself by cutting his ki attack and she didn't all she could do was block it as it pushed her back a few feet and then it passed over her as she fell down.

"your pretty good motoko" the stranger said to her "thanks so are you" motoko said as stood up "ready for round two mister" " ready when you are" he said as was surprised because she had disappeared he couldn't find her "Where are you damn it" he yelled all of sudden he was in a shadow he looked up and saw her coming down as her blade quickly came down for the kill he barely dodged he took a few step back and as soon as he got his footing back motoko had landed a blow on his shoulder. He dropped his sword and grabbed his shoulder and winced in pain.

As motoko quickly took this advantage and tripped him. As he landed on his back motoko had her sword to his throat. "Guess I win" she smiled "think again" before motoko could figure out what he was going to do. She felt a an extreme amount of pain in back of her head before everything went black.

"Good job now tie her up and throw her in the trunk hurry we don't have much time her husband will be here any minute now" as he told his counterpart "yes hiro" the other man said as she started to tie her up and put a bag over her head and picked her up.

"Let's go the boss should be pleased that we got her." Hiro said to his partner as they walked out of the house he remembered one more thing as he pulled out a tanto and pulled out a piece of paper and trusted it into the door leaving the sword and the piece of paper as they walked off.

"I cant wait to get inside and eat" as the manger started his walk up the stairs he is expecting his beautiful wife and a warm meal for him when he get inside but little does he know that is far from what really inside his house. As he finally reached the door he saw a tanto and piece of paper stuck to his door as he pull it off and reads it and it said:

Keitaro Urashima,

You maybe wondering why this was on you door it was put there for a reason and the reason is that the nagatomi gang has your wife…….

That was all keitaro could read when he dropped the letter and fear and shock came over him because his wife was kidnapped they them and he also feared for her life because there were ruthless bastards if you didn't do what u were told then they would come after what you valued the most and in keitaro case his wife. ' but I don't know what I did because I have never associated with them 'EVER' what if motoko had a debt with them' keitaro ponder but then he remembered that his best friend was the leader of the most powerful yakuza in all of Japan. If anyone could help him it was his best friend "plus he owes me a favor anyway" as keitaro now had hope that he could retrieve his wife safe sound.

Keitaro went in side and phone his friend




"Hello, this is Kenjiro" some said on the other end of keitaro

"Kenjiro this is keitaro" keitaro said on his phone

"Keitaro hey man what have you been" Kenjiro asked his friend

" I need to talk to you later can we met at park in 30" keitaro told his friend

"alright I will see you there later keitaro"

"bye Kenjiro" with that keitaro put the phone on the hook and headed out side to his car got in it and drove to the park.

As soon as keitaro got of his car he look for his friend and walk over to him and his friend noticed him.

"Keitaro something bothering you and were you're wife?"

"That is kind of why I came for" he said depressingly

"What happened keitaro" he asked his friend

"I need the biggest favor I could ever ask" keitaro said sadly

"Shoot I will help u to the fullest of my power" he told his friend

"I…I…I need help on getting my wife back from the nagatomi gang" keitaro said as tears fell down his face.

"keitaro man I am so sorry man listen I will get some of my best men on them and see if I can get some info out of the asshole to were you wife's is"

"Thanks Kenjiro you are true friend I don't know what I would do with out you sometimes" keitaro giving gratitude to his friend

"Don't mention it and what kind of friend would I be if I didn't help my best bud" he said trying to get his friend sprits up as he smiled at him and keitaro weakly smiled back to him.

"Oh and Kenjiro there is one more thing I need you to do"

"What is it?" Kenjiro asked

End of chapter one.

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